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He suddenly came home with a sex doll: Redditors gloat over a “concerned wife’s” incredibly fishy tale of woe

By David Futrelle

Yesterday, a brand new Redditor calling herself (himself?) concernedwife123 posted her (his?) tale of woe in an assortment of subreddits — looking, allegedly, for some advice. The alleged woman explained how she had allegedly lost her alleged husband to an alleged sex doll with “huge tits and a round ass with very human like skin.” But she (allegedly) felt she couldn’t really complain, because she had been mostly turning him down for sex for months. She (allegedly) felt awful.

It was a story that seemed designed to appeal to the typical male Redditor’s not-so-hidden desire to see women get their comeuppance after doing men wrong. And, with a certain sort of Redditor, the story was a huge hit — with concernedwife123’s postings getting hundreds of upvotes in r/Relationship_Advice and r/AmITheAsshole.

The posting also seemed, well, fake as hell. I mean, just take a look at this nonsense.

I’ve been married to my husband for 7 years now. I’m a 29F and he’s a 32M. For a few months to a year now, I’ve been saying no to sex a lot. I’ve just not been in the mood but his libido has been at the same sky high levels that they’ve been since we were college kids.

Some days when I’m in bed tired he starts touching me, trying to get me primed for sex. Most times I’m not in the mood, but some times I cave in to his begging. I felt as his wife it was my duty. But I never enjoyed any of those sex sessions.

So I made my feelings known to him. At first he seemed really down but he said he respected my decision. He stopped asking me for sex after that. Even when he asked, after I said no he would just roll over and go to bed.

After a month or two, he suddenly came him with a sex doll. It was a really expensive one, with huge tits and a round ass with very human like skin. When I confronted him about it he said he had sexual needs and since I couldn’t satisfy them he had to find a way to satisfy himself without cheating.

When he said that I felt like I couldn’t say anything. It made me feel really insecure, and I suddenly feel really awful. I can’t tell him to get rid of it because it’ll make me look really selfish. I also can’t complain about how expensive t was because we’re pretty well off.

I noticed one night that I was in the mood but he told me he was tired. He had had a few rounds with the sex doll before I got home and was pooped out. I don’t know what to do at this point, but I knew I feel awful.

And then the whole bus clapped.

Seriously, if even a word of this story turns out to be true — including “and” and “the” — I will eat my cats.

I’m not the only one to conclude that the story is fake. The posting was removed from r/Relationship_Advice, r/AmITheAsshole, and the woman-centric r/2XChromosomes, presumably because the mods of these subs thought it looked fishy.

But before it vanished, the story garnered well over a thousand responses from Redditors who, for the most part, took it very seriously. Some offered earnest advice; others gloated.

“Sorry hun, you played yourself on this one,” reads the highest-ranked reply in r/Relationship_Advice, with more than 600 upvotes.

“May i call OP the bad word? I think she deserves it for being so selfish,” added another Redditor.

And those were the polite ones. Further down in the discussion, things got a bit rawer. “how’s it feel?” mocked someone calling themself LandWhaleHarpoon. “he’s been putting up with your BS for a year now and you can’t even handle it 1 time.”

“What a cunt!” added, er, Analjuice420.

Not everyone was quite so concise.

“Who cares how you feel,” wrote MoonLantern2.

Did you even care one iota how rejection from you his wife made him feel? Do you know what a sexless marriage does to a man? You just took away his favorite thing in the world, the one thing that brings pleasure and satisfaction to his life. You are a horrible and selfish wife. Just accept that you screwed up your marriage. Grow a heart and some genuine affection and try for a moment to show love to your husband.

Some of the commenters seemed to have wandered in to r/Relationship_advice from the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit.

“Congratulations to your husband… He put you in your place,” wrote someone called TheAnarxoCapitalist.

You should learn not to be a biatch and give him his needs.

So what if you’re not in the mood? Is it too much to keep him satisfied? If you had told him this before marriage, he wouldn’t have married you. But now you’re acting like this because you have the power, which is exactly why mgtow is against marriage. Give him a blowy if you’re not in the mood for vaginal sex. But you chose to ignore him. This is the perfect lesson for you. You’re disposable. Enjoy that!

In the MGTOW subreddit itself, where one of the regulars posted a screenshot of the OP, things started off pretty spicy. To the OP’s concluding sentence, in which she — he? — complained
of feeling “awful,” one MGTOW redditor replied “[y]ou should cunt. You really should.”

“Lol, glorious,” wrote QuadraticLove.

Classic female double think; they always want their cake and they want to eat it, too. Now that he isn’t a slave to her pussy, she’s in panic mode.

Other MGTOWs used the post as yet another chance to rail against the alleged evil of all women.

This demonstrates the insane, backwards logic of women.

When you want them, they don’t want you. When you move on, they suddenly want you. It’s not the guy. it’s the power and attention. If a guy doesn’t bend over backwards for her approval, the woman sees it as a challenge. “Why isn’t he begging me like everyone else?!”

My ex was like this. Treated me like shit during our relationship, emotionally cheated, dumped me, acted like a complete slut afterwards. When I wanted nothing to do with her, she spammed me with messages, begging me to take her back.

Women feed on drama and attention.

Remarkably, some in r/MGTOW were skeptical of the OP — but mostly because they thought the posting was written too logically to have come from a woman.

Redditors gonna Reddit, I guess.

I’m looking forward to the OP’s big reveal that this was all a hoax.

H/T– Mary McCarthy, for the bit about “and” and “the.”

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29 replies on “He suddenly came home with a sex doll: Redditors gloat over a “concerned wife’s” incredibly fishy tale of woe”

These are the kind of men that would freak out if their partner brought home a dildo.

I am pretty sure that if the roles were reversed the sex starved wife would be called ‘disgusting’ and that she has ‘let herself go’, and that is why her husband is no longer interested.

And who can buy that a man who still has the libido of a teenager would be ‘too pooped’ to have sex again. He could just lie there and enjoy the attention of a living person!

I find myself wondering what shape the assses have on cut-rate sex dolls. Wouldn’t they still be round?

I admit that if this were real and happened to me, I would be a little concerned if my partner chose a sex robot over me, but more for financial reasons. Those things are expensive (a quick google search reveals $4000-$7000) and if we are sharing finances I want my partner to tell me before buying something that expensive. Plus, something about those robots creeps me out.
Not to mention that I don’t see the point. Most of us have hands, and even if you do want more than that, there are vibrators or Fleshlights that do the same things as the robots for a tiny fraction of the price. Which brings me to the question: why does anyone want to spend that much money on these robots when hands are free and simpler toys cheap?

If the story is true, I think it’s quite brave of the guy to stick his dick into something his wife has access to when he’s not around. For example, she might decide to, purely in the interests of scientific enquiry, conduct an experiment involving capsaicin.

The difference between a Fleshlight/vibrator and a Real Doll, besides the price difference, is that a Fleshlight/vibrator is an appliance you use while watching or reading or fantasizing about someone or something you find sexually attractive (asexuals excepted), but a Real Doll is an appliance that you are supposed to find sexually attractive. Which I can see if maybe you specifically have a robot fetish, but I can’t see it being appealing to a wide swath of the population.

Also, wtf is going on with Reddit this week? The number of shitposts has skyrocketed. R/AmITheAsshole especially has been packed full of ridiculous stories.

For a few months to a year now, I’ve been saying no to sex a lot.

Three, four months, maybe twelve, I don’t know, my libido is as active as a MRAs sense of shame.

Do you know what a sexless marriage does to a man? 

He becomes a stand up comedian whose act is 50% complaining about his wife and the rest showcasing the reasons for her complaints?

If the story is true, I think it’s quite brave of the guy to stick his dick into something his wife has access to when he’s not around. For example, she might decide to, purely in the interests of scientific enquiry, conduct an experiment involving capsaicin.

I was thinking more about how easy one could embed razor blades in soft silicon, but you’re a good person and I’m…me.


So you have to give the doll a blow job before use? Why didn’t he just try that with his wife?

I mean, wouldn’t your main and biggest concern be that you’ve duscivedrred tn
Hat the person you’ve married found something as creepy and strange as a sex doll?

That’s how you can tell it’s written by an incel MGTOW-only the worst of them would think shame would be the first emotion upon learning that you married a monster.

Lifetime Movie Channel, it’s all yours

So, you inform your husband that your sex life is unsatisfying and his response is to:
a) not change his approach or style in any way
b) bring home a plastic replacement

He didn’t ask what he could do different, what else you might want, or how to help you have more fun. He didn’t wonder what the problem was or whether he could do anything to fix it. He just instantly gave up. He didn’t even bother trying.

Assuming this story is true, the answer is simple: Your husband is a man-baby and you should start planning for how you get out of this mess.

The sex doll with the detailed description of the doll’s ass was the dead giveaway. If the story had been about the husband jacking it to open night and day, I would have believed it. I just can’t picture a somewhat conservative and traditional sounding woman going into detail about how sexy a doll is.

@Moggie & Feline:
Or, if you’re like me–and giving into my truly evil side–the wife combines the two.

Yes, I like how you both think ;-).

You just took away his favorite thing in the world, the one thing that brings pleasure and satisfaction to his life

Apparently this poster doesn’t realise that if his statement is true the man in this story has more problems than his wife not having sex with him enough.

As far as I’m concerned, this fictional husband DESERVED to be starved of sex and attention.

Especially since he’s the one writing this bad erotica.

(As for all the migtoes who applauded, THIS IS WHY YOU’RE ACTUALLY INCELS, DUDES.)

Maybe it is because Im low libido inexperienced ace-aro spec but I dont get why you would be a bad partner worthy of public hatred for not wanting to fuck that much?

I mean Ive had to break up w someone in a poly relationship bc rejection *from me specifically* while dating, despite no lack of sex (with another partner), made the person I was dating feel bad, so I do know that is A Thing.

but if someone doesnt want to fuck you, you should…. respect that, riiiight?!

That doesnt make you *a bad person*. It might make it a bad *relationship* but there isnt a villain to every break up, like sometimes both people are decent to ea other but just grow apart or w/e

I mean, right?

I also cant really imagine, personally, strictly speaking for myself, generally (in a mutually respectful context different from OP) being angry or hurt my partner fucked a sex doll, in fact I could imagine someone being interested in participating in some way, explore it together?

I know a lot of misogynists like sex dolls but I assume some feminists do too, just like some feminists like bdsm, I dont see why having a doll is inherently bad necessarily or couldnt be something you could just accept? Isnt most sexual fetish type stuff possible to enjoy responsibly?

Once the OP mentioned dat juicy robot booty I knew this was bullshit. They’re REALLY not good at this, are they?


You’re disposable.

This right here is why you can’t get a date. Boo-hoo.

Rather than razor blades or peppers why not superglue? The trip to hospital would be mortifying and the doctors would have to destroy the doll to fix the problem. If the totally real husband that definitely exists can afford $7000 for a sex toy he can afford the medical fees.

I’m in a legal relationship with someone I’m not interested in having sex with. They bring home a sex toy for themself. A) we can afford it. Win/Win! B ) we can’t afford it. Win/Loss. Time for separate accounts.
What’s the problem?


Hi welcome.
It’s not about owning the sex doll that makes this post something to be mocked. It’s the idea that a sex doll can replace a human woman is what we mock. With out being to much tmi your right, sex toys are perfectly normal and healthy for couples to use. My fiance and I have been apart for nearly a year and we have a small collection of sex toys to help deal with it. Some I’ve bought him and some he’s bought me. Like one of our commenter mentioned those toys are used when thinking about each other or watching one or another. For me personal when I’m alone I like to use them while I read some form of erotic.

Now if my fiance started to suggest that one of these toys could replace me, then we would have a problem. If he bought a sex doll I would be very upset as they are expensive and we are shaving up to some day by a house in the future. This post is also worthy of mocking because if it written by a woman which I doubt it is. It’s very sad that she feels like she can’t talk about her feelings with her husband who is suppose to be her companion through life. If it’s written by a man, which I’m sure it is, it’s quite telling that he thinks because he’s been rejected so much that the woman in the story he is suppose to love does not have a right to share feelings on what upsets her.

It just goes to show what is already know. Which is that misogynist dont have a healthy view of sex. To a feminist or even just an average person a sex toy is something that can be a fun activity to do with your partner or something to take the edge off when your on your own. To a misogynist, a sex toy is something that makes women disposable which shows how little they actually value and respect a woman. That’s what we mock. Not the sex toy itself

Sorry about the long post

Re: sabotage of a sex doll

By any chance have any of you read Chuck Palahniuk’s Haunted? Specifically, the story from “Director Denial”, Exodus? (CW: Sexual Abuse, Suicide)

but if someone doesnt want to fuck you, you should…. respect that, riiiight?!

That doesnt make you *a bad person*. It might make it a bad *relationship* but there isnt a villain to every break up, like sometimes both people are decent to ea other but just grow apart or w/e

To someone who doesn’t get angry at the thought of women having sexual agency, sure. To incels and MGTOWs, it’s the worst crime they can think of.

If my husband “replaced” me with a sex bot, my first reaction wouldn’t be shame, but shock and horror and having married a man who apparently feels like he can replace me with a lifeless hunk of woman-shaped silicone.
All that would tell me is that he doesn’t see me as anything more than just a body to jerk off in. It would be an action that very clearly showed his real opinion of me, and I’d probably divorce him.

The way the story is told, it sounds like there was little or no libido mismatch during the first six years of their marriage. Then the woman just stopped “feeling like it”, apparently for no particular reason. In real world, this kind of situation would suggest that something in the relationship or her personal circumstances has changed.

IIRC, the usual misogynist trope seems to be that women tend to lose their interest in sex very shortly after getting married. This trope seems to imply that women’s sex drive is mostly fake to begin with – and that men deserve the continuation of this sexual service aspect, because otherwise the marriage isn’t really fair or worthwhile for men.

Is the woman in the story unreasonable for being offended by her husband’s sex toy? Maybe not, and maybe it’s not the author intent, considering how the husband seems to be unrealistically enamored with the sex doll. Regardless of author intent, it almost reads like he’s deliberately making the doll thing into a revenge on her. She’s not portrayed as unreasonable for being hurt by something that’s assumed to be hurtful – she’s portrayed as unreasonable for neglecting him sexually in the first place.


Ive posted here anonymously before, I take lots of breaks from negative content

I agree w all that and you put a lot into words I hadnt quite put my finger on, so no apologies needed and thanks

that part about you and your partner’s relationship w ea other using toys sounds very sweet

yea Im pretty angry at the *responses* in comments on OP, the ANGER at a woman for basically just literally not consenting. Not surprised tho. The OP is almost mild in comparison, but it is intentionally meant to provoke those reactions.

Just an aside, you probably didn’t look too closely at that “And then the whole bus clapped” thing before you linked it, because it’s a weird anti-social justice Tumblr with racist memes, anti-feminist, transphobic and ableist jokes and stuff like that, ran by someone who “focuses on feminism, social justice, religion, and how it’s all fucking us over”.

Should probably find another link.

Oh, and he’s also a Gamergater who was into that whole “It’s okay to be white” thing, because of course.

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