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Christchurch mosque shootings, 49 dead; one shooter livestreamed his attack: Open thread

By David Futrelle

At least two shooters– apparently working with others — have gunned down multiple victims at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, leaving 49 dead.

One of the shooters livestreamed his attack on Facebook and left behind a white supremacist manifesto railing against foreign “invaders” and declaring himself — using language popular on 4chan and alt-right sites — a “kebab removalist.” The attackers apparently also had explosives. Four people are in custody.; it’s not known if there are still others out there.

Please post any reliable information you have at this situation develops.

Find ongoing coverage at here CNN here, and the Guardian here.

More coverage from Stuff, Vox.

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3 years ago

You know? I think Candace might be worse than Ann Coulter. I mean yeah shes a pos but at least she never typed ‘LOL’ at a massacre.

And can we please start taking PewDevil and his fans seriously now?

Heres a petition

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