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Watch out for “sperm bags on tinder pretending to be good women,” MGTOW warns his fellow men

Literal sperm bag

By David Futrelle

The ridiculous doofuses who call themselves MGTOWs suffer from the delusion that women actually miss them when they “go their own way.” I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this may not be completely true.

Take these dudes I found having a lovely discussion on the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit.

lister777 33 points 9 hours ago  Women are for making babies and raising them. And honestly, even at this level, today they suck. Remains their ultimate use: sperm bags. Sad. We d like to see them faithful, useful, traditional, but nope. We got sperm bags showing themselves on tinder, pretending to be good women... For them, appearance is all that matters. They can suck 10 dicks per week, use 30 men in permanence, and still pretend to be good people. You know, as long as no-one puts them in place at societal level, it is alright.  permalinkembedsavereportgive goldreply  [–]kaczan3 10 points 6 hours ago  I disagree, women aren't even for raising babies. Look what they're doing with the kids. Turning them into SJW and other monsters.

I somehow doubt that many women are pining for these two to return to the dating scene.

Lest anyone accuse me of taking this out of context: the two were responding (sort of) to a video of three women who were having some trouble figuring out how a gate worked; the other MGTOWs in the thread seem to believe that this video proves that women are a bunch of big dummies.

If a video of some women acting like idiots is proof that all women are idiots, then what does this video prove?

48 replies on “Watch out for “sperm bags on tinder pretending to be good women,” MGTOW warns his fellow men”

The stupid, it burns.

Using “sperm bag” as a euphemism for “promiscuous woman” doesn’t make any sense to me. Wouldn’t that be a better euphemism for a testicle? I mean, it’s not like the sperm of every man a woman blows or have penetrative sex with stays inside her permanently and forms build up. Plus, they seem to be forgetting that condom use is common and a lot of times the sperm doesn’t even get inside the woman’s body anyway.

On an off topic note, I’m watching the repeat of last night’s Rachel Maddow show segment on Kim Yong-Chol the guy who Trump welcomed to the White House with open arms and is besties with. It was really chilling stuff. He’s responsible for building up the program that trains North Koreans to be really awesome hackers.

It made me wonder if Kim Yong-Chol had a device planted on his person that can remotely hack Trump’s totally secure we swear Iphone or something.

I wasn’t wild about Trump’s saber rattling against N. Korea, but I’m concerned about this new embrace of them too. They really seem to have figured out that Trump is really easily manipulated if they butter him up.

This concern, BTW is what got me diagnosed with Trump derangement syndrome yesterday. As if it’s irrational to be concerned about North Korean officials intention’s and Trump’s ability to navigate diplomacy with a party that operates in bad faith the same way that Trump himself does.

I wonder who these two would actually expect to raise their children if they were to father some. They’d probably last about five minutes having to take care of an actual baby.

Give the MGTOW their due, they are making certain that the internet will never run out of sublimely asinine comments.

In regards to the video of some women having trouble opening a gate, u are right on the mark David. I would like the MGTOW crowd to be forced to watch several episodes of America’s Dumbest (fill in the show of your choice). They should then explain how the dumbass dudes on this show somehow don’t fuck with their constant assertions that men are inherently more logical, rational and mature than women.

In all fairness there are women featured on these shows. But, I think anyone with regular vision would have to agree that guys, especially young guys, more than hold their own!

I wonder if Putin is having any buyer’s remorse at this point. After all, he wanted to be able to strongly manipulate the United States executive branch … but what he got is that any country can strongly manipulate the United States executive branch, and the resulting swerve in policy direction lasts exactly as long as until another country’s leaders finagle a meeting with Trump in their turn.

@weirwoodtreehugger: chief manatee
Well, these are the same general group of people who think the sperm of previous partners permanently alters a woman’s DNA.

And now I’m getting the disappearing comments and name fields not saving. Great.

i’ve tried to stop making fun of people for bad English given that the internet is international and many people are not native English speakers, and many others may have dyslexia or other issues that make grammar and spelling difficult, but seriously… what the heck does “use 30 men in permanence” mean???

I *really* want to know where these guys are getting their ideas that single women are having massive quantities of sex from.

@brian: I’m pretty sure that one stems from muddled thinking, not from limited language skills. 🙂

@PeeVee: Simple. They don’t imagine if an attractive woman made advances at them they’d turn no; therefore attractive women can get all they want to. As for unattractive women, they’re invisible to them most of the time.

What MGTOWS don’t understand about sex and human biology would fill a high school sex ed text.

Who the hell is sucking ten different dicks in a week? Who has the time!?

(Great, now I’m not sure which username I’ve used here before….)

“For them, appearance is all that matters”… “using” people… smells a lot like projection to me.

And ow, the video. I have to get another one of my wisdom teeth pulled out on Monday, and I’m not looking forward to pain. But I’m planning things to do that don’t involve looking at YouTube all day (which is what I did when I got my first wisdom tooth out, and it cost an extra $30 in that month’s internet bill). If I do spend time watching YouTube, I’ll avoid videos of people hurting themselves. 🙂

@weirwoodtreehugger: chief manatee
*hugs* Honestly it’s perfectly reasonable to be shocked and other emotions regarding our chief fool in power. Especially since he’s trying to funnel money into North Korea.

On the subject of the article, incels, human women do not in fact have an internal sperm pouch to use in a later date.

One rather hopes that these migtoes realize that THEY are the literal sperm bags, given that there are more of the little wigglers in their scrota and testes at any given time than there are in any woman, no matter how sexually active.

One rather hopes, but one doesn’t have much faith.

(Damn, that video hurts just to watch!)

Well wait are we talking ten discrete dicks, or can there be double ups? Does giving the same guy a blowjob twice a week count? If not, what if it’s at random and really sleazy, like you ran into the same guy at a bar and hooked up in the alleyway on Monday and on Thursday? What if it’s the same ten guys each week? Does that count, or do they have to be novel dicks introduced to the environment each week?

I mean, you could probably do it if you were multitasking. Like, say, sucking dick while you worked on your taxes or did your business accounting or something.

@Surplus – no, but that’s what I’m getting at: I can’t break that phrase down grammatically. Just, literally, what does “use 30 men in permanence” MEAN???

@ brian

I’m guessing it means ‘maintain a permanent group of 30 lovers.’


Well wait are we talking ten discrete dicks, or can there be double ups?

The original quote says “10 dicks”, not merely 10 blowjobs. It didn’t specify whether you can reuse the same 10 the next week.

It becomes even more difficult when you think about the number of women and the number of Chads, and the time required to get out your calipers and goniometer and make sure that you don’t accidentally blow anyone with an inappropriate canthal tilt or skinny wrists. It’s a logistical nightmare.

And really, if we all were sucking off ten different dicks every week, and not everybody is getting laid, that means that some men are having theirs done at least ten times a week… which, again I say, who the hell has the time? Or the stamina?

who the hell has the time? Or the stamina?

Well, not to brag…

*(slightly more) serious face on*

Having grown up in the heyday of Jackass and being heavily inundated in skating as well, the stupid hi-jinks are mostly brought about through a mix of immature machismo and stupefying boredom. Still, I like to think that I learned some valuable stuff, mainly rudimentary first aid for sprained joints, cuts, bruises and egos.

@binjabreel: I’ve been lurking lately and not commenting because I just don’t have the spoons to do much of anything right now but I had to say your comment literally made me LOL! Like I was skimming everything and then I read yours and I just started cackling. It might partially be because I have smoked a lot of weed I was at a small get-together and just got home a couple hours ago and we were smoking literally all night. But whatever the reason thanks for that I can always use more laughter in my life.

And hello everybody else. I’ve been reading David’s posts and everyone’s comments and appreciating them like always but I’m just emotionally exhausted lately. Not depressed, but I’m not motivated to do things unless I particularly enjoy them. Things that are just mildly pleasant( like commenting on websites)I’ve been too lazy for or just not inclined.

But I never ignore this site partially because like I said before I can always use more laughter and David is definitely amusing, and partially as I’ve definitely previously mentioned, I deeply enjoy the camaraderie of this community. I hope everyone is doing well and having a lovely weekend. I’m going to bed, good night/morning everyone

Migtows sure seem to spend a lot of time telling each other how much they don’t miss interacting with women. Do you think perhaps the gentlemen protest too much?

They don’t want to go their own way, they want us to beg them to stay and agree to stop having opinions and aging in order to appease them. Shockingly, women have not been terribly inclined to beg them to stay, so they just get more and more bitter.

Surplus to Requirements said

As for unattractive women, they’re invisible to them most of the time.


And when they do notice us, they rail about how we shouldn’t exist. Or that we should be fat-shamed for our own good (WHOSE own good, now?) Or that we shouldn’t be allowed to add our ugly genes to the gene pool. Or, or, or…

Considering MGTOWs/incels/more mainstream creepy men/etc exist, how would you even find 30 men you’d want to suck ‘in permanence’? And why would any woman bother?


Right? I can’t even find one, never mind 30.

Well, I suppose I could find one, but I wouldn’t know where to begin to look. The Internet is a ghastly place. And somehow I doubt that offline is any better, since these anonymous guys who let their creep flags fly on Reddit are all real, live, in-the-flesh dudes somewhere.

(bracing now for the inevitable crash through the window of Not-All-Man)

Binjabreel | June 2, 2018 at 9:53 pm
I mean, you could probably do it if you were multitasking. Like, say, sucking dick while you worked on your taxes or did your business accounting or something.

TMI warning!

That is, as far as I know, actually a fetish. Well, kinda. From what I can tell it involves one person going about their day as usual while the other sexually services them (usually orally). It’s a kind of BDSM thing where it’s like the other person is effectively being ignored. There’s also a similar fetish where a person acts as a piece of furniture.

I haven’t seen anyone sucking dick and doing their taxes, so props to them if they can read all that rigamarole with a ballsack bouncing against their face!

TMI warning over.


The Internet is a ghastly place


30 dudes on a permanent rotation??? Ha ha.

Only in a professional setting.

personally I don’t have the diary management skills for that level of poly!

that being said – I am actually still married while effectively living with someone else.

Oh! Conuly! That’s a handle I recognize from LJ days! Nevwer interacted, just saw your posts from time to time. Hope you’re doing well!

Anyway, you all have said covered any reasonable response I think, so… that video David posted. WHY. I wonder what those dudes were thinking.

So that leaked memo with the Trump team saying that he can’t be subpoenaed or indicted and Giuliani doubling down and saying he could have shot Comey to end the investigation and that would be okay. I know that’s partially a defense strategy and an acknowledgement that they know the Republicans do not care about the country enough to impeach and convict him.

I wonder if there’s another aspect to this besides just with regards to Melania’s disappearance for nearly a month now. Is anyone else starting to suspect that he’s setting up a defense for murdering her if she tries to divorce him while he’s still in office? Is this in part a message to her?

It feels like I’m being overdramatic here, but given Trump’s history with abuse and given that I believe there’s no way he didn’t know Cohen was sending a goon to threaten Stormy Daniels. Who knows what skeletons are still in Trump’s closet at this time too. There’s no way this was the only time someone was sent to rough a woman up on his behalf, is there?

This shift from “witch hunt” to “LOL the president can do whatever he wants and impeachment is the one and only consequences” that has been subtly happening since Giuliani joined the team and that went into overdrive this weekend tells me that Trump is very aware that he’s pushed the envelope with regard to the norms and the laws so much with no pushback from the Republican party at large that he has good reason to believe he is in fact, untouchable. The fact that he’s come out with this just now tells me something must be going down soon. Perhaps with regards to the Mueller investigation, perhaps with regards to the Melania thing, perhaps with regard to the Cohen investigation since Cohen was given until the middle of the month to go through his communications to separate out which ones fall under privilege. Add that to the tweet that someone linked earlier discussing Sean Hannity’s accusation the deep state is now after that too…

I feel like there’s some new boundary that Trump is about to cross. Something that goes beyond anything any sitting president has done before. I’m getting scared.

Anyone have thoughts?

I actually think it’s worth drilling down into the reply, which claims women are turning children into the dreaded SJEWs! One thing that I never quite understood was the contempt these people have for their own mothers, especially if they were single mothers that served as good role models like my own. It’s one thing if your mother is abusive or controlling or bigoted or any number of poor parental traits, but if she’s a working mom (maybe even multiple jobs!) who tries her best and just asks you to do the dishes on occasion, where does this contempt come from?

It’s like that quote from a Peterson fan which boiled down to “My mom was always telling me to clean my room and I never listened until my internet daddy told me to.” Seriously, how much of this internet reactionary bullshit is “You can’t tell me what to do, mom!”?

And these are the same people who rail on about helicopter parenting and “participation trophies” (which are not a thing). So they both hate the structure and counsel that came from their hard-working single mother, but are so desperate for structure and counsel that they’ll latch on to any two-bit con artist that validates their contempt for basically anybody different than them, including their hard-working single mother.

Do these people actually understand on a gut level that they’re fundamentally ridiculous human beings?

@WWTH, I think he just hit/hurt her. She’s in hiding because she doesn’t want anyone to see the bruises. He’s known to go into violent rages, like when his hair transplant surgery was botched. He tore out Ivana’s hair, beat and raped her, all because it was her cosmetic surgeon. (Not entirely certain on that last part, might have just been random).

Dude’s an abuser of the worst sort, and he’s under intense scrutiny and criticism from a number of angles. All it’d take is Melania being there alone with him at the wrong moment and she’d be in the hospital in the next hour with some mysterious affliction that needs attention.

I’ve always believed that she’s always loathed him and is just trying to make the best of a bad situation. She may have tried to make a relationship work at first, but those days are long over – she’s a prisoner and always has been.

Like I said on the Discord about it – I hope Mueller sends her a nice bouquet of flowers with a big “get well soon” card. With his phone number inside it. She could destroy him, and I dare say she deserves to be the one to do it.

That’s why I think he wants to prevent her divorcing him and is sending a message that there’s nothing he wouldn’t do to prevent it. In addition to the humiliation, she could be compelled to testify against him if she’s no longer his spouse.

I know I’m getting into tinfoil hat territory here, but we already know he does things to send thinly veiled messages to others. Like Trump’s pardoning of people convicted of corruption that is clearly a message to Manafort et al. He’s sending a message to Melania and perhaps others in his orbit that they best not cross him because he can kill people and get away with it.

I’d be interested to see a linguistic analysis of that Tweet Melania is purported to have sent, compared to her previous Tweets, and ones we know Trump himself composed.

@ Alan

The First Dog is ahead of us already.

I was going to get my linguistic on, but realised that Melania’s twitter, like Trump’s, is also managed by staffers.

I’m pretty certain I know when it’s Trump rage tweeting (though the staff have apparently said they purposely add spelling errors to pass themselves off as him), compared with the stilted legalese tweets post-Giuliani’s admission of payments to Stormy Daniels.

But honestly I’d be surprised if Melania writes any of the tweets in her name, or “writes” them in the same way she wrote her RNC speech and the advice on web safety for kids.

Not that she couldn’t write those things herself if she cared to: she is, I believe, a considerable linguist and fluent in five languages.

I just think she can’t be arsed.


but if she’s a working mom (maybe even multiple jobs!) who tries her best and just asks you to do the dishes on occasion, where does this contempt come from?

From the fact Mother wasn’t around 24/7 to wipe their asses and make them sammiches.

@Rabid Rabbit

From the fact Mother wasn’t around 24/7 to wipe their asses and make them sammiches.

That’s probably where Roosh gets it, that’s for sure. 😛

While I’d be completely unsurprised if Trump hits Melania, I suspect the truth this time is less lurid. My guess: her hospital treatment was more or less as described, and now she’s extending her convalescence as long as she can get away with, because she hates her job (and possibly to punish Trump).

Vanity Fair’s take on all this…

If the White House really wanted to derail this thing, they’d give the people what they want: live footage of Melania swatting Trump’s hand away like it’s the last thing on earth she wants to touch

I dread to think what someone who brags about getting away with shooting someone on fifth avenue tells his wife.

For a long time, it was probably just “I can get you deported because you came here without a proper work visa.”

…If someone brings up ‘chain migration’ again and tries to make it seem like a nefarious plot being executed daily by those who are seeking asylum as refugees, I’m going to throw my purse at their head.

*secretly wishes someone on the alt-right would bring it up so that I can load up the purse with a brick and launch it at their head*

My aim accuracy is greatly improved when I get past the point of caring whether I land the throw or not, maybe it’s also partially because I tend to carry a massive purse so I could aim at anything in the general area and still hit something. 😛

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