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Don’t get cucked by a rented sex doll, Reddit MGTOW warns his fellow creeps

Watch out, fellas! She may be cheating on you.

By David Futrelle

Over on the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit, the regulars are lamenting the recent shutdown of a Chinese sex doll sharing service only four days after it opened. (Apparently people thought it was creepy and perverse, or something.)

But not all of Reddit’s MGTOW squad are on board with the whole shared sex doll thing — and not just because of concerns about, er, hygiene. One commenter warns his fellow MGTOWs that those who have sex with a shared doll are basically getting cucked by all the other men who’ve had (or will have) sex with the same doll.

That’s right: the rented sex doll you spent that passionate night with is cheating on you with other guys!

davebrain 2 points 2 hours ago Just buy your own doll. Sharing another dudes sloppy s3cond doll is gross. That's the whole point of dolls is to not have to share with other men like you do with meatbag whores. These simps have been so trained to wait sloppy seconds and thirds that they're even doing it with dolls.....give me a break. They're simping to the extreme.

Responding to another commenter who thinks the Japanese will step up where the Chinese have fallen down, davebrain expands upon his accusations of “simpery.”

gods_bones 5 points 4 hours ago The Japanese don't give a shit. They will MAKE SURE sexbots hit the shelves. No one can prevent this tidal wave from crashing down on society's heads. permalinkembedsavereportgive goldreply [–]davebrain 2 points 2 hours ago Hitting the shelf is one thing. Renting is different. Anyone who wants a sloppy seconds doll is a simp. If you'll settle for sloppy 100s, marry a meatbag woman. Dolls are to avoid simping not to simp over.

Apparently the masculinity of some men is so fragile it is threatened by inanimate objects they put their dicks into.

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Between this and the preceeding article (you know, about grown men who don’t know how to clean their own asses), I want to just scream and scream and scream and then throw up and then scream some more.

Is this a thing women (and some men) need to worry about when screening for potential Romantic Interests?

‘Haha, sorry if this is too forward, but, you just never know – do you know how to clean your butt? Do you think sharing sex toys with strangers is a good idea? Counterpoint – if you do NOT think it’s a good idea, is your reasoning that you feel like the sex toys are just using you?’

Anyone who’d find one of these dolls a worthwhile substitute for sex with a real person, is no one I’d want to have anything to do with.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with people who enjoy sex toys or even prefer them over people.

Redsilkphoenix: Jetpack Vixen, Agent of the FemiNest Collective; Keeper of a Hell Toupee, and all-around Intergalactic Meaniesays:

Am I the only one who saw that snow leopard.gif and thought “SCREAM-LEAP-POUNCE!!!” Kinzinti-style? Because that’s about how I see those alien cats do that move….


“When you said we’d need to haul ass I thought…”

“2000 years ago, Jesus rode on an ass to Jerusalem. Since then, asses ride on Jesus to the Parliament.”

(Rough translation of a Finnish political pun. In the original, ass/donkey is idiom for “idiot”)

“I can’t wait until the MGTOW start fearing that the sexbots are trying to spermjack them for child support.”

Personally, I wouldn’t put it past them. I’m almost 93% certain that in the event that a man has one of these, a woman might hire a man to hack into the female sexbot and steal semen for whatever nefarious deeds she plans to carry out. You don’t know women like I do – they get up to all sorts of things whenever you’re not looking. I’m pretty sure that Dondal Trump would be mouch more popular if not for the organized opposition that has arisen chiefly through the machinations of estro-bolsheviks.

RE: ‘simp’

I interpreted ‘simp’ as short for ‘simpering’, and I’ve mainly encountered that term to describe gay or queer-coded people and characters. Perhaps my experience has not been the common one. I’m not really sure how one connects using a secondhand (presumable ‘female’) sex doll to gayness, but there is the prevailing notion that gayness can be contracted by indirectly touching one’s dick to another man’s dick via the conduit of a woman (or, apparently, a sex doll). And of course there’s the virulent homophobia in those groups and the idea that “gay” = “not a REAL man” = bad and shameful.


Most zombie apocalypse movies/TV shows don’t show what the cause of the zombie infection was.

I think a 28 Boners Later scenario is unlikely. I haven’t read the company’s literature, but they surely must include a full cleaning between rentals, otherwise they’d get approximately zero customers.

Wasn’t there a recent story of a sex doll brothel in Europe which closed down within days?

‘Simp’ in the stories of Arthur C Clarke is short for ‘superchimp,’ genetically manipulated apes used as slave labour in dangerous environments – but I’d be surprised if any miggy was aware of that since even their self awareness is so poor.

The OED has ‘simp’ as short for ‘simpleton’, and give the first use of it early in the 20th century, from circus slang, where it was used for a credulous person who was easy prey for a con.

“Meatbag women”? Really? Women are people, not bags of meat. Arsehole.

A fun newsgroup I was on years ago had it as slang for ‘Sympathiser’. But they meant ‘sympathiser with the evil intelligent rabbit conspiracy’…

I’m waiting until the mgtows start to feel cucked by their own doll because other guys have the exact same make and model and are fucking it.


It already happens sometimes, at least on the realdoll forums (which are VERY strange places, to put it politely). There is an obsession with customizing and detailing so that no one else has exactly what the owner has.
It’s not cucked, specifically, but seems close enough in practice.

Haise, you know that will happen. If some of these guys think they’re cucks because they have daughters that will grow up to have sex with other men, you know they’ll project that shit onto dolls, also.

Edit: ninja’d by Shadowplay.

Almost like they consider sex-dolls to be stand-ins for women, with the added bonus of the stand-in women being helpless and subject to the whims of the MRA in question. To these guys a sex doll isn’t a sex toy, it’s an abuse simulator.

Do these people seriously think a doll can do anything to anyone?

Granted, I have nothing against people who use sex dolls, whatever their reason for using them. I watched a documentary on some people who use sex dolls, and a few of the men (the documentary only focused on men) seemed to have perfectly healthy attitudes towards women. One explained that he’d rather pay for a sex doll than have sex with a prostitute who might have been trafficked or is being exploited.

Maybe these red pill/ MRA/ antifeminist types can learn something from people who’ve found a way to satisfy their sexual needs without hurting anyone else.


I interpreted ‘simp’ as short for ‘simpering’, and I’ve mainly encountered that term to describe gay or queer-coded people and characters.

Chiming in to agree with you. I have seen male characters described as ‘simpering’, and it has always been queer coding.

They’ll be the weaker romantic option, who has a simpering smile (and isn’t a real man like Muscles McHuge, here).

Or they are the evil regent or advisor who is controlling the throne through manipulative, underhanded means. Unlike the hero, who goes out and just kills things with their sword.

That’s how I interpreted ‘simp’, but was so confused anyway.

It is interesting how imprecise language can be, sometimes!

Maybe these red pill/ MRA/ antifeminist types can learn something from people who’ve found a way to satisfy their sexual needs without hurting anyone else.

Maybe they can. Experience suggests they won’t though.

Shadowplay : the thing being, it’s not an hypothetic underage sex doll the problem. It’s the (very highly probable) hypothesis that it will actually drive their owner to hurt more people. Similar to how venting out anger actually create more anger, and not the opposite.

That’s also a problem for all sex doll based on real people too in my opinion. I am pretty sure a realistic (adult) Jodie Foster doll is the kind of thing that could push a stalker to act, not the opposite.

I am not exactly too in favor of an intelligent sex bot, mostly because almost all fetish I have that I don’t want to ever to do with a real human are things I don’t want to do to an intelligent being either.

It’s amazing that even an inanimate doll vaguely resembling the physical shape of a human woman is able to outsmart her MRA boyfriend and sneak off to ride the cock carousel as soon as he turns his back. They just can’t win!

Haha, what a bunch of sad f*cks. They truly have no perspective and will never do anything of worth. Truth hurts. While they slobber and whinge at their keyboards there are “meatbag whores” contributing to society and living actual lives, working hard, raising the next generation, saving lives, contributing to scientific research, the list goes on. These idiots live in such sad, small worlds. It’s just astounding. They must be so miserable.
Also, as a half Japanese person I’d just like to denounce these idiots for their faux futuristic, amazing-complicated-robot-sciencey impressions of Japan. Sex dolls have existed for a very, very long time in many different places. Saying every woman can be replaced by sex dolls/robots is like saying all males can be replaced by dildos. It’s so childish, and well, just funny. You can’t replace any sentient human being with an object, except for maybe Donald Trump.

You can’t replace any sentient human being with an object, except for maybe Donald Trump.

You could replace Trump with an orange furbie programmed to retweet YouTube comments.

The very idea of rent-able sex toys is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. It’s like sharing a wad of chewing gum or re-using a diaper. Even if said gizmos were cleaned, it still weirds me out.

I followed some links recently and happened across a blog by a man who used ‘simp’ as an insult for other (heterosexual) men. Apparently, he was using it as shorthand for ‘straight man who treats women as if they were equal human beings, rather than FEEEEmales’.

He was also bitter about being rejected by almost every woman he approached, presumably because he refused to ‘simp’.

When I was a wee gayling back in the Before Times, I used to imagine that being heterosexual in this culture would be easier than being gay. It seems I was misinformed.

Regarding the OP, there are so many angles of squick going on it requires all eleven spatial dimensions to manifest completely.

I’m not sure what’s more disturbing: that mgtows view women as comparable with literal sex objects, or that they ascribe equal agency to objects as they do women.

Aren’t they really thoroughly cleaned and sterilized? Jeez, I always thought it was just a metaphor, but these guys really think dicks are magic wands that will permanently supernaturally defile anything they touch for ever and ever amen.

From the news reports I read, the company replace the lady parts every time. You get to keep the parts you used.

@Shadowplay, PeeVee

I cannot imagine the levels of obsession those guys would have to have over their dolls. Wasted time over every little bit and part until that doll was different from the rest so that they wouldn’t feel cucked.


Those honest about their feelings towards sexdolls as not being their battlecry to replace all women are interesting tbh. Props to the guy who knows how fucked up the world of human trafficking is and how prostitution is frequently used as its front. I’m sure there are alot like him in that community but I’m also equally as sure that they’re silenced by the ‘all females need to be obsolete‘ hivemind.

No Galt, no one knows women “like you do” because you’re making shit up. No one wants your sperm. Please keep your fantasies to yourself.

Fucking Galt has posted as Emma Goldman, who is a troll.

Go the fuck away, you tedious shit. Go your own way already.

WWTH, yep.

@ Galt

a woman might hire a man to hack into the female sexbot and steal semen

I know you odd ducks in the MGTOW think your sperm is gold, but really – it can’t swim through cables. Nor can it hitch a lift on wifi. Do you even biology? Or computer?

I’m almost 93% certain that in the event that a man has one of these, a woman might hire a man to hack into the female sexbot and steal semen for whatever nefarious deeds she plans to carry out.

I’m approximately 108.915667% certain that women aren’t going to be lining up to swipe semen from dudes who refer to women as “”meatbags” just so they can feel better about hate-shtupping plasticbags. What’s the incentive? Half the baby’s DNA would be from a man who hates women and disparages intimate human relationships. Can you say “genetic dead end”?

Not to mention, exposure to phthalate plastics reduces sperm count and motility.

Sorry, troll, nobody wants MGTOW jizz. Go take a flying mayonnaisejack at an egg salad sandwich.


Clearly women are able to hack sex dolls/bots in order to run highly detailed genetic analysis on the semen, download the data, and then artificially synthesize the semen in a lab in order to screw over the poor unsuspecting man with ludicrously lucrative child support payments. It’s a very well known phenomenon; after all, haven’t all these poor men talked about how awe-inspiringly good women are at STEM and how they can do feats of genetic and computer engineering that would otherwise be completely fantastical? All they ever talk about is how women are just naturally gifted in those areas, after all.


They think Safe Havens is a documentary, not a comic. 🙂


Is there anything these MRAssholes WON’T throw a fit over?


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