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The older woman appreciator has logged on (Yahoo Answers Gender Studies Files)

Fun fact: Dustin Hoffman is only 6 years younger than Anne Bancroft

By David Futrelle

The Gender Studies section of Yahoo Answers is a cesspool of Men’s Rights Activists and MGTOWs and other angry Red Pillers raging about feminism. But last night I came across one of the locals challenging a core tenet of Red Pill theory, wondering aloud if “a woman [can] look better when older [30’s] than she did when in her 20’s?”

“Don’t give examples of celebs,” he added, “they use too much makeup/surgeries.”

The answers were surprisingly reality-based, with most commenters acknowledging that yes indeed, some women do in fact look better in their 30s than they did in their 20s.

But no one was quite so effusive in their praise than the anonymous fellow who began his reply with a hearty “[y]ou bet they can.”

He elaborated:

Comes a time when a woman loses that flat, soulless beauty of the mass produced Barbie doll and starts to gain a little character in her features. Provided she pays attention to her overall conditioning and health, she can be gorgeous in her 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond. Far surpassing the beauty she possessed in her teens and 20s. 

Ok, that stuff at the top about the soulless Barbie dolls is a bit judgy, but at least he’s not your typical manosphere asshole obsessed with teenagers, right?

It’s at this point that his comment takes a bit of a turn.

Provided she doesn’t shave her head and become a strident, screaming bltch of a feminist good only for inclusion in a can of dog food, if you don’t care what happens to your dog.

Wait WHAT!? How did we get from talking about the gorgeousness of women in their “30s, 40s, 50s and beyond” to talking about — if I’m reading this right — grinding up feminists and using their, er, meat for dog food?

It’s times like this I begin to wonder if the internet was a mistake.

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4 years ago

The most surprising thing about this is that Yahoo! Answers is still home to anything other than virtual tumble weeds and the lonely howling of the wind. Incels are close enough, I guess.

Full Metal Ox
4 years ago


Oh, Yahoo Answers. I remember a few years ago I stumbled onto someone innocently asking what you call a human/demon hybrid.

The top-rated answer was not “It’s a cambion, here’s the wikipedia page.”

It was instead “Nothing, because demons DON’T EXIST!”

Why, hello, Dr. Tyson.

4 years ago


Ames’ case was pretty complicated. Her refusal to work with anyone who had done gay porn was due to the gay porn industry’s lack of testing, likewise her calling out those who would work with them. But a lot of people were only interested in seeing homophobia rather than concern over her safety, and their attacks were quite vicious.

4 years ago


An MIT professor supposedly rejected Brad Pitt for a billionaire. Alpha fucks, beta bux, amirite?

More like “Alpha bux, beta fux, manosphere theory sux”, at this point. Brad’s past his Best Before date, remember?

Also, “chunky shit storm” is going to be my new go-to phrase for hilariously awful situations from now on. As someone who invariably gets explosive diarrhea when severely stressed, I find it…relatable.

4 years ago

Kudos to that one person who said pretty much what I would have if I were still using Yahoo Answers; that an adult in their 30s can look better than in their younger days because by then they’ve figured out the style that personally suits them best rather than what’s trendy.

Yahoo Answers 10+ years ago was fun for me as long as I stayed in the relatively safe areas, asking harmless questions like “In what episode of this cartoon did this scene/quote happen?” The Gender Studies section had multiple users asking practically the same questions, often about their penis size. No interest in finding out how it is now…

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