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Notes from the Civil: Some of the nice comments I get from people who hate me

Men are by nature extremely polite

By David Futrelle

Now that we’re having a lovely national debate about “civility” and how we on the left shouldn’t ever yell at people or call them names, even if they’re literal Nazis, I thought I would share some of the thoughtful comments I regularly get from Men’s Rights Activists, National Socialists, and other gracious gentlemen who sometimes take issue with things I write.

Let us start with a gentleman calling himself Boogerslut, who has some thoughts about my weight:

It’s cute when fat, mediocre men get worked up over misogyny. Many women will remember your efforts.


Balls of Steel offered these lovely compliments:

I googled David Futrelle. Saw him. Everything was clear to me.

Feminist, estrogen-overloaded Soyboy

This nice fellow called Spencer apparently thinks I’m some sort of “hiawatha,” which I guess is a compliment, although I have to confess I have no idea what he means by it.

Wow, what a hiawatha. This feminist moralfagging OP causes MRAs to grow stronger and closer together. The more people hate us the faster we grow, and articles like this feminist bull sh#t just educate us on exactly which buttons to press to make these fat and short red haired feminazis ragequit and burn out from their internet tirades. SJW snowflakes…

One regular commenter whose comments will remain forever in moderation offered this assessment of my leisure activities:

David Footroll is a crotch muppet with a extra side order of scabies. I’ll bet he sits on dildos while fapping to clips of male mantises getting their heads eaten. He is creepy and should not be left around dogs unsupervised, unless you want to see him lie down and open his mouth every time one of them hocks their leg. He exposes himself to the mentally-challenged. He takes rides in hot-air balloons so that he may indulge in his childhood fantasy of being a bird as he shits on windshields.

How did he even find out about the hot-air balloon thing? I always wear my Big Bird suit.

Someone called tuputamulder had this insightful question about my negative reaction to incels hailing Toronto van killer Alek Minassian as a hero:

On a scale from 0 to my vagina is bleeding, how butthurt are you rn, chap?

IMPERIVM_NOW has some words of praise for a recent piece of mine published elsewhere:

Getting published in Broadly must really slay pussy bro

Here’s Man Splainer with some thoughts directed at the commenters here:

I’m a man. I don’t give a crap what you think. I don’t care about your feelings, either. I’m sure the feeling is mutual, bitches. So go fuck yourself. And while you’re at it, blow me.

Yeehaw also has some kind words to share with the commenters:

What a shithole of a page filled with these ugly troglodyte looking ass retards lmao

More praise for the commenters from someone whose name I will keep hidden:

The only thing that anyone around here “deserves” is a goddamned slap in the kisser for being a bunch of piss-idiotic dullards.

And finally, another fellow who shall remain nameless had these kind thoughts about someone connected to this blog:

Go swallow a cheese-grater … you crusty dollop of pungent smegma being suffocated by the warted foreskin of a leprotic gypsy sodomite. Get drunk, pull a trash bag over your fucking repulsive turkey mug, and go rollerblading on a treadmill. I would pay good money to see someone bury you up to your herpes-inflamed maw in dirt and slather your head with peanut butter and bird seed, you serpent-crotched dung dweller. You’re a fucking goodie two shoes moonbat who’s too deaf to hear its own window-shattering screams. I would slap you happily. Screech junky.

I would like to commend all of these lovely fellows for their respectful tone — for as we all know, politeness is the very essence of democracy.

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3 years ago


You’re right that we’ve given up hope. I thought he might chill a little when the gravity of his position dawns on him, but then Trump opens up with lying about easily observable crowd sizes. Right now, it’s like I’m sitting in the passenger seat holding on to that little handle on the ceiling of the car. I really hope we can make it to the end of his first term and prevent a second before he does something reeealllly stupid.

David Heffron
David Heffron
3 years ago

I mean, some of them were reasonably creative, but imagine thinking that anyone would be actually offended by them.

Danger Noodlet
Danger Noodlet
3 years ago

Samantha K said,

Wow! Looks like all folk who disagree, to any degree, with the right-wing, misogynistic, racist, vicious, cruel… Republican assholes are now to be treated like women have been treated for millenia. In otherwards, we are ALL to be nice, quiet, polite, obedient to the will of our “betters,” soft-spoken, thoughtful and kind. We are to shut up or else!

“To any degree” jumped out at me, since folks on the right are still eating their own over it. I should know — I’m one of them.

Somehow I’d made a bubble for myself of fellow right-of-center non-assholes (humor me here), and that bubble’s now burst. Oh, I always knew there were assholes on my side, but I thought they didn’t matter so much.

Keeping alt-right trolls from overtaking right-leaning media? I was one of the cucks with the gall to try it. I’ve witnessed plenty of “shut up or else!” directed at cucks like me. I am by nature soft-spoken, but obedient to the will of “betters” like these? It’s pretty disgusting. I realize party discipline is A Thing, but damn.

I’m grateful to David and WHTM for documenting how bad my side gets. I’d rather know than not. (In terms of political principles, this nastiness still doesn’t strike me as on “my side”, but obviously it’s proved popular with self-identified righties, and there are way more of them than there are of me.)

I don’t often leave comments here, since I don’t want to intrude on your community, but I’ve been an avid reader of WHTM for a while now, and I just wanted to say thanks.

weirwoodtreehugger: chief manatee

Somehow I’d made a bubble for myself of fellow right-of-center non-assholes (humor me here), and that bubble’s now burst. Oh, I always knew there were assholes on my side, but I thought they didn’t matter so much.

So, is racism and misogyny better when expressed in civil tones? Because this stuff isn’t new. It was just dogwhistled instead of blatant before. It’s called the Southern Strategy

It was this

That any better? Sorry, but conservatism has always been about bigotry. Trumpism has just exposed it. If you are really and truly not an asshole, you’ll leave the right altogether. Staying in and criticizing the deplorables isn’t gonna cut it.

Danger Noodlet
Danger Noodlet
3 years ago

So, is racism and misogyny better when expressed in civil tones? Because this stuff isn’t new. It was just dogwhistled instead of blatant before. It’s called the Southern Strategy

Evidently, some young conservatives and libertarians are (or at least were) naive enough to believe stuff like the Southern Strategy is an ignoble relic of dirty politics, and not necessary to right-of-center ideals.

I don’t think of civility as just “tone”; it’s also about decency and empathy — e.g, not being cruel to others based on race or sex.

I’m obviously rethinking some things, and can’t say for sure where I’ll end up now. For example, I had previously inferred that anti-empathy rhetoric on the right was generally contrarian posturing. Cantankerousness. Crankiness. But not cruelty as an ideal. Now I’m less sure. If you find this admission of uncertainty laughable or enraging, I understand: I gather the cruelty must seem more than well-established to you, but it hadn’t been to me.

I can’t promise conversion. But my thanks for WHTM are sincere.

Surplus to Requirements, Observer of the Vast Blight-Wing Enstupidation
Surplus to Requirements, Observer of the Vast Blight-Wing Enstupidation
3 years ago

On the original topic, there were pleas for civility toward Nazis back in the 1930s, too, including from the groups Nazis were marginalizing and killing. We all know how well that worked out.

Note in particular this tweet:

James Myers
‏ @jgarmyers
Jun 29
Replying to @LesHarrison_vcu @studentactivism

Ridiculous that after everything we’ve experienced, not only in the 20th century, but back to the beginning of time, some people don’t intuitively understand that brutal, malignant force must be bombed, burned and atomized to smithereens, not engaged with good-willed debate.

3 years ago

Danger Noodlet, If you don’t mind me asking how old are you? I mean it is also a different time but I’m black and when I lived in my upper middle class bubble in The Village in NYC, my friends were 90% white people in my specialized schools and fancy prep schools. Back then I did not believe in systemic racism or sexism as a matter of fact I thought feminism was straight up silly. It was until I got to college that I realized this stuff.

So if someone’s younger than like 20 it’s just possible to be oblivious to so many things because all you care about is sex and people liking you and you know stuff that’s life and death to teenagers. Back then to me politics literally did not register until 9/11 and then I forgot about them again shortly after.

I had to stop being friends with a number of people when I truly started you know being into politics and activists work 2 years ago I guess maybe a little more like almost 3 now. I was oblivious to a lot of things I was like 30. But the stuff he’s talking about if he is younger than 20 I think it’s good that he’s thinking, and it looks like he’s at least considering coming to the conclusion that Republicans are cruel and nasty because they enjoy it. And that’s a good thing. Remember some of these people are like raised on this and practically brainwashed like it impresses me honestly the people who managed to break away from the Dark side LOL.

Maybe someone’s getting me to be sympathetic again and I’m being silly but I think anyone who starting to think hey maybe this is really fucked-up should definitely be supported in that way of thinking LOL. Everyone have a lovely weekend

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