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“Whenever I see a woman in ripped-up clothes, I assume she has a rape fantasy,” creepy MGTOW Redditor explains creepily

Ripped jeans: Apparently too much for MGTOWs to handle

By David Futrelle

A quick question for all of you.

When you see a woman wearing artfully distressed jeans with holes in them, what’s the first thing that pops into your head?

  1. “Those are cute. I wonder where she got them?”
  2. “It’s weird how long ripped jeans have managed to stay in fashion.”
  3. “I hope her knees aren’t cold!”
  4. Something horrible about rape.

This dude posting on the Men Going Their Own way subreddit not only chose #4; he also, for some reason, felt obliged to share his reaction with his fellow MGTOWs.

jerseymayan 11 points 1 month ago Whenever I see women wear ripped up clothes like that, I assume she has a rape fantasy. From her subconcious, it's not only about showing skin but having a Man rip her clothes off to get her "off." permalinkembedunsavereportgive goldreply [–]GemStarCN21 8 points 1 month ago Excellent analysis, I never thought of it like that.

To be fair, it’s not clear to me if Mr. Jerseymayan thinks that ripped-clothes-wearing women actually want to be raped, for real, or if they simply fantasize about it, as many people of assorted genders do. What does seem certain to me is if your first reaction to seeing a woman with holes in her pants is to think about her being raped, there is something very wrong with you.

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(A)utonomist Escapist
(A)utonomist Escapist
4 years ago

Wonder what that says about all the dickheads out there then…

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