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Hurricane Irma and other disasters: Today in Tweets

Irma in action in Puerto Rico

By David Futrelle

Hurricane Irma is cutting a wide swath of destruction in the Carribean, en route to Florida. Meanwhile, Equifax doxxes 44% of all Americans, a racist Twitter lady waxes poetic about white guy spooge, and wolves are fucking huge, man.

But, hey, maybe Trump will be able to profit from the hurricane. He’s done it before:

In other news, Equifax basically doxxed haf of all Americans, by accident. Oopsie daisy!

In other other news:

On a somewhat lighter note:

And some cute animals because, damn, we need some at this point.

I had no idea wolves could get this big. Damn.

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Stay safe, Floridians and others in Irma’s path! Quite the set of storms you guys have goin’ on. I give a 5% chance that it’ll result in actual policy change with who’s in charge down there right now, but I *am* convinced that not a small number of southeastern Americans will quietly move from false to true on the “climate change is real” question. Not the best outcome, but, well, silver linings in stormclouds, etc.

And yes, brains are dumb! Perfectly normal brains can come up with what Alex Jones says. His lawyer has claimed it’s all an act during a recent court case, mind you, but – well, you just can’t go ranting about things like that for years without some of it starting to seep into you. I don’t know what he actually believes, and I don’t care, because it doesn’t matter. The guy’s hot garbage.


I suppose it kinda does, by way of several lakes and rivers and other canals. But it much more closely connects to Kattegatt/Skagerak, which is a good thing. Letting the trash disappear in the Atlantic is preferable to having it was ashore in Finland or Estonia. Eww.

With all the spanish names these storms have right now, how long till some hack makes a political cartoon about these storms representing immigrants?

Shit, I’m not eligible for that “jerk off against white supremacy” thing.

Seein’ as I’m not planning on making babis like, ever, I’m pretty much capped already.

Now I feel like a perfect shit…Eric Bolling’s son, Eric Chase, died last night.

Sources say it was suicide.

He was only 19.


I just hope people are okay.

I mean, that’s already false with the way multiple caribbean islands have been basically leveled and dozens of people have died, but…ugh.

I feel so helpless. Irma’s no longer likely to hit me in VA, but that doesn’t make me feel better.

Hi guys,

Reporting from Fort Myers, Florida. I’m at my mum’s house with our two doggos. We are JUST outside the current worst case scenario projections for storm surge, but it looks like most of the most populated areas of Fort Myers, Cape Coral and Port Charlotte could get between 6-12 feet of storm surge. Naples and most of Collier County looks like it’s going to be underwater. Marco Island, Sanibel Island, Fort Myers Beach… I dunno guys, it doesn’t look like there will be much left there after this.

The shelters are pretty much at capacity right now, there are currently more people seeking shelter than can find it. They are not opening any more shelters, because there us simply not enough suitable space. 22,000 people in Lee County are currently in shelters. The police department is running background checks on people seeking shelter (!!!!). People who cannot find shelter are encouraged to keep driving due east across the state.

I’m not worried about us, we are relatively well positioned on higher ground, but I’m sick with dread about everyone else. We’ve got some neighbours coming over because their houses are in the floodplain, but our house is older and our roof predates the more stringent building codes put in place post-Charlie.

We could be out of power up to 3 weeks, but I will make sure to check in if and when I can.

If you’re in Fort Myers/Port Charlotte area, and if you need anything post-storm, and you have wifi access, I give David permission to give you my email address to contact me and I’ll try to help you. (If David doesn’t mind, that is 😊)

Good luck everyone!

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