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Does this snake’s mouth that looks like a vulva mean that women are sneaky snaky deceivers?

Eve and the Grapefruit of Temptation

By David Futrelle

So here’s a strange little screenshot that’s made the rounds online offering, well, a rather curious interpretation of the story of Adan and Eve and that sneaky, sneaky snake.

Anybody ever wonder why the inside of a woman's vagina resembles the inside of a snakes mouth almost identically.... it was a snake that caused a woman to deceive man in the beginning. Now her body parts that resembles that snakes mouth decieve men now ...... #thinkoutsidethebox

Think outside the box indeed!

But if the fact that a snake’s mouth looking sort of like a vulva means that women themselves are sneaky snakes, then what should we male of all these other things that also look sort of like a vulva?

Like this tangerine?

This piece of toast?

This jar of peanut butter?

This Georgia O’Keefe painting?

This hairdo?

This grapefruit?

This extremely slutty tree?

Or — and I’m sorry I have to expose you to this — Donald Trump’s neck wattle?

Does this mean that women are peanut-buttery-tangerine-flake-toasty-grapefruit-Trumpian-neck-wattle-hairdo-paintings that live in the forest?

Because if so I may need to totally rethink this blog.

H/T — r/badwomensanatomy, where I found the original screenshot

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2 years ago

@Cat Mara
I can only ask; how did he get soap molds shaped like the genitals of porn stars? Did he make them himself, or can you buy such things?

Cat Mara
Cat Mara
2 years ago

@Naglfar: I have no idea, though IIRC some porn stars have brought out sex toys moulded after their genitals; I guess he could have used one of them to make a mould for the soap. Or maybe he took impressions from women friends or models who didn’t want their real names used, so he substituted the names of well-known porn stars…

2 years ago

I am going to be extremely nitpicky and say that I don’t think the fruit in the very top picture could be a grapefruit – as far as I remember, pink grapefruits are a 20th-century invention. Maybe some kind of orange?
(Or maybe I’m remembering this wrong, but I do have a recollection of reading about pink grapefruits being first introduced in one of the World Fairs. I’ll look it up later, feeling a bit too tired and lazy right now.)

It’s not a grapefruit at all. Grapefruit’s are crossed pomelos and sweet oranges and didn’t exist in the 17th and 18th centuries.

That appears to be a peeled blood orange, which originated in Italy as “Tarocco” in the renaissance period.

2 years ago

@Cat Mara:
I looked at the 1st Eve & the snake picture you posted and thought “Eve looks like she’s thinking ‘Bitch, please, I will lob this indiscriminate piece of fruit at your head’.”

Would love to have read that in Genesis.

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