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PROTEST Donald Trump’s Unconscionable Immigration Policies TOMORROW June 30th!

Go to to find an event near you

By David Futrelle

If Donald Trump’s immigration policies make you sick to your stomach, join with thousands if not millions of other Americans and PROTEST tomorrow. There are literally hundreds of events planned across the country, in every state.

You can find one near you at the MoveOn site, where there’s an interactive version of that map there at the top of the page.

If you can’t make it in person there are many other ways to help. For example, CALL YOUR REPS about this issue — 5 Calls has all the numbers you need and helpful scripts. And remember, you can call more than once about immigration over several days. 5 Calls has scripts and advice on how to call to urge your reps to:

  • Abolish ICE
  • Demand Family Reunification
  • Demand accountability for the sexual abuse of immigrants
  • Block the indefinite detention of immigrant families — adults and children
  • Demand the resignation of Stephen Miller
  • Demand the resignation of DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen

And more.

And while you’re at it, demand that no Supreme Court nominee be considered until after the midterm elections. Mitch McConnell straight-up stole a Supreme Court seat for Trump and we shouldn’t give him another pick while he’s under investigation for possible (well, a lot more than possible) collusion with a hostile foreign power.

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Is there something I can do to help, being outside the US?

I’m in Germany and I find the atrocities committed by that man and his cronies absolutely abominable.

The tone in European politics and especially its treatments of refugees has grown much, much harsher in the last few year, which I mainly blame on the rise of the alt-right and the political left not doing enough to stop it.

We’re all in the same boat. If Trumpism triumphs, we’re all fucked.

Looking forward to mine. I have no idea how many people are attending though. I can’t find info on the number of RSVPs anywhere.

In other news, I somehow got injured by a chip crumb. I didn’t think such a thing was even possible. I was digging the little broken chip pieces out of the bottom of the bag of Tostitos and somehow a crumb got wedged into the skin on my finger. Like a wood splinter. I feel really stupid.

While we’re demanding resignations, why not:

* Demand the resignation of Donald Trump.
* Demand the resignation of Mike Pence.


If anyone’s in Toronto, there’s one in front of the US Consulate (360 University Ave) from 9:30am to noon (and one the following day at one of Canada’s immigration holding centres on Rexdale Blvd., but that location’s trickier to get to).

I had signed up for the one in my city, and then I got an email today from the organizer saying it had been cancelled…


Did you check to see if there’s a different one in your area? In my area, there were three that went up right away and then they all got cancelled to consolidate it into one event at a different location. If you haven’t already, I’d go to the site and reenter your zip code to see if there’s another one nearbye.

I would take part but I’m several miles too far away and I promised my father I’d pay a visit. If we were at war this would be a war crime. Just stay safe everyone.

Been away for a few days visiting family, and have troubles accessing this place.

So… have the incels claimed the Annapolis shooter as one of their own yet?

Better than invoking McConnell’s unethical & immoral nonsense – a president who is under investigation should not be allowed to nominate the person who may decide his fate. No one gets to pick their own judge and neither should he. No nomination until the investigation is finished and he’s either cleared (ha!) or convicted.

Saw a great post on this yesterday:

If we were at war this would be a war crime.

We are at war.

Seconding what WWTH said. The event I RSVPd for got consolidated with another and the time and location were updated.

And maybe, in 6 months, we in Brazil will have our own mix of Trump and Duderte 🙁 . Research about Bolsonaro

My sense of outrage and my introversion are fighting. Right now intending on going with the hushuman to the one in Irvine, CA. I just hope I have the energy for both marching and for dealing with people. I’m trying to remind myself that if I don’t protest this horribleness now, I may have that right taken from me later. And other people are having their rights fucked with now, for no other reason than nationality and ethnicity.

Arrrgh. This is why I hate phone calls too. Introverts make lousy protesters.

I mean, it’s the first day of my vacation and Mr. Dakry is one week into his, I should move my goddamn ass on it. Between me fighting off a sinus infection and Mr. Dakry being formally diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, however, we’ve had some interference.

I’m just sick of rich old men destroying the rest of us for their benefit. And that’s what it all boils down to.

My problem was that the protest I was going to be at was going to be at the state capital (Topeka) where I live, right outside the capital building. Instant optics. The other one will be at Lawrence, which was founded on the concept of being Kansas’s liberal enclave (i.e. anti-slavery at the time), and has thus always been dismissed and blacked-out by the state media as a bunch of hippies that no one should ever pay attention to. So if I expend the gas money to get out there, I may be able to boost a sense of solidarity with the people I’m near, but I can guarantee you that no one else will be listening (aside from the Stasi).

@Maledicta: Depending on where you are in germany, I can guarantee that there are ways to get involved in the struggle against racist policies, they might not come from the political establishment though.

Trump’s getting plenty of attention where I am, but we kinda have the spectre of our own political environment pitching into a rightward spiral of undermining all social policy, blaming muslim immigrants and figthing any kind of knowledge-based policy, and this is infecting all of the political landscape basically.

Protest at every turn. Build infrastructure of resistance.

@Surplus: they all need to go. Every single fucking one of them. I don’t want another situation like we had with the Nixon administration where we keep some of these assholes around. It’s far too much of a concession. Maybe they don’t all need to go to jail, but they need to at least be out of a job.

Bananananana dakry – Husbeast and I are going to the one in Moreno Valley.

After reading about protests being consolidated/moved/cancelled, I checked my email to see if that happened to ours. Thankfully, it’s still on and in the original location.

I was going to make a bunch of signs to take and give out to others, but I ended up spending way too much time* on just one, so Husbeast and I will take turns with the one I managed to finish.

*there are drawbacks to being a Graphic Design student and perfectionist. Ah, well. I learned a lot and will do better next time!

Hambeast, you may have only one sign, but I bet it’s the best-kerned sign at the protest!

Managed two hours 9:30-11:30 am of the Toronto rally. It seemed to go well, despite the heat; several volunteers brought a big sunshade, to add to the trees.

I’d be willing(ish)* to go today, but I’m working both jobs today, and the nearest protest to me is 45 minuets away. Meaning I’d literally have just enough time to drive there, take a selfie, then go to job #2. ASSuming, of course, that I didn’t run into major traffic jams going in or out, found parking pretty close by, etc.

Best I can do is offer up prayers that things don’t devolve into a massive crackdown – now or later.

*I’d be a lone woman in a strange city, with no-one to watch out for me if things go south. Based on the protest advice Dieago gave earlier, that doesn’t seem like a real good idea for me to try that this round.

Redsilkphoenix: Jetpack Vixen, FemiNest Collective agent, Hell Toupee keeper, & Intergalactic Meaniesays:

I’d be willing(ish)* to go today, but I’m working both jobs today, and the nearest protest to me is 45 minuets away. Meaning I’d literally have just enough time to drive there, take a selfie, then go to job #2. ASSuming, of course, that I didn’t run into major traffic jams going in or out, found parking pretty close by, etc.

Best I can do is offer up prayers that things don’t devolve into a massive crackdown – now or later.

*I’d be a lone woman in a strange city, with no-one to watch out for me if things go south. Based on the protest advice Dieago gave earlier, it just seemed the wiser course at this time, especially with my extremely tight time constraints. Sorry. 🙁

In preparation for our anti-Trump anti-right-wing-authoritarianism-white-supremacy-child-imprisoning-facist-bastards demo on the 13th when mango mussolini comes to the UK, I’m getting some space blankets to put messages on, to wear/hold up on the march, in reference to the kids being given nothing else (how can any human being do this shit? But of course they do. It’s fucking unthinkable).

Any pithy recommendations? (I’m generally not good at pithy)

I attended a little protest here in southern Ontario. The enthusiasm was somewhat dampened by the ungodly heat and humidity, but it was good to feel some solidarity. Wish there was more that we canucks could do, but at we can at least push to abolish the Safe Third Country Agreement now that the States is CLEARLY no longer safe for refugees.

Made it to the march. Too far back to hear the speeches, but I’ll post my pics later

Barely made it to the one in Worcester, MA. Got home yesterday, woke up at eleven, got me and husband into car. So no sign, but there was a group that had fabric you could stencil into a bandanna. No trouble except at least one person had to leave in an ambulance due to the weather. Several hundred people at least – probably at least some people from here went to the Boston protest

To my everlasting shame Mr. Dakry and I had to back out of the Irvine protest. His recent diabetes diagnosis and his efforts to cope with same in diet has been playing silly buggers with his blood sugar and he’s the only one with the driver’s license. :/ (Need to fix this.) We have also uh… digestion issues that uh… yeah. TMI.

Quite a bit of mutual guilt and wondering when the border between self-care and standing by while all this shit happens is crossed. Although I’m sure the delights of the past couple years haven’t done wonders for Mr. Dakry’s A1C level or either of our mental health. :/

We shall try to make up for it by screeching a fuck of a lot on Resistbot, which is a beautiful thing and made for protesting introverts.

I was going to use a sign that was simple, to the point, and hopefully would have been new information to people with their heads in the sand:

“Seeking asylum is not illegal. Denying them hearings is.”

Thank you to all people outside the US for your solidarity.

I managed to spend ~15 minutes on my lunch hour at a protest (minus driving to/from). Saw people I knew and met the Dem candidate for the House.


Aye. Too many of the dumbshits on FB either don’t know or intentionally ignore that point.

Mine would have been: “And then they came for the immigrants, and I said NOPE.”

Tough talk from someone who wasn’t there. :/

There wasn’t any event here in Podunk, Ont., and even if there had been I’d have had to walk 40 minutes to get to it, in 40 degree weather … uhm, nope.

But I have been protesting the Trump regime online in various ways every single day since day one, including my participation here and assorted social media posting. I guess that will have to do.

Oh, I did also sign a widely-circulated petition (I think from Leadnow) to rescind the Safe Third Country Act the other day.

I donate a small bit to the ACLU per month now. It’s better than nothing. And it’s an organization I know uses the money for the right things, as opposed to the innumerable progressive organizations on my email lists that keep wailing at me about how the latest developments are the END OF THE WORLD!!!1!! unless you donate money NOW NOW NOW!!! God damn it, you people, DO something with it, don’t just ask for more I cannot give! And quit shaming me every time I unsubscribe because I simply cannot take the mental overloading!

Sorry. So yeah, ACLU. And should look into the SPLC as well. Those I know are bona fide organizations and not just excuses to take money from people desperate to stop this shit and then not follow through with helping them to do so.

*sigh* Fuck you very much, Citizens United.

Husband and I happened to be in our state’s largest city, so we went to the rally there. It was so thrilling to be marching with thousands of other people. We did it more or less anonymously, though – we live in a little town and there are unfortunately a lot of people here who would judge us. It sucks that “toddlers shouldn’t be jailed” is a controversial stance in this day and age.

My local protest seemed to have been called off even though I repeatedly check my email for updates. There were two others Husbeast and I found who were lost as well. I looked up the link on the Move On page* and there was a notice about another nearby address that turned out to be a deserted (closed) Waste Management location in the middle of nowhere near the old March AFB.

We decided to see if there was one (as was rumored) in downtown Riverside (since we were nearly there already) and that one was nearly over with. We stayed with the remnants for a couple of hours and found out that it had started at 8:30 and had 1,200 people. There were only a dozen or so when we arrived at 12:30. Our other rally was supposed to start at noon.

*It’s now gone and seemed suspicious at the time. There was also a request for white people to bring a PoC with them so that the protest wouldn’t be appropriated which is also now gone. This was through, but the message was on the navigator page where the volunteer organizer could communicate with protesters.

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