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Incels want North Korea to nuke the US so women won’t get “likes” on Facebook anymore

Kim Jong Un: Incel god?

By David Futrelle

You may find the recent ramp up in nuclear tension with North Korea rather unsettling. The regulars in the Incels subreddit just wish that Kim Jong Un would nuke us already.

Not just because a nuclear apocalypse would warm their nihilistic little hearts —  though it would — but because destroying our power grid would knock out Facebook and Instagram, and keep all of America’s smug “Stacies” from getting “likes” for their sexy selfies.

No, really:

Come on, North Korea. Fucking nuke us already. (self.Incels) submitted 16 hours ago * by BasedTruecel2Deformed 1/10 circus freak Quit playing your games and just nuke us and destroy our power grid already. Then all stacies and normies around the country (and even the world eventually) will have a panic attack because they won't know what to do without their precious Facebook, twitter, instagram, and any other degenerate hypergamy promoting bullshit.

Naturally, most of BasedTruecel2’s “involuntarily celibate” compatriots on the subreddit think this is a grand idea. Some just want to get life on earth over with:

universallyabhorredAll Roasties Deserve Breast Cancer 8 points 15 hours ago Why is it taking so long, destroy this degenerate country already. permalinkembedsavegive gold [–]StopCopingStartLDAR 5 points 15 hours ago world war 3 really can't come soon enough. just nuke this fucking planet man. start over

Others think a nuclear holocaust would give them a chance to really shine (and not just from radiation exposure) while the hated “normies” of the world died off en masse.

LynchingTriHards 7 points 15 hours ago I really really really hope NK nukes multiple countries at once. Wipe out the dumb roasties and chads as they don't have a clue what to do during a nuclear attack.

Some look forward to a world without laws in which they would be able to prey upon women — and pretty much everyone else.

CruelcelHate is the only thing keeping me alive 16 points 16 hours ago Lending my energy to you brother. I hope our hate thoughts can bring about the apocalypse soon. Once anarchy spreads and pesky laws abolished, let incels rise from the ashes and take the pussy that is our birthright.

PulseCelCommencing LDAR, Rope imminent 6 points 16 hours ago Preach, picture the chaos. I would finally have a place in this world a solo freak lurker preying on families.

One fellow is just really, really into Kim Jong Un.

BBCTheorynuclear blackpill 10 points 15 hours ago Kim Jong Un is the North Korean definition of a low inhibition high status Chad, he doesn't even care about what Trump (another Chad) says, it would be an honor to live under Kim Jong Un's rule I would love to see all those wannabe Chad cuck soldiers in the US Cuckarmy beg for mercy, it's not like the army isn't filled with cucks married to women who get pregnant with the nearest BBC as soon as their husbands deploy

But not everyone is convinced that nuking the US is such a good idea.

eminencefront 2 points 14 hours ago If NK nukes America, people will just fuck even more, you realize... of course maybe that's your plan. A little bit of post-apocalyptic sex? permalinkembedsavegive gold [–]BasedTruecel2Deformed 1/10 circus freak[S] 8 points 14 hours ago Where the fuck are you getting that information from? permalinkembedsaveparentgive gold [–]eminencefront 6 points 14 hours ago Because a lack of civilization makes people act MORE degenerate, not less. Just look at ghettos in America. People will be fucking in the street and sexual mores will vanish. Whether you'll benefit from it is unknown. permalinkembedsaveparentgive gold [–]BasedTruecel2Deformed 1/10 circus freak[S] 12 points 14 hours ago Don't be retarded, martial law will be in effect. People aren't going to act like animals, they will be controlled like the animals they are.

The Incels subreddit, where even the people arguing AGAINST a nuclear holocaust are racist pieces of shit.

71 replies on “Incels want North Korea to nuke the US so women won’t get “likes” on Facebook anymore”

When The Walking Dead (I know, I know) first came out, a lot of the fan boys were into guns so they could shoot blacks and Latins and liberals… er, walkers, from the inner cities and have all the women who were too stuck up for them now come crawling to their big manly selves….Most of them are gone now; too bad the show went so badly downhill after the first couple of seasons.

I just looked up LDAR. Oh dear. These guys really are living in a rage-filled void aren’t they?

Wait, if the… adjusting is the problem, couldn’t that be similarly accomplished with different sized toys or even alternating numbers of fingers? Don’t need cocks, thunder or otherwise, for that. Then again, they probably don’t think too kindly on (cis) women who masturbate exclusively/too much/at all, so the point is still moot…

…it’s not like the army isn’t filled with cucks married to women who get pregnant with the nearest BBC…

Oh, those naughty women, adultering with the British Broadcasting Corporation and getting pregnant! (Makes more sense than a disembodied penis of whatever colour.)

Redsilkphoenix: Jetpack Vixen, Agent of the FemiNest Collective; Keeper of a Hell Toupee, and all-around Intergalactic Meaniesays:

Went and looked up LDAR to see what it means in this context (not Leak Detection and Repair, unfortunately), and stumbled across the incel definition of Lay Down and Rot:

And decided to see what some of the other top posts of the day had in them, because I’m odd like that.

This one states in effect that if a guy doesn’t start having sex between the ages of 15-22 then they’re destined to die virgins, even if they live to be 120. And anyone who claims to lose their virginity after age 22 (even if it’s at age 23) is lying through their teeth about it.

Can’t tell if the OP here is trolling or not, but three of the responses to it would be unsurprising to folks here:

NewLoadsOfFunBlack pilled, normie hater, lifting so I can bully normies• 2h
How many normies are dead? 😀

Nancy125 • 2h
not enough

im_fine_just_tiredfacecel, heightcel, acnecel, mentalcel, wristcel, thincel• 2h
5 confirmed kills


And the incel (as they see themselves) mindset, as seen in this altered editorial cartoon:

I'm going to stop there. This stuff gets icky after too long.

What a bunch of hateful, petty assholes.

The only thing I wish was nuked very soon are those awful subreddits.

Oh, and if they admire Kim Jong Un so much, they probably should move to North Korea. I bet these cretins believe they will be welcomed with open arms there.

Are these idiots aware that they are made out of the same stuff that “Females” and “Normies” are? If someone nuked their town, they would get zoarched too!

Also; If they survived, they would be vulnerable and pooping their pants in terror and desperation. They would be the first to die in the new Post-Apocalyptic world. Humanity survives on cooperation, good strong bodies, survival skills. These guys are mostly a bunch of bums who’ve lived in comfort and safety their whole lives.


Finally; I’m not scared of North Korea and even less so now that they are hit with sanctions. They have no money and their tech dates back to the Cold War. Most of the big stuff they’ve done in recent years has been either bogus or embellished.

It’s reasonable for South Korea and Japan to be nervous but the only thing the U.S.A. should really fear are hackers, not nukes and exploding stuff. Besides; We have defenses in place in case someone tries to nuke us.

That freaking sub is a cesspool.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m 18 and I have never had a girlfriend. I have no friends (haven’t since I was 11). I have Asperger’s and ADHD. And yeah, it sucks. However, I get on very well with people, including girls. I’d say I’m a very nice person

The guys on Incels are toxic. They actively reject all forms of help, and therefore they become misogynistic hate machines.

I mean, what the fuck.

Noticed how the incel subreddit has rules against inciting violence but has no qualms with its members wishing for genocide, rape and praising murderers as heroes.

Also.. now there’s a black pill? I’ve seen that phrase thrown around with them.

Redsilkphoenix: Jetpack Vixen, Agent of the FemiNest Collective; Keeper of a Hell Toupee, and all-around Intergalactic Meaniesays:

Aaaaaand of course I’d notice this long after the edit window closed, but the ‘it’ that’s referring to my second link up there, (the “…but three of the responses to it would be…” part) is to Hurricane Harvey and its devistation so far.

Sorry about that. >.<

The reference to ‘normies’ reminded me of the 4Chan plotters from a few posts back. Their contempt for people whose lives are not centered around being online shitlords is palpable.
I’ve also seen the concept expressed as NORP – ‘normal, ordinary responsible person’. Imagine the kind of world view that uses that as an insult.

It’s so despicable when ‘incels’ invoke excuses for their arseholishness when people for whom things are actually harder, like BadgerKomodo and my younger kid and some of the other Mammotheers, don’t do anything of the kind.

Like ‘incels’ pretend to have ASD for example when what they really have is a sense of entitlement – and people who actually have spectrum-related stuff going on in their lives are the ones making every effort to treat others well.

Incels and turd weevils have one thing in common, they are obsessed with female anatomy despite knowing fuck all about it. They think women shit babies out their arsehole. Remember that guy who said women didn’t need sanitary products, and should just hold their bladder?!!!

I doubt Incels could actually survive nuclear apocalypse, they aren’t actually cockroaches. (Is the cockroach thing even true!?!) I doubt high levels of radiation would do a lot for their raging hard on. Maybe it would just wither away, or better still, come off in their hand?

I just need to know how these Incel guys exist and possess the extreme hatred they have. I’ve seen bigotry and hate but this is over-the-top abnormal. How could there be so many guys with such extreme misogyny and hate to the point of pathology?

What sort of parenting did these guys have? How could human minds be so dysfunctional like that? How could there be so many guys like this?

I know they are a tiny minority yet there’s so many guys who are this….EXTREME in their hatred and misogyny….to the point of sickness!

What is this? Were they always around? How could a bunch of guys be this extreme? What’s the root of it? Social awkwardness and crappy luck with the ladies can only explain so much!

@Virgin Mary

They actually tested that on “Mythbusters”. Apparently, flour beetles were better than roaches at surviving those levels of radiation.

Dear Incels:

Hate to break it to you, my little dears, but if you seriously think getting nuked will solve all your problems and leave you on top of the world, you really need to watch this:

…which is but a very mild, made-for-TV version of what will REALLY happen in the event of nuclear war.

Love ‘n’ kisses,

Auntie “Stacy”.

@ bina

a very mild, made-for-TV version of what will REALLY happen in the event of nuclear war.

The UK version was called ‘Threads’. That was grim. It perhaps says something that the actual bombing scene was one of the least harrowing bits. The aftermath went from traffic wardens being utilitised to shoot looters to, 20 years later, a reversion to feudal society; and a particularly horrible birth.


They shoot looters in The Day After, too. And even the upright, self-reliant, macho-man farmer types don’t survive long against the fallout OR armed random squatters. Somehow, I don’t see these would-be Omega Virgin uprisers getting very far in such a scenario…and that’s assuming that they, as city dwellers, wouldn’t be among the first to get vaporized.

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