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He-Babies lash out at the new She-Ra, bravely defend the white race and cartoon ladies with huge gazongas

The original She-Ra and her oversized breast … plate

By David Futrelle

So the guys who get mad about imaginary tiddies are mad about imaginary tiddies again — or, rather, the lack of them. This time they’re mad about the lack of huge gazongas in Netflix’s reboot of She Ra, the 1980’s He-Man spinoff that none of these dudes ever watched in the first place either because they weren’t born yet or because it was a show for, ick, girls.

But now that the reboot’s showrunner, Noelle Stevenson, has posted art of the new (less busty) She-Ra and her (less busty) Princesses of Power, the He-Babies have suddenly decided that Western Civilization is at stake — and that the original She-Ra’s ample cleavage must be defended at all costs.

Here are the new character designs that have caused all the commotion:

(You can see comparisons of the old and new characters here.)

Some critics of the He-Baby movement have suggested that these guys are angry because they won’t be able to fap to a kids’ cartoon any more. But I don’t think that’s it, at least not for most of these guys. (I imagine that most dudes with an 80’s-cartoon-lady fetish would do much better, fap-wise, with Jessica Rabbit or that one gal in the Heavy Metal movie.)

But it’s also not about the art. She-Ra, like He-Man, was pretty shitty, art-wise, with crudely drawn characters and laughably minimal animation; whatever you think of the character design, the art for the new show is a lot more sophisticated.

So what are these dudes mad about? Having read through several hundred comments on the “controversy” posted on Reddit’s KotakuInAction subreddt, it’s pretty clear that for some of them, it really is about the tiddies: the female characters in the reboot, in addition to looking a lot younger than the originals, are also notably less busty.

Some of the complainers were pretty upfront about their boob fetishes. (Click on screenshots to see the comments in context on Reddit.)

Fateless- 3 points 2 days ago Wow, they cut off She-Ra's breasts.HelloTosh 34 points 2 days ago DO NOBODY GOT TITS NO MORE, GOD DAMN
lemskroob 50 points 2 days ago they all got mastectomies. Even the one they fattened up. They draw women like road cones.

Others were slightly less direct, complaining that the female characters in the reboot all “look like men” — with some complainers throwing some open transphobia into the mix.

Klaus73 5 points 2 days ago She puts the "He" is She-ra

Yanrogue 141 points 2 days ago they all look like a guy dressing like a girl. Wide shoulders no hips, no breast. It just looks weird

Hamakua 1 point 2 days ago The shera character (herself?) has a conventionally masculine jaw/face for animation. It looks like a boy with a crew cut with a taped on wig behind that. It might just be the still image but "that's a man baby." Forehead doesn't help neither does the muscularly defined upper torso, male proportions, and total lack of breast volume in the figure. Is She-ra supposed to be a transgender character this iteration? I wrote this elsewhere but deleted it and put it here because it fits your question better.


Aurondarklordunwoke bluepilled shapeshifting reptoid 3 points 1 day ago No, it doesn't. This is bad art, and it looks nothing like She-Ra, an already existing character with an already existing appearance, an appearance that has never involved armor, if that's even what this is. They just gave her the body of a man, no breasts, no hips, and the distinctive V shaped torso considered desirable in males, while also masculinizing her clothing, and simultaneously feminizing Bow. It looks like shit, and it looks like there's an agenda behind it.

And there’s the rub. The He-Babies see the smaller breasts less as a problem in themselves — there are plenty of other busty female superheroes to fetishize — than as a symbol of the new showrunner’s “agenda,” which the He-Babies (and their few female allies) see as an distinctly untasty mélange of feminism, trans advocacy, and pro-fat-activism.

Aurondarklordunwoke bluepilled shapeshifting reptoid 195 points 2 days ago We've known this for a long time now, "feminism against femininity" is very much a thing. They hate women being feminine, they hate men being masculine, they think everything is a social construct and imagine some kind of weird androgynous future for humanity where they can "smash the patriarchy" by somehow erasing sexual dimorphism.

kingcheezit 56 points 2 days ago Young girls are being stripped of more and more positive role models to aspire to. Its all about letting yourself turn in to a fat sad sack and getting a blue rinse and being fucking miserable, rather than looking after yourself and being the best you can be.

Some saw a more specific agenda — an attempt by the lesbian showrunner to fill a cartoon world with characters who look just like her (and that maybe she wants to fuck).  Yep: while some of the He-Babies are complaining that the main characters are being desexualized, others are insinuating that they are being re-sexualized in a creepy lesbian pedophile way.

-TheOutsid3r- 47 points 1 day ago If you take established characters who very much do not fit what you like. Then change every single last of them to appeal to your own tastes. Which just so happen to be androgynous young girls, a look you yourself are trying to achieve. Then yes, you are both sexualizing them AND doing so in a way that only appeals to a niche group that shares your interests.

Aurondarklordunwoke bluepilled shapeshifting reptoid 31 points 1 day ago Yep. These people can never separate their fetishes from their politics, they can never just admit when they're making something they're into instead of dressing it up in the language of self-righteousness to make their wants sound more important than other people's. And quite frankly, if they didn't think this were a tool for pushing their agenda, and just something they wanted to do because they enjoyed it, you wouldn't see the social justice press lining up lockstep to stop all criticism of it.

But these dark insinuators aren’t the only ones who think it’s somehow nefarious  that the new characters are teenagers. In their mind,  it shows that those in charge of this show for children are coming for … our children?

TheOutsid3r- 37 points 1 day ago In a way it's a necessity for them to do so too. If you look at many of the old left, the 68 student movement, various activists and protestors. Most of them never had children themselves, many of them are outright antinatalist. So they have to recruit other peoples children, have to go into the schools and universities and try to indoctrinate them. permalinkembedunsaveparentreportgive goldreply [–]md1957[S] 19 points 1 day ago I get your point. In a sense, it's their way of passing on their ideology and mindsets, creating new "children" in their image. In that way, they seem to be hoping, they could become as gods be immortal.

For others, the real problem isn’t that the show is aimed at kids; it;s that it’s also aimed at adults, as part of an insidious plot to keep them in a perpetual state of arrested development.

MazInger-Z 9 points 2 days ago To keep them mentally and emotionally arrested in their teens when they are 27. So they don't give adult a second thought until it is thrust upon them and they'll vote for anyone willing to take responsibility from them so they can go back to being 14.

One surprisingly large subset of the complainers seemed to be less bothered by the breast-reductions of the female characters than they were about the decision to transform the show’s main male character, Bow, from an overdeveloped, mustachioed white man into a black teenager.

And while I didn’t see any of the commenters on Reddit explicitly calling this “white genocide,” well, it wasn’t hard to tell that some of them sort of wished they could, and were biting their tongues only because Internet Nazis have learned that using the g-word about race-swapped cartoon characters and interracial couples in tv commercials makes them look like the hysterical racists they like to deny that they are.

PadaV4 198 points 2 days ago And white good guy got brownified. I guess white males are not allowed to be the good guys.

For some, the fact that the original white character was a redhead made it somehow even more white-genocidey. (Never mind that showrunner Stevenson is herself a ginger.)

CoffeechipmunkLOBSTERS!?! 25 points 2 days ago Ginger washing is a thing! Gingers always get turned black.amy_vanhym 27 points 2 days ago Don't forget April O'Neil. Redheads are the whitest (most emblematic) of Europeans, so they get blacktarred the most. If this trend isn't driven by genuine racial hatred I'll eat my username.

Yes, the person who refers to switching a character from white to black as “blacktarring” is accusing others of racism.

It’s no coincidence that the most vehement complaints about the new She-Ra can be found on KotakuInAction, the former GamerGate hub on Reddit that has kept on with its defacto GamerGating despite the original movement’s disappearance from the headlines, with its focus widening to comics and movies and TV shows as well as games.

But even by KotakuInAction standards this reaction is extreme. The standard GamerGate/KotakuInAction complaint is that eeeevil females and other so-called SJWs are invading the sacred male spaces of video games, comic books, Ghostbuster movies. (Granted, none of these spaces actually “belong” to men, but these guys have convinced themselves they do.)

But She-Ra? This was a show from the 80s aimed at girls, and watched by girls. These guys can’t even pretend it “belongs” to them. So they come up with other excuses to get mad about it. Hence the talk about female “role models” and supposedly insidious SJW/feminist/lesbian/trans agendas. Because god forbid a female superhero not be shaped like Barbie.

So why do these guys care about She-Ra’s cartoon boobs so much? Because it’s not about cartoon women; it’s about real women. As one game designer put it on Twitter:

Yep. GamerGate — and the amorphous cultural backlash that followed it — was always about reinforcing traditional gender roles and restricting the range of what is considered appropriately feminine. The girls in the She-Ra reboot are feminine; they’re just a different kind of feminine, one that doesn’t cater to the male gaze.  These are characters that a lot of girls can identify with, not idealized versions of one narrow and conventional kind of femininity.

Angry He-Babies: this show is mot for you. It never was for you. Leave it the hell alone.

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Samesies, and samesies. I hated walking up MBTA stairs in a skirt until I figured this out.

/me fumes at omnipresent creepers


A couple guys in particular are being rather insufferable over there.

I’ll bet they’re insufferable wherever they go, online or otherwise.

@Michael Brew ok, thanks. Still weird though. I’m definitely pear-shaped, even with F cups

I didn’t realize it was Noelle Stevenson doing it, that makes me way more interested to check it out. Those character designs look great, and so much less bland and generic than the old ones.

Did those guys complain about the SJW agenda on the original He-Man when his alter ego Prince Adam wore pink pants? Did they rail against that feminazi agenda while absolutely none of them ever watched She-Ra?

Well the original creators of He-Man were kinda miffed that some women made She-Ra.

Ugh. I can’t count the number of times people have described me as “the one with the big boobs.”

Once your breast size goes past maybe a C or D cup, all anyone sees is boobs, I guess.

Yes that is pretty much most my life XD
I like to say I’m more than my boobs I also have a cat, write terrible fan fiction, draw and then those types have gotten so bored they leave

Naturally since when the original came out I still didn’t exist (I’m a kid born in the mid-90’s, after all) and I mostly know He-Man through memes, I’m actually looking forward to this series as to me the animation looks gorgeous in comparison to the original (no offense to anyone). The new She-Ra looks “pretty” if I can put it that way as the original looks more like an Amazonian barbie figure, and as some have pointed out the animation looks like alot like Steven Universe’s, for some reason.

Now, I think that once again this “controversy” came out of people giving way too much attention to a what could be potentially be a couple of trolls, at least on Twitter as most sources report since it seems that’s where it began. If those haters really just cared about boobs, it would be ironic if they hated Bronies as that’s the other demographic usually accused of “sexualizing children’s shows”.

Besides being another level of hell that site is filled with people who make a living out of whining about everything not “White”. With Word of God out an all, ignore ’em and move on.

Well, I was traveling when this particular pillar of Western civilization crashed. I was on the Ohio Turnpike, which is always torn up, so it was hard to tell.

Looking at the new She-Ra, the face is vaguely androgynous but completely lacking in any personality or character. She doesn’t have boobs because breastplates don’t have boobs (Check out paintings of Joan of Arc). But ye gods, what is that yellow mess behind her? Do her powers fail to warn her she’s about to be crushed by an out of control hay wagon?

Please don’t tell me that’s supposed to be HAIR. Because whatever other anatomical absurdities the old and new cartoons have pale into utter insignificance in comparison.

If we really want to get away from objectification, how about making Skeletor the hero and all the pretty characters villains?

Oh, and can I get a hydrologic report on that planet? I really want to know how water gets up to the top of a narrow pinnacle to feed waterfalls. And while we’re at it, you will not have six moons that large in a stable system. Nuh-uh.

I was traveling when this particular pillar of Western Civilization fell. It was on the Ohio Turnpike, which is always torn up, so nobody noticed.

The new She-Ra’s face is vaguely androgynous, totally lacking in personality or character. She doesn’t have boobs because breastplates don’t. Check out paintings of Joan of Arc.

But what is that yellow mess behind her? Does she realize she’s about to be run over by a careening hay wagon?

Please don’t tell me that’s HAIR. No other anatomical absurdity even begins to approach something like that.

If we really want to avoid objectification, maybe make Skeletor a hero and all the pretty people villains? Way outside the box, here.

While we’re at it, somebody show me the hydrologic study for that planet. I’d like to know how water gets to the top of that pinnacle to feed waterfalls. Also, you will, no way, have a stable system with six moons that big and close together.

@Steven I Dutch
Fuck off and take your boner notes about a children’s cartoon character with you.

Thus Spake ZaraKupo:

Fuck off and take your boner notes about a children’s cartoon character with you.

He demands gritty realism in his stories about magical transforming space princesses!

Im sure these guys would be celebrating if She-Ra was re-designed with a huge chest, huge butt, wore stripper heels and wore the tiniest of tiny bikinis.

Thus Spake Zara This Isnt Sparta:

Im sure these guys would be celebrating if She-Ra was re-designed with a huge chest, huge butt, wore stripper heels and wore the tiniest of tiny bikinis.

Nah, then they’d just complain about how oppressed they are by boobs and butts and “Why do we need a show about a GIRL He-Man? Stop appropriating MALE CULTURE!”

This article at this site is only fanning the flames, but then again that’s par for the course with whatever’s printed on this site (and I don’t like or agree with these guys and gals who’re against the show.)

From a woman at a Reddit site:

OmegaRainicorn • 41d
I don’t know if my comment will be read, but I’m a 36 year old female who grew up watching She-ra. My biggest complaint with this show is that like the typical fair of today it’s been turned into a teenage social drama, in which girls seek parental approval and social acceptance. She-ra was a woman, not a girl who lacks confidence in herself. She had adult problems that were serious, and as a little girl growing up it made me excited to be an adult. When they made the Jem movie they took a 25 year old woman with a career and turned her into a 16 year old youtube star. They gave She-ra the same treatment as far as I’m concerned. I don’t understand why it’s impossible for people to reach beyond the age of 20 these days.

Now as a separate thought, I loved all the character designs in the 80’s because they were beautiful feminine women. When I saw fat chunky Glimmer and Broadway reject Catra I had to shake my head. I think some shows need to let girls be girly.

Also Swiftwind can talk. I didn’t finish watching the show, but just eliminating that is lame. How would boys feel if Cringer just suddenly STFU and didn’t complain about everything He-man was doing (probably very happy).

As usual, what this site (We Hunted The Mammoth) says in response is just more inflammatory rhetoric that adds nothing to the debate (and I don’t like these people who’re against this show.)

Whatever one’s opinion, it’s wrong to say teh original was badly drawn. The drawings on the original are pretty darn good.

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