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“Femoids” turn to lesbianism only when they can’t snag a Chad, man that no woman will have sex with explains

Is the answer as simple as a lack of Chad?

Note: This is the second installment of the r/MaleForeverAlone Files series

By David Futrelle

Of all the types of women who won’t have sex with them, lesbians are the most perplexing to the self-proclaimed “involuntarily celibate” men of the world.

After all, according to incel ideology, all women are utterly obsessed with “riding the cock carousel” for as long as they can manage it, having sex with as many buff and handsome “Chads” as they can find (and with Chad’s black brother, whom the floridly racist incels call Tyrone). As the incels see it, men have the penises, and men have the money, so why on earth would any woman want to have sex with women instead? (MGTOWs sometimes find themselves wondering the same thing.)

According to a recent post on (which I found reposted without attribution on the MaleForverALone subreddit), lesbians don’t actually want to have sex with other women at all. They simply resort to other women because they can’t get the attention of any nearby Chard or Tyrones — and don’t want to degrade themselves by having sex with the sort of guys who frequent online forums like or the MaleForeverAlone subreddit.

“Lesbianism is nothing but a manifestation of the femoid misery that occurs when the bitch isn’t able to acquire Chad or Tyrone,” explains the non-sex-having dude who calls himself PM_ME_STRIPPERS.

Since they are not able to get genetically superior men they decide to acquire the next best thing: another femoid. In their mind, they would rather fuck a person of the same gender than sleep with genetically inferior man.

I’d really like to see the math here. How many Chad points does a guy need before women will sleep with him rather than with other “femoids?” Could a super-hot femoid outrank a lesser Chad? In the case of a tie between a Chad and a femoid, does a threesome ensue?

Which is why most of these c*nts are nothing but bisexuals, or bisexuals in denial.

Says the non-sex-having expert on female sexuality.

Most dykes would deny such a thing, yet their actions says otherwise. What are these actions, you may ask? Well, first being, most of these so-called “lesbos” have had some kind of sexual/or romantic relationship with at least one man before, yet act as if they are totally pure of a males touch.

Dude. Historically. huge numbers of gay people were forced (or forced themselves) into heterosexual relationships and/or marriages because, in the intensely homophobic societies in which they lived, they basically had no other choice. Even today, some women  whose sexual orientation is pretty much 100% lesbian will try to force themselves into heterosexual relationships because they don’t want to be disowned by their homophobic parents, or thrown out their church, or worse. Sometimes women who think they’re probably lesbians but who aren’t completely sure about their sexual orientation will try to have sex with a man just to see if they could be with a man.

Someone’s sexual orientation is not defined in a straightforward way by their sexual actions; the world is messier than that.

Even when they engage in sexual intercourse with another femoid, they would use strap-ons, which are shaped as cawks, to pleasure each other.

Lesbians who use strap-ons don’t cease to be lesbians any more than a straight dude who puts something in his butt is immediately transformed into A Gay. Sex toys are sex toys. There are lots of guys who regularly masturbate using a sex toy shaped like a big flashlight. That doesn’t mean they’re flashlightsexuals who want to fuck actual flashlights.

One must wonder: why would two bitches, who are only attracted to the same gender, use an object that is shaped based of the opposite sexs genital to pleasure themselves?

Uh, because it feels good?

Totally defeats the purpose of being a carpet muncher.

If a woman only wants to have sex with other women, it doesn’t matter what she does or what sex toys she uses when she’s having sex with other women; she’s still a lesbian.

Also, I find it funny how dykes tend to say that they don’t need no man, yet, they use a mans sperm to get themselves pregnant. Quite hypocritical, if you ask me.

I’m pretty sure that wanting a baby (and the sperm you need to conceive one) is different than wanting a man.

As you can see, even though carpet munchers are with other femoids, deep down they still crave cawk; especially Chad and Tyrone’s. It is a desire that they can never get rid of, and that would always haunt them until the end of time.

Stop trying to make “lesbians aren’t real” happen. It’s not going to happen.

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which are shaped as cawks

I can’t be the only one who thought of flying penis birds, right?

Totally defeats the purpose of being a carpet muncher

Like, I know he’s talking about lesbians in particular, but… just… if you think using a penis, artificial or otherwise, defeats the purpose of oral sex, you don’t need a conspiracy theory about hypergamy and canthals to explain why you’re not getting any

It is a desire that they can never get rid of, and that would always haunt them until the end of time

As has been stated upthread, lesbian/bi trans women exist and a good piece or silicone will only put you back a few dozen bucks. If (cis) lesbians are haunted by the desire for cock, sorry cawk, that’s a pretty unimpressive ghost

@Catalpa + pitshade
From my meager research, according to incels, aces are either 1)poets burning with the innocent romantic soul of the divine, 2)volcels invading incel spaces, 3)incels not sufficiently blackpilled, and/or 4)women. The infighting over which is wonderfully ridiculous

re: the flying penis birds. There are some amazing miniatures (Ottoman, I think) in a museum in Paris of some delicate winged penes flying over a city at night, which might be Istanbul.


Had me thinking it was satire until the shooting scene. Or is it just really bad satire? No idea, so I’m just gonna lump it with the ironic propaganda and back slowly into the bushes.

I’m pretty sure my lesbian coworker has never yearned for a Chad. Granted, I didn’t know her back in high school or childhood, but she seems put off by narcissistic pretty dudes, and she regards guys in general as just friends/acquaintances/sometimes enemies, depending on the guy.

Anyway, she’s pretty clear on who she is, and she would probably have little patience for what some virginal miggy has to say about her. So, I don’t think I’ll show her their garbage. She seems to have a difficult enough time living in a small town in a deep Red state.

Apropos U-Hauling, here’s a cute couple who both had the same idea at the same time…namely, to propose marriage at the zoo where they had their first date.

Guess they didn’t need no stinkin’ Chad, after all.

(Also, I’m not crying…YOU’RE crying!)

And… how do they explain the existence of women who actually call themselves bi? Who openly date both men and women? I used to be pretty popular when I was young, I did have my fair share of “Chads”, and I still dated women too! Mind blown!

Snake Eyes Johnson wrote:

So, these guys are such losers women gay just by being exposed to them? And they’re publicizing the idea?



Yes. They are definitely advertising the fact that they are losers, in more ways than one.

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