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Daily Stormer: Lindsey Graham is good now, maybe we shouldn’t have called him a pederast

Lindsey Graham: Hero to Nazis?

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By David Futrelle

Brett Kavanaugh wasn’t the only one channeling Mr. Furious at his confirmation hearing yesterday. South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham threw his own tantrum during the afternoon session, denouncing the proceedings as “the most unethical sham since I’ve been in politics” because they were so unfair to poor Mr. K.

Graham’s performance was so over-the-top it even managed to win over one of his longtime, er, critics, The Daily Stormer’s head Nazi Andrew Anglin, who had previously ragged on Graham for being a John-McCain-loving pederast.

“I used to think Lindsey Graham was a pederast,” Anglin wrote in a Daily Stormer post today.

However, given his behavior after the death of his boyfriend John McCain, the pinnacle of which was his SUPER SAYIAN MODE at yesterday’s Kavanaugh witch trial, I believe that he may simply be a person who became a homosexual after having been abused as a child and entered into an abusive homosexual relationship with the much older homosexual communist and ISIS-supporter John McCain.

Anglin now thinks that Graham may have

become a completely different person after the death of the overbearing communist homosexual terrorist John McCain. …

It may be that he has been set free, and can now be his own man.

Anglin, who clearly has a very vivid imagination when it comes to the sex lives of elderly men, suggested that Graham had been trapped within an abusive relationship with McCain that was

structured to feed off of the abuse that the younger homosexual experienced in childhood which caused him to become a homosexual. This is like having a chain around your neck. I would assume, and so I have read.

It is quite possible that Graham might end up being a good person now that his “bear” master is gone from his life.

After yesterday’s performance, I am certainly rooting for him. Not in the Australian sense, you f-g. In the sense of cheering for him to dig his way out of the psychological prison that the evil communist John McCain had trapped him in.

Maybe he can even get into one of those Christian conversion therapy programs and pray the gay away.

Huh. I guess that, at least in this case, misogyny trumps homophobia for Mr. Anglin. Beyond that, I don’t quite know what to say to this. Nazis are fucking weird.

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I can’t even bother to be offended or anything, it’s too fucking bizarre.

Apparently some people think losing your shit in a sickly childish temper tantrum looks like a show of “strength”. One of the many problems with boys being raised to think the only valid expressions of emotion are aggression and anger.

What a hemorrhoid this guy is. I’m glad we haven’t heard much from him lately.

Ever get the feeling that Anglin is a repressed one himself? Because that was MY takeaway from all this. Who but a closet case dwells so incessantly on how supposedly gay anyone else is?

And especially with zero proof.

Bina – no. Anglin is the responsability of the straights, please don’t speculate about him being deep in the closet, even as a joke.

Homophobes are homophobes, NOT self hating queers of some type.

The lgbt community has enough to deal with without adding every shitheel like this.

I’d really like ‘don’t speculate that a homophobe is closeted’ added to the rules.

The only problem with the Daily Stormer’s expert analysis is that Lindsey Graham isn’t gay, nor was John McCain.

Well, okay, maybe that’s not the only problem with it.

You know, I used to have a modicum of respect for Graham. He seemed like that odd Republican who didn’t feel the pressure to toe the party line at all times.

Turns out he’s an asshole!

@John Lucas

You know, I used to have a modicum of respect for Graham. He seemed like that odd Republican who didn’t feel the pressure to toe the party line at all times.

Turns out he’s an asshole!

Gee, the warmongering misogynist is an asshole! Whoda fucking thunk it? Where the fuck does this bullshit keep coming from, ‘respecting’ some fascist scumfuck because he broke fron the party line once or twice on some inconsequential crap?

Yes, the famously communist John McCain. Uh-huh.

…On a more serious note, Anglin’s the kind of person I’d expect to be homophobic, but mocking childhood sexual abuse? Ick.

And you can tell a lot about a person (sometimes) from the words they choose: in this case, the old-fashioned word “pederast” has been used to mean both a gay man and a pedophile. So yeah, something that’d reinforce prejudice and misinformation about queer people, especially men and boys.

I love how he has to specify “evil communist” every time he mentions Johnn McCain. Doesn’t that imply he thinks there are good communists?

There’s no indication that Anglin’s gay (and I hope my line about his vivid imagination wasn’t taken as an insinuation that it was). I think the “homophobes are really closted gays” trope is hugely problematic; let’s not go there.

My word. If Anglin wants to write particularly…extreme slash fanfic about two sitting US senators, there are places on the Internet where that’s welcome. It doesn’t make for great political analysis, though.

It does make sense that maybe some Republicans feel a little let off the leash now that McCain’s gone. His voting record was mostly in lockstep with Trump and his agenda, but it’s possible some Repubs may have felt some embarrassment about let their Nazi flag fly in front of a bona fide war hero.

But seriously…calling McCain a communist? Get it together, Anglin. A person doesn’t have to be very far to the left to be more left-wing than actual Nazis.

Anglin is using the phrase “I would assume” to cover absolutely any nonsense his warped homophobic mind comes up with: in this case the bizarre idea that McCain was ever an evil communist and that Graham is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. (One is demonstrably laughable, the second merely has no evidence at all…)

Is this some sort of legal figleaf to evade libel laws?

‘Bear’? Lookit the little Nazi trying to use gay slang like he knows what it means. It’d be cute if he weren’t, y’know, a fucking Nazi.

Anglin’s characterization of John McCain as a Communist reminds me that Robert Welch, founder of the far-right John Birch Society in 1958, claimed that President Dwight Eisenhower (I Like Ike!) was a Communist. Who knew!

See “The Eisenhower Issue,” at

Anglin’s post reads like an Encyclopedia Dramatica entry, or a particularly low-effort cribbing of Gilbert Gottfried’s infamous roast of Bob Saget.

If Graham had integrity (and I think it’s open to questioning whether he ever did) this moment of seeing who approves of his recent behaviour would be viciously, impossibly cutting. It would be unconscionable, impossible to bear. It’d prompt a change of behaviour.

I’m not holding my breath.

Also, Mr Anglin, Goku would think you petty, Vegeta would think you pathetic, one of the movies put Hitler as one of the defeated villains in Hell, and mixed-race half-human half-Saiyans were much more powerful than pure Saiyans. DBZ had many flaws and was in many respects a lightweight popcorn kinda-stupid show (though better in quite a few ways than it was given credit for, and indeed than it needed to be), but even it is still quite clear on exactly how worthwhile Anglin and those like him are.

(I’m so angry all the time now.)

@Jessica red
Yep, according to toxic male theory, the only two allowable emotions are rage and stoicism.
So Lindsey showing his rage allows him back into the ranks of ‘real men’ as far as these scum are concerned.

I am always interested to figure out why they celebrate thin skinned rage tantrums though.

I think the “homophobes are really closted gays” trope is hugely problematic

I agree. The vast majority of homophobes are either hateful straights or at least ignorant ones. However, it can’t be denied that in some high-profile cases (Ted Haggard, Larry Craig, et al) deeply ingrained self-loathing has manifested as very public, very loud homophobia.

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