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Today’s nuclear take: Gay marriage caused incels

That was our question too

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By David Futrelle

Here’s a new one, courtesy of one irredeemably “blackpilled” Tweeter.


Incels exist because same-sex marriage deregulated the marriage market. It's become a free for all where chads hoard all the sexual wealth

Highly regulated hetero marriage used to be the guarantee every man would get a wife as long as he had a job (any job). This is all obvious

My feelings about this, er, unique claim may perhaps best be conveyed with the following gif:

I mean, where to even start. How on earth does gay marriage have anything to do with the “regulation” of the heterosexual marriage, er, “market?” It’s not like striaght women are suddenly going gay so they can marry their female BFFs. The women getting gay married weren’t going to date you anyway, dudes.

Also: Chad is not hoarding all the women. Marriage rates started dropping decades before gay marriage was a thing. Even in the marriage-crazed 50s no one was guaranteed a spouse, and many of those who eagerly married in those years divorced a decade or two later.

Here, also from Twitter, are some infinitely more plausible explanations for the existence of incels.

Incels exist because feminism happened and women are no longer financially required to have children with monsters.
April Spectrum?
Sep 3
Replying to 
Incels exist because men consistently overestimate their value toward women and underestimate women's free will, and then get mad as hell about it when a woman tells them no.
May 3, 2018
Incels exist -because society really does tell men that they're worthless if they don't fuck-

THAT is the thing we should be confronting
Marc Knight
Jan 30
Replying to 
Incels exist because of thotts and thotts exist because of incels its the circle of life
Nov 27, 2018
incels exist because I’ve been hoarding sex and will only sell when the market peaks

Much more sensible explanations.

H/T — @vardex23, for bringing this lovely take to my attention

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3 years ago


I have a number of friends in same-sex relationships, and they’ve mentioned that straight people are always asking them who the “man” is in the relationship. I guess some people just can’t cope with the idea of any relationship being equal partners.

To be honest, as a gay man, that’s not really how I hear that question when I get it. In my experience, people who ask that are really trying to ask who’s the “man” and who’s the “woman” in bed.

That is, they’re not asking about the division of housework, or who’s the “boss” when it comes to spending money — they’re really trying to find a “polite” way to ask whose penis is going into whose butthole when we have sex.

Accordingly, my answer is usually some (not always polite) form of NOYB.

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