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MGTOWs agree: Gay men are lucky because “vaginas are objectively gross”

MGTOWs learned everything they know about vaginas from old feminine hygiene ads (Note: This is from a real ad for Kotex)

By David Futrelle

Despite their often quite limited experience with vaginas in the field, so-called Men Going Their Own Way have very strong opinions on the subject. For example, that vaginas are all super stinky and gross. Sour, like grapes.

In a recent discussion in the MGTOW subreddit, a number of forum regulars set forth their theories on vaginal yuckiness, and why gay men are lucky that they get to avoid them.

By contrast, penises totally aren’t gross at all. Not that any of these guys are into them! escalover 28 points 7 hours ago I have gay friends and they find vagina absolutely disgusting. As a straight man I'm okay with penis. Like, penis is a thing that exists, other men have one, I have one, it's okay. I don't want to touch penis, other than my penis, but penis isn't "gross"; if one pops up in a porn, oh well. But gay men absolutely cannot tolerate the thought of vagina. Vaginas are objectively gross and if you didn't have hormones, you wouldn't be interested. Vaginas are literally Petri dishes.

Still, life would be so much easier if they were gay, though NO WAY THEY’RE NOT INTERESTED, nope, definitely DO NOT WANT.

Also, did you know that 20-year-old vaginas are much cleaner than those attached to old hags over the age of 25 or so? SCIENCE FACT.

migmxke 19 points 7 hours ago* I'm macho and shit. But lately I realized why gay men are more happy in life. (gay=happy anyway). Because they DO NOT have to deal with being attracted to a potential smelly rotten vagina, who will falsely accuse them or divorce-rape them. But I have to keep accepting my hetero risk, because my primal instinct and my biological imperative is to be attracted by young 20yo pussy or around 18-24, then pump-and-dump, rinse and repeat. Because in these young ages, their vaginas are generally cleaner. But again, just be very cautious, because this shit we call game, is getting more dangerous these day.

My condolences to all those who will never get to experience the joy of sex with one of these dudes because their vaginas are too old and stinky.

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weirwoodtreehugger: chief manatee

It’s unfortunate that it’s hard to have a sensible conversation about what’s in our food. For example, I do worry about the amount of antibiotics that livestock is fed. Does that mess up our gut flora? Is this going to eventually cause widespread antibiotic resistance? But there’s so much scare mongering out there from people like Food Babe and there’s so many people militant about certain diets and trying to push them other people. There’s just so much misinformation out there.

5 years ago

I try to avoid stuff with the sugar substitute that they put in diet sodas – food things, I mean, and because I can never be 100% certain that I won’t drop even a crumb, something the dog promptly locates and devours. It’s like having a 2 year old going through the “let’s see what this is by putting it in my mouth” phase, except it lasts up to 15ish years.


(Hoping I spelled it right because my iPad won’t let me highlight and copy for pasting! I hate this thing but its all I have besides my phone for internet right now.)

It’s alright, I think I was feeling a bit over-sensitive about the whole thing now that I’ve had the time for myself that I went a week without (things in the exception household have been…stressful and the workload one-sided…) to actually think about stuff. Science based knowledge from a real medical doctor is always a welcome thing – it’s a whole damn lot better than MGTOW musings on ladyparts with random assertions lacking in verifiable facts. :p

5 years ago

As a person who keeps rats as pets, I’ve always wondered about cancer studies in rats, since rats are incredibly, incredibly prone to tumors and cancer just as a part of their biology alone. My oldest rat died of cancer a few months back, and now another one has a tumor that’s exploding in size. Breathing seems to cause cancer in rats.

Although, I have to say, aspartame triggers horrific headaches for me. I personally am very wary of it.

As for food babe, the whole “yoga mat chemical” thing WAS hilarious in a “Dihydrogen Monoxide” kind of way, but then again maybe it takes a lot of drama to shout loud enough to be heard over the financial interests of the food industry. Once you get past the whole “yoga mat” thing, her argument was that azodicarbonamide has been banned for the use in food in most of the world because it’s safety hasn’t really been established, and because there are already safe and cheap alternatives out there. It’s not like azodicarbonamide is preventing diabetes, or feeding millions of hungry children. It’s whole purpose is to save corporations a fraction of a cent over using cheap and proven “safe” alternatives such as ascorbic acid. So I kinda join her in going “WTF, why am I being used as a guinea pig in order to satisfy some corporation’s financial interests?”

Croquembouche, extrenely mamal omen
Croquembouche, extrenely mamal omen
5 years ago



I hope your domestic situation becomes less stressful.

Jay L
Jay L
1 year ago

Whoa .. all this is wrong. More education on the vagina needs to be applied to people because vaginas are self cleansing and are NATURALLY odorless also all the women I went down on taste like nothing or seeet like sugar water- never a bad taste. Vaginas are never suppose to have a smell. I’ve slept with 10 women all of them never had any smell whatsoever. I slept with one man and thank god he was clean but that’s because he was a doctor. Every straight women I know and a few gay men had told me that most men have a fishy or rotten smell around their penises … gross and men actually have to wash their penis because unlike vaginas, penises smell bad along with their saggy balls ?. My gay men friends told me penis has nasty white shit that smells like rotten cheese. Also not every one with a vagina gets infections some people don’t . I know more men who walked around with infected penises than anyone else. Vaginas are clean and odorless at least the ones I experienced. Penis on the other hand … disgusting ?

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