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Brett Kavanaugh: Incel hero?

Or so he says

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By David Futrelle

Yesterday, in an interview with Fox News, asshole Supreme Court nominee and alleged serial sexual assaulter Brett Kavanaugh offered a new defense to the accusations piling up around him: he can’t possibly be the monster he now appears to be because, he says, “I did not have sexual intercourse or anything close to sexual intercourse in high school or for many years thereafter.”

Never mind that neither of he two women who have come forward publicly to accuse Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct have accused him of rape; one has alleged attempted rape, the other has accused him of shoving his penis in her face. Never mind that he could just be flat-out lying about the virginity thing;; given his history as a liar, I’m assuming he is.

But now that Kavanaugh has decided to play the Virgin Card he seems to be picking up fans amongst the virgin-est virgins who have ever virgined on planet Earth — the self-described “involuntary celibates” who populate the forum.

Last night, one regular commenter broke the news to his fellow incels in a topic with the melodramatic title “Kavenaugh admits to a crime worse than rape, it’s over for him.” The crime in question? Being a virgin.

“He doesn’t realize that the only thing women and normies hate more than rapists, it’s incels,” the OP wrote. “He’s done.”

Whatever Kavanaugh’s eventual fate turns out to be, the Fox interview seems to have won him some enthusiastic new fan.

“Kavanaugh has gone from having 100% of my support to 110%,” declared someone called Ledgemund.

Damn though, it would have been a lot better for him to never have brought up anything related to “sexual frustration” or virginity. Watch the swarm of harpies and cucks tear at this guy like a pack of buzzards now.

For what it’s worth, Kavanaugh didn’t actually mention being sexually frustrated; he may be a monster but he’s not that much of an idiot.

Incel4life was similarly impressed with Kavanaugh’s “admission.”

Wow, he admitted to being a virgin for “many years after” he graduated college. I was on the fence about Brett Kavanaugh but now he has my full support.

Acnescarcel gave Trump extra credit for his amazing pick.

so happy trump is president to trigger these f**gots. i hope this guy makes it through all this and pisses off these normie leftists even more.

Other commenters lashed out at those pointing out, on Twitter and elsewhere, that frustrated male virgins can in fact be dangers to women. Unfortunately, most of the commenters taking this tack didn’t exactly do much to counteract the widespread perception that those who label themselves “involuntarily celibate” are often boiling pots of rage.

“When will the attacks fucking end,” one prolific commenter called Frottbott complained.

I’ve never done anything wrong in my entire life. Juvenile? Chad shits in her mouth. They deserve death. I’m being a good person for proclaiming it.

Responding to Frottbott, someone calling himself mikepence (presumably not the actual vice president) lamented that

We are despised for literally NO REASON despite having shitty genetics. They act like it’s about our “misogyny,” but that’s just a reaction to the hatred women feel towards us.

I can’t fucking take it anymore, man. Chads and normies beat, rape, and murder their girlfriends all the time, and we’re the ones who get blamed. 

He ended his little rant with a melodramatic paean to suicide.

This shit is just too much. Hand me the rope, a gun, anything. I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

Someone called Crustaciouse offered a similarly unconvincing defense of incel goodness.

Jfl at these retards that think incels are a threat.
If I could go around raping bitches then I wouldn’t even be here.

Fukmylyf took it all up a notch with some exceptionally violent threats aimed at those who criticize incels:

This is such fucking ragefuel. Forget random mass shootings. I want to see these cunts put on liveleak or deathaddict. It’s time we started targeting the people who specifically attack us.

This is less and argument than a massive self-own: How dare these people call us dangerous! Let’s show them just how wrong they are by killing them — and livestreaming the murders!

A somewhat calmer commenter called Leucosticte — describing himself as a Quasi-neoreactionary libertarian — attempted to assess what he saw as Kavanaugh’s strategies — both political and sexual.

I think his strategy now is to say, “I was a good beta male; I waited my turn all those years while alphas were having sex all around me, so I should get credit for that!” But they won’t give him credit for it. They’re going to treat him like a sexual aggressor rather than patting him on the head and saying, “Good boy,” as he was expecting. It’s probably going to severely mindfuck him for awhile by destroying his bluepilled conception of how the world works.

Poor fella.

He probably believed that he was being smarter and more virtuous than other guys by waiting till he was 39, and then getting with a 29-year-old chick who had fucked enough badboys to be able to contrast them with him and appreciate his willingness to commit to her. He thought, “See, all through college I ignored those stupid young girls, who didn’t see the value I offered; and now I get the reward of marrying this older chick who’s wise and mature enough to love me for who I am.”

TIL that a guy who marries a woman in her late twenties, ten years his junior, is a guy “marrying [an] older chick.”

But it turns out that those chicks who didn’t want to open their legs to him back in high school and college STILL are trying to fuck him over by making false accusations.

Wait, what? Dude, do you really think that Christine Ford is coming forward now because she’s spent 40 years nursing a grudge at Kavanaugh … because he was a virgin in high school and she just hates virgins SO DARN MUCH?

That doesn’t make the slightest bit of sense to me, but to another commenter called mangoboy, Leucosticte’s arguent is airtight.

Yup, it NEVER ends. The fairytale bullshit about women having a change of heart and falling in love with “the good guys” and “nerds” is such rage inducing crap. Those women never stop lusting over handsome bad boys or studs ever, and they continue to be disgusted your kind. Given a moment’s notice they will cheat on your behind your back. They have no respect for you.

This is your regular reminder that even when incels aren’t spewing death threats and frothing rage, they’ve still got completely fucked up ideas about women, men, and sex.

Congratulations, Brett Kavanaugh, these are exactly the sort of fans you deserve.

30 replies on “Brett Kavanaugh: Incel hero?”

These incels disgust me…I keep thinking about Eliot Rodger’s self-serving memoir…he whined about not having a smokin’ hot girlfriend.

So his solution was to spend vast amounts of money on the lottery. His theory was that if he could own a cool car, he’d attract a hot girl. Needless to say, he soon learned that the laws of probability would deny him the cool car.

But for the money he spent on the lottery, he could have taken out an ad on any one of a dozen matchup sites, posted a more restrained story of his life, and won the attraction of a loving girl, without much difficulty.

But he preferred to feel entitled and miserable. Even his pals told him he was screwed up and should get counseling. Instead he played “World of Warcraft” and committed horrific deeds, complete with suicide.

When I read the squibs on this site, they sound all alike…whiny, arrogant, and entitled.

Nobody is entitled to anything. You have to work for everything. That includes the right to love and be loved. And there’s another vital word in that concept of love…RESPECT. For your loved one and yourself. Incels show neither.

He was a jock in football and in a sorority that boasted about conquests of women, yeah sounds likely he was a virgin. I dont buy that for a second he was a virgin that long

Incels will claim anyone if they get to indulge in their favorite pass time: spewing hatred while wallowing in self-pity.

Oh wow, I couldn’t even make it through the second half of this. These are some dangerously broken people.

Think I’ll just leave this here:

[CN: parts of this have some pretty intense misogynistic and transphobic quotes.]

ContraPoints is pretty much on target, IMO. Especially the bit about “masochistic epistemology”, which I think most depression survivors are familiar with, if not by name.

Contra also isn’t the first person I’ve seen talking about such things. The Origins of Totalitarianism later on discusses a “logic” of totalitarianism that is a chain of absolute worst case thinking, taking the most awful possible conclusion at every step – something that sounds a lot like how depressed people think, and especially how incels think. IDK if there are more modern terms for it – and this is my lay understanding, I’m curious if anyone here has more professional knowledge of the psychology of Fascism.

Somewhat off-topic, but I think I’ve seen Crustaciouse around these parts before, in one of these “ Round Up” posts. I’m going to poke around in the archive a bit and see if I can find the specific post that I’m thinking of.


“Nobody is entitled to anything. You have to work for everything. That includes the right to love and be loved. And there’s another vital word in that concept of love…RESPECT. For your loved one and yourself. Incels show neither.”

I understand what you’re trying to say but no, just absolutely no. That “nobody owes you jack shit” thing is a conservative talking point for a reason. Let’s not go there please. People start off deserving the basics by default, anything less is patriarchal capitalist rubbish.

I love (actually, no) how they constantly talk about girls who didn’t want to open their legs to him as though somehow that was a criminal act. If a girl doesn’t want to sleep with a boy, then the boy has a couple of options: Find a way to convince her. Be nice, show her a good time, treat her with respect and dignity, and give her a reason to want to be with you. Or – go away quietly and leave her alone. It’s her body, it’s her right to do with it as she pleases, and if she doesn’t want to give it to the most perfect human being in the world (yeah, right), that’s her prerogative.

Funny thing these people don’t realize. Having sex is not an absolute requirement to have a happy and fulfilled life. I was incel myself for many years, and I wrote. I cooked. I went to work. I got an advanced degree in the hard sciences. Meanwhile, I treated the men I encountered as equal human beings, entitled to the same amount of dignity and respect that I demanded (but rarely received from men) for myself.

Oh, wait, I’m a woman, right? Sorry, I forgot. I spent all my time in my teens and twenties having sex with one Chad after another, until finally, once I had “hit the wall”, I found a man who was foolish enough to marry me, in spite of my roast beef genitals. Then I sat around while he did all the work, hunted the mammoth, built the log cabin with his bare hands, and invented the wheel. I ate bon bons (what are those, by the way?) and watched soap operas. I flirted with all the service guys that came through the house, and cucked my loyal mate every chance I got.

Then again, no. I didn’t. See paragraph two for a more realistic depiction.

Found it, but only after I’d missed the edit window! He was the guy who, back in June, wrote that great post about how women should absolutely fear violence if they turn down a man for a date.

I just like the still from that video of Kavanaugh that everyone’s using. His wife’s face. That’s not the face of someone who believes a word he’s saying.

And then there’s the whole issue of his yearbook, which at the very least shows that he was an asshole and a friend of assholes:

But on the other hand, Bill Cosby’s going to jail! And the leaders of the world openly laughed in Trump’s face! Got to give him credit, he managed to react a bit better than I’d have expected.

“Quasi-neoreactionary libertarian?” Where have I seen that before? Oh, yeah, it’s how the pedo-politician Nathan Larson describes himself. I wonder if Leucosticte is him, or just an admirer of his?

@Hu’s On First There’s a reasonable chance that it’s actually Larson, considering that “Leucosticte” was one of his primary internet handles (the other being “Lysander”). I have trouble imagining that there could be two incel jaggoffs who want to name themselves after that particular genus of finch.

Wow, it’s almost as though Kavanaugh and the people who suppport him are total scumbags who care more about hating women than actually doing good in the world. Truly, this is a shocking revelation.

The fairytale bullshit about women having a change of heart and falling in love with “the good guys” and “nerds” is such rage inducing crap.

He’s so close

They don’t want to live on this planet anymore? I don’t want them to live on this planet either. There are seagulls on Mercury – go colonize it.

So either Brett Kavanaugh was lying in his yearbook about all the boofing and Devil’s Triangle antics, or he was lying to Fox News about being a virgin.

Either way, not a good look for a SCOTUS candidate.

Anyway, being a virgin is not incompatible with sexual assault. This doesn’t exonerate him any more than the 36-year-old calendar or that letter from the 65 women.

@Cyborgette: I discovered Contrapoints recently (maybe after everyone else did, I don’t know), and I am now a big fan. Funny, insightful, too-nuanced-for-youtube takes on everything, including incels.

So, anyway, I have a bit of a sad at the moment, and Acnescarcel’s user name brought it back for me. My very (very) casual but still very nice romance ended. The person in question has extensive acne scarring. I find the scars endearing. Beautiful even. 🙁

Then again, maybe it’s actually supposed to be “Acne’s Carcel,” like a private prison in a Spanish-speaking country run by Stockholm-based fashion label Acne.

I remain blown away by how delusional this bunch is.

GUYS. Brett Kavanaugh is a rich prep-school boy who was no more a virgin in high school and college than he was a circus clown. He is not playing the incel card or the beta card he is lying. Also, word to the wise, this fucker, not “Chad” is actually the guy who’s getting everything handed to him by society, and yet, you feel pity for him because you imagine him being another victim of your play-pretend sexual socioeconomics.

My God, you’re all clueless, aren’t you?

Also: Ashley Estes Kavanaugh is probably not a nice person, but she was George Bush’s personal secretary, and the notion that this highly educated and accomplished woman was, at 29, a dried-up older woman who had fucked a lot of dudes and was ready to settle for ‘beta bux’ good provider (who was hoping to make it to the Supreme Court…)

Right. Yeah.

I expect you to despise women, incels, I get that part. What I find astounding is the degree to which you really are clueless as fuck about the world.

Lord God Almighty.

So they’ll celebrate someone as an incel because he used to be a virgin, as a child? I… I don’t know whether they understand reality well enough to potentially recognise the problem with that logic.


Yeah. At this point, I think they’ve moved on from the point where “virgin” actually means anything.

Just to confirm: Leucosticte is indeed Nathan Larson. He is often featured on Fundies Say the Darndest Things, where he has advocated rape, child molestation and incest, adding at one point “Hopefully, though, you’ll get to her when she’s young enough that you won’t have to deal with some interloper like Quimby”. He has also done time for threatening the President. Not exactly an incel, he has apparently been married and has a daughter, whom he has thankfully been denied custody of.

So they’ll celebrate someone as an incel because he used to be a virgin, as a child? I… I don’t know whether they understand reality well enough to potentially recognise the problem with that logic.

Kavanaugh claims to have been a virgin well into his 20s or something like that, not that he claims to ever have identified as an “incel” or suffered from loneliness. In other words, a good conservative role model.

Indeed, some of these incels seem to rather identify him as a “beta male” ie regular monogamous man, putting a vaguely positive connotation where “normie” would signify a hated enabler of mainstream oppression of incels. Basically, they’re just grasping for some tangent to complain about how horrible and unthankful women are.

Kavanaugh, like Trump, gets a pass from incels for being a man, for pissing off liberals and feminists and for supporting the kind of conservative sexual moral that might restrict the fun of “Staceys” and “Chads”.

These two men are seemingly both rather sexually successful and (at least in their youth) quite promiscuous. Now they’re trying to pose as “family men”, and incels are eager to buy it. In truth both Trump and Kavanaugh are rather like Chads, not so much because of superior looks and social skills but for being wealthy men and relying on their whiteness, maleness and family background for that wealth.

“mikepence” almost makes a point there:

We are despised for literally NO REASON despite having shitty genetics.

So close to understanding how many of us have in fact been despised and worse for having what somebody somewhere defined as “shitty genetics”…

Do any of them honestly believe that Kavanaugh, privileged white boy, Yale graduate, captain of his high school basketball team while also a wide receiver on his football team, waited until he was 39 to lose his virginity? They can’t spot an obvious Chad when he’s right in front of them. They should be pissed that he falsely used the Incel card to worm his way onto the Supreme Court.

If his story is that he stayed a virgin till marriage because he’s a good Christian, he doesn’t count as an incel. That’s not involuntary, that’s by choice. “Incel” and “virgin” are not synonymous. Or at least would not be if these people had any etymological decency. Or any kind of decency at all.

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