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If I had a girlfriend, I’d keep her locked up so she’d never encounter any other guys, Incel fantasizes

Note to incels: Women generally don’t like being locked up very much

By David Futrelle

On the reliably dreadful forums, some of the regulars are once again reminding us why it’s a good thing that most of these guys aren’t dating any actual human women, suggesting that if they were lucky enough to find girlfriends for themselves they’d never let these lucky women out of the house lest they happen to meet a more handsome man.

Someone calling himself  patheticmanletcel starts off the thread with this confession:

 Inceldom Discussion [Serious] If i had a girlfriend i would to stay inside with her forever Thread starterpatheticmanletcel Start dateThursday at 11:42 AM patheticmanletcel Captain - Thursday at 11:42 AM#1 Serious i would never want to go outside, getting mogged and humiliated in front of my girlfriend would be too much, i would want to be isolated from the world with her, just us no one else, no internet no tv

Sounds like quite a treat for her!

(And by the way, “mogged” is PUA/incel slang for “out-alphaed by another guy.”)

While there were a few dissenters in the thread, most agreed with patheticmanletcel ‘s analysis, and some even endorsed his proposed course of action.

I was thinking the same as you. If by miracle I ever had a gf, I would not need to go outside anymore. But sadly, foids adore to go outside, visit new places, encounter new people. IT WAS OVER FOR US BEFORE IT EVEN STARTED

Bjrgaminggod I'm not human, never was, never will be. - Thursday at 11:43 AM#3 if she goes outside all it takes is seeing a 7/10+ up and she does not love you anymore

Unwanted Veteran - Thursday at 3:19 PM#13 I'd lock her inside my basement tbh.

Incel dudes, just a thought: Perhaps these women don’t want to go out with you in the first place isn’t because you’re ugly but because you give off a strong “I’d love to lock you in my basement” vibe. Not a lot of women are actually into this, guys.

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I have to admit, I love the idea of a bunch of Republicans accidentally making Nancy Pelosi president.

Given that there has been very little press scrutiny of Pence, I think he’d be just fine with the right wingers who want the tax cuts, deregulation, Christian dominionism and racism but without the embarrassment and blatant corruption of Trump. Trouble is, he’s about as charismatic as an old tube sock. If Trump were removed from office before 2020, it would be near impossible for him to win against someone like say, Cory Booker. Unless of course, the election is stolen. Very possible. But you can bet the 2020 elections will be watched very closely for this by a variety of organizations and turnout is certain to be high. Maybe the GOP is okay with losing the White House for a term or two though. They have the courts and the courts will continue aiding the process of incrementally destroying democracy by allowing gerrymandering and voter suppression to get more blatant.

It’ll be interesting and terrifying to see how bad Republican’s authoritarianism has to get before a critical mass of people fight back.

In my opinion, the Democratic party urgently needs to put a constitutional amendment giving citizens the right to vote on the platform and congressional Dems need to start introducing bills on this. That would make it harder for the courts to allow voter suppression. For those who aren’t in the US and don’t know, we don’t actually have the right to vote in the US constitution. There are amendments saying that whites and non-whites have the same voting rights and men and women have the same voting rights, but that’s it. I’m not familiar enough with state constitutions to comment on what any of them say about voting rights though. The Dems would have nothing to lose and everything to gain by pushing this, even though it could take decades to pass if at all. It would force the GOP to come out against the right to vote and that could be significant. Low information voters would understand that in a way they don’t get the nuance around districting and voter ID laws.

Anyway, I don’t think the NYT would publish the editorial anonymously unless the author was a legit high ranking Trump official. I think we can rule out Russian, never Trump Republican or Democratic psy-ops. I do think Pence is my number one suspect. He wants to be President, but I don’t think he can make it happen on his own merits. Trump being removed is the only way.

Do these toxic douchebros really actually like fallout 4? I mean sure, it’s a post-apocalyptic shooter and there’s certainly room for improvement, but all in all.. I love my black awesome sniper lady, who wears suits to manipulate people in conversations easier.. And the suit is just a suit. The armor is not sexualized at all, neither are most women in the game. Women are all around as settlers and opponents (not as companions and villains that much I suppose, so there’s room for improvement, and it should have more poc in the main story lines). You can build up a settlement system of people supporting each other for survival. And put dresses on males. Shouldn’t that upset them?

I suppose you can sorta ignore these features, the game doesn’t really push them on you, but with how easily upset they usually react to their supposed clubhouse being invaded, you’d think they’d hate that.

Anyway, I don’t think the NYT would publish the editorial anonymously unless the author was a legit high ranking Trump official. I think we can rule out Russian, never Trump Republican or Democratic psy-ops.

Unless someone at NYT is suseptible to bribery or blackmail. Unlikely, but not completely impossible in 2018.

Talking of bribery and blackmail, I wouldn’t completely rule out the possiblity of someone having dirt on Pence either. He makes such a big deal of never being alone with a woman other than his wife that I have a vague feeling that he’s hiding something.

I like Fred Clark’s comments on the op-ed at

He doesn’t think it’s Pence, but definitely one of his ‘fellow travellers’:

Pundits and commentators are feverishly hunting down clues as to who the unnamed “senior official” who wrote this might be. They’re working from lists of cabinet secretaries and White House staffers, but I’d start with a list of First Things subscribers. The op ed has just the sort of ponderously self-righteous right-wing-politics-as-holier-than-thou-virtue tone of that notorious journal.

That rhetoric will be familiar to anyone who’s had the misfortune of spending time around the right-wing white evangelical intellectual wanna-be crowd. So if I had to bet, I’d wager Mark Silk is on the right track with his guess, speculating that this op ed was written by Michael Gerson on behalf of DNI Dan Coats.

If not them, then some other white evangelical dude or dudes. (The categorical condescension of its tone has me convinced it’s a dude.)

But the real ‘pull quote’ from his blog post isn’t really to do with the speculation, but the op ed in general:

All of which means that this op ed reads less like an indictment of the president than the feckless defense of some Vichy functionary desperately trying to save his neck by pretending after the fact that he’d been a subversive saboteur all along.

That op ed absolutely made my blood boil. “Tax reform,” yeah, keep swelling the coffers of the rich while my friends get crushed to death under piles of medical bills. What wonderful reform, hail Caesar! The way they try to paint this murderous selfishness as heroism makes me sick, and it makes me even sicker that some Democrats will certainly buy it.

Vichy, indeed.

(BTW this is Cyborgette, just trying out a new handle.)

Lock her up because if she sees a hotter man she might leave? Do they think this would-be girlfriend would have never crossed paths with a man before in her entire life? Because if a woman actually chose one of these guys I don’t think he has anything to worry about.

@Surplus, @wwth, @Jenora – Thanks for the detailed thoughts on the news. I’d heard a bit of it here and there, but wasn’t really in the loop.

An article printed in the Montreal Gazette speculated that the op-ed writer used keywords from other Republican figures on purpose, so “lodestar” might not be a giveaway. I looked the word up and came across this article: kind of fluff, but has some interesting literary tidbits –

@Sofia van de Linde

Only the first half, though. Actually, there might be a small fortune to be made with “The Collector: The Incel Edition.” Just remaindered copies with the second half missing.


Though John Fowles appreciated the money it made, he was always a bit annoyed that on the basis of that book, for a long time people assumed he wrote thrillers. Somehow readers didn’t notice that it was a philosophical novel about the nature of art.

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