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Incels’ worst nightmare? ASMR Date Night with Chad

No, not THAT Chad

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By David Futrelle

Attention all Stacies! Now you and all your, er, foid friends can enjoy all of the thrills and chills of a date with Chad … without the hassle of actually finding yourself a Chad and roping him into a date.

Granted, it’s not a real date, and you won’t be able to have sex with this particular Chad, but if you’re one of those people who gets chills down their spine listening to ASMR videos. and if you have nothing better to do for 22 minutes, this could be the next best thing to the world’s worst date.

H/T — r/IncelTears

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Full Metal Ox
3 years ago

@Cat Mara:

That seems to be the case for me too; like, one of my real-world triggers is seeing someone do something intricate with their hands like drawing, or even writing.

Did the camera need to linger on this close-up of a character unwinding his wristband? (Context is the Chinese epic fantasy drama The Untamed, and this guy is preparing to blindfold himself to show off at an archery competition.) Did somebody need to go and make a GIF of that? Did I need to bookmark it?

Hell yeah, and I’m sharing it in case your reaction might be similar. (Although ASMR isn’t involved in my case, it pushes certain personal buttons.)

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