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Some people liked Trump’s press conference today. Mostly white supremacists.

David Duke: Thank you, President Trump

Donald Trump gave a press conference today that will be remembered as one of the lowest points in the history of the presidency. It will be included in every clip reel chronicling the ultimate impeachment of Trump.

Petulant, irritated, lashing out at the press and at times even fellow Republicans, Trump declared that some of the members of the racist mod that marched through Charlottesville were “fine people.” He launched the attack on the counterprotesters he’s been itching to do since the thing happened. “What about the alt-left that came charging at the, as you say, alt-right?” he demanded, pointing out that unlike the Nazis, they didn’t have a permit.

He praised the mother of the murdered Heather Heyer for saying “the nicest things about me.” He ended the event by bragging about the size of his winery in Charlottesville.

But hey, some people thought he did a terrific job. Nazis, white supremacists and assorted other really, really terrible people.


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@ Dreemr…

So, I watched that video and…what a contemptible piece of trash. An empty vessel who aligns himself with one of the most evil ideologies of all time, because it’s “fun”. Who wants to hurt and demean marginalised people for his own amusement, and thinks he can simply take off his nasty cosplay shirt and go about his life with nothing bad happening to him.

This is the guy I want to see identified. I want to see this fucker fired and/or expelled. I want his family to denounce him and his partner (assuming he has one) to dump him. I want to hear that his attendance at the Nazi rally violates his parole and his ass is back in jail. I want this to haunt him for the rest of his life.


Saw a video on twitter earlier today of some Alt-Right Proud Boy in khaki cargo shorts and a white tee shirt with some white pride bullshit on it hurling insults at a group of people… who then start walking his way. He started mewling and begging them to not beat him up before they even got close, taking his shirt off and surrendering. Guy with the camera followed him, asking him why he was here and what he was hoping to accomplish, and he was there “because he thought it’d be fun”, and “he just likes making people angry.”

If you think it’s “fun” to spout white supremacist bullshit, you’re a white supremacist. Even if you don’t actually believe those ideas – and I’ll wager that this guy does believe them – if you’re amplifying those ideas, to encourage those more sincere than you, then you’re a white supremacist. You don’t get to excuse yourself with an “only joking” defence.

Is there anything we can do from outside America? I feel so fucking helpless with you all having to go up against that – no matter that I firmly believe the decent people will win because as has been said before, the nazis are mostly pussies – and all I can do is stare in impotent rage.

Is there like a list somewhere for those outside America?

zaunfink : I don’t know for your country, but mine goal for now is humbly to try to avoid repeat the same pattern in France.

Which I don’t think will be an easy thing, mind you. Just, I sort of prefer to deal with my backyard before trying to help. Especially given the absolutely spotless track record of France in helping other countries.

I am uneasy with the various reference that alt-righter are produce of incest, or somehow physically defective. I know the theory is that it point out their hypocrisy, but it very much look like a tacite endorsment of their “purity” theory. Incest-related disability are still just disability, and it’s not much of the poor sap fault.

Neither the Dune god emperor (who is mostly a manipulator with good intention and who prefer to shoot for an average outcome) nor the W40K god emperor (who hate religion and while still a dictator isn’t an hardline one) is what thoses bozos want. Then again, I don’t expect them to actually know shit about anything.

I guess those of us who are in the UK, for example, can make sure we mock and rally against groups like the EDL and the BNP and UKIP, and lend a hand where we can to movements and parties we broadly or mostly support (Corbyn-style Labour, Greens, Women’s Party, protest movements like Stand Up To Racism and Unite Against Fascism … ?). There will certainly be others here who know better than I do who is worth looking at.

At the Charlottesville rally here in London on Monday evening, one of the speakers actually mentioned the importance of the online arena and not letting it be dominated by the voices of the racist far-right.

“I see no equivalence between those who propound fascist views and those who oppose them. I think it is important for all those in positions of responsibility to condemn far-right views wherever we hear them.”

Blooming hummer, that was our very own Theresa May. Now take it another step and withdraw the state visit invitation (and if you need a cynical motivation it’ll make you look relevant again, for a bit)


How the fuck he can watch those torch bearing assholes chant “Jews won’t replace us” (with his daughter and grandchildren being Jewish!), watch the video of that asshole Fields plowing into people, and watch that video of those “very fine people” pounding the shit out of Deandre Harris and think “nothing to see here, move along!” is beyond me.

Because Trump literally can’t see beyond the boundaries of his own ego. He’s vaguely aware that “his side” and “the other side” got into a fight on Saturday. All he cares about is “his side” not losing face and making him look like a weakling. His ratings matter more to him than actual human lives. That’s not hyperbole. I honestly don’t think Trump sees anyone else as real, other than himself and possibly Ivanka. We’re all just props that either further his ego, or hinder it. He doesn’t understand how dangerous this situation is, how close we are to civil war, and that’s really scary. It’s like watching a toddler playing with a hand grenade.


That’s these guys. Whiny little man-children in belted khaki shorts and sneakers with socks on, stripping off their shitty home-silkscreen-kit white power tee shirts and whimpering with their knees knocking together. Clutching their backpacks and cans of Monster energy drink to their doughy chests. Then walking away and smirking, bragging about how they like making people angry as soon as they’re in a crowd full of hate.

That’s this crowd, all right. Kids wearing polo shirts and carrying citronella candles and whimpering that they’re not REAL Nazis the moment they get caught alone or someone outs them on Twitter. Someone on Reddit was actually wondering if, instead of demonstrating, they should have a “family friendly BBQ” to try to lighten up their image and recruit more people to their side. Can you imagine?

These are not people prepared to die for their beliefs. It’s also not an effective recruiting tool to have a bunch of pasty dudes in khakis and bad retro haircuts whining about not getting laid.

What scares me, though, is the militarized core. The ones who’ve been through basic training, or have actual combat experience, and have been stockpiling weapons for years, waiting for this moment. VA governor Terry McAuliffe said the reason the police response was so inadequate was that the terrorists were better armed and protected than the police. He also noted that stockpiles of weapons had been found around Charlottesville. There’s a theory being floated that this may have been more than just a protest over a statue. It may have been a rehearsal for taking over a small town with a militia. In Rwanda, stockpiles of machetes were found all over the country after the genocide. It’s how they were able to organize so quickly and, seemingly, spontaneously. I read a quote from one of the organizers, bragging that they were able to “move men and materials” in and out quickly with “zero losses”. That’s the language of a campaign, not a demonstration.

If true, that’s terrifying. It explains why the right and NRA have been so rabidly 2nd Amendment for the past few decades. It’s not about individual gun rights, it’s about quietly arming a small and deadly segment of the populace for a coup. I’ve been worried about this since the ’90s, ever since right-wing militia groups started taking to the woods and assembling huge arsenals. We’re at the point where it’s going to take a military response to deal with these vermin, and I don’t trust the US military to do that. Too many white supremacists are within the ranks. Their CIC is a racist orange fuckface who gets off on seeing people killing and maiming in his name.

They have to be stopped NOW, while 75% of them are still afraid of a lost job, social disapproval, and scuff marks on their pristine white shirts. Flood every rally with drones, Go Pro helmets, and facial recognition software. Out every last one. Make it clear that attending a Nazi rally means you will pay with your livelihood, education, and family. The Pepe kids who are just there for the lulz will slink away, unwilling to sacrifice, and their numbers will shrink. I don’t normally approve of doxxing, but these are not normal times. These people want to kill us.

@Buttercup Q Skullpants:

That analysis absolutely chills me to the bone, and I think it sounds horribly plausible.

What’s got me sleepless is this:

Suppose Trump orders the military to attack North Korea to distract the world from his current covfefe. Will the generals obey the order or not?

There’s a word for when generals disregard the authority of the President. That word is “coup.”

If only some of the generals obey and others don’t, there’s a term for that too. That term is “civil war.”

And if the generals obey? Then we have the makings of a very big war. China says it will defend North Korea if the Americans strike first. India has been moving vast numbers of soldiers up to the Chinese border. Pakistan has said that it will help China if India attacks them. The world suddenly looks to be made of dominoes.

The only winning move seems to be not to play.

Let’s vent for a moment : “people who say that the google manifesto explain that women are inferior in STEM didn’t read it”. That argument make me bonker mad. Did they read the damn thing ?

@Ohlmann – That’s so annoying when people say that. You don’t need to step in dog poop to know it stinks.

If so many people are apparently misunderstanding the ostensible point of the manifesto, that means it was badly written and unclear. (That’s also why I roll my eyes whenever Scott Adams pulls out the “you have bad reading comprehension” card, which he does nearly every time he responds to commenters. If people are missing whatever point it is you’re trying to make, then make your point more clearly, you delicate genius, you.)

@EJ – Yes, Trump’s instability is absolutely terrifying, and does have geopolitical repercussions. There isn’t anyplace on the planet that’s safe from him. I don’t think the military is 100% on his side, but I can’t guess what percentage actually is. From what I’ve read, the top brass dislike Trump intensely, especially after he swept into office, painted them as Obama lackeys, and threatened to fire them. Their oath of allegiance is to uphold the Constitution, not the President, so there’s some wiggle room for disobeying orders. I suspect the majority of the ardent white-power types either don’t make it through basic training, or stay low in the ranks, due to their social incompetence and inability to function as part of a diverse team.

The IC absolutely LOATHES 45 and they’re well aware of the threat he poses to democracy. I’d be willing to bet they have contingency plans for dealing with a coup or hostile takeover, refined over the past several decades of the Cold War. They’re not going to be caught flat-footed.

More white supremacist rallies are planned this weekend in Atlanta Boston, Seattle, and Mountain View (in and around Google), similar to Charlottesville. Sigh. They’re testing bigger cities now, to see what they can get away with.

Reading this tonight the thought came to mind that, whatever you think of him, those of us up here in Canada are pretty damn lucky Justin Trudeau beat Stephen Harper. I can only imagine the crap Harper might have tried with Trump in the White House.

Harper was already going in that direction during the 2015 General with his rhetoric regarding the niqab. The Conservative leadership campaigns only made it clear that they’re leaning on bigotry more than ever.

Andrew Scheer has a lot to answer for.


I’m fairly sure, like most of what Trump says other people say, she didn’t actually say it.

I heard a very good point about this from an ex-chairman of the Republicans on cable. He pointed out that the difference between the death of this woman’s daughter and her remarks to him was that only one of those topics is directly about him. He has neither the grace nor the wit to make an off the cuff remark about the virtues of the child and the harrowing grief of her mother as any other president would do. He just does what he always does. He homes in on, or fabricates, comments favourable to himself. (Perhaps we should all be grateful for platitudes and cliches in these situations – at least they give people something to say if they’re not gifted speakers themselves. Of course, this arse can’t be arsed to learn even these minimal basics of public life.)

One other observation from somebody or other about the resignations from the manufacturing advisory group. Trump managed to make a snarky tweet about the first bloke who resigned in less than an hour after the announcement. He’s made no specific tweets about the others. Guess which one of these people is not a white person.

Even his tweet about Heather’s memorial service said nothing about why she died, or why she was there. You can bet his white supremacist friends noticed that, too.

Perhaps we should all take Klu Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke’s (R-Racist) example and thank the resident for his honesty and candor, for making things perfectly clear. No ambiguities, no beating around the bush, no bullshit. For bringing it all out into the open where we can all see it. That the illegitimate resident of the White House, his administration and everyone who supports him are Confederates and Klansmen; white nationalists and NAZIs. Are Racists with a capital R.

@alan robertshaw those made me laugh so hard that I woke the cat up and my husband came is to see what the funny was. Thanks, I’ll be sharing them.

So that press conference seems to have lit a fire under my lefty friends who have been completely or mostly silent. Actually, the Nazi rally has, too. I find some hope in that.

@ misophistry

Glad you liked them. There was a particularly nice one popped up on my Facebook. It was a cartoon of a bewildered looking GI with a Nazi soldier, as someone berated the ‘violence of the alt-left’. But now I can’t find it again. Anyone got that one?


I was ranting at my dad last night and telling him that I put anyone who is still supporting Trump in the same category as white nationalists and that I don’t care if it hurts the feelings of Republicans to be called Nazis because they deserve it for supporting one. I also said I would no qualms saying

He didn’t object at all. He’s progressive and all, but he really hates conflict and typically wants to see the good in everyone. One of his biggest flaws is that he can be wishy washy. He has two brothers who are avid Trump fans and I was most certainly implying that I would not hold back around them from now on. And he didn’t try to make excuses for anyone.

I considered that progress. Cause he usually thinks that even though we mostly agree politically, I speak about things a bit stridently for his taste. He tends to think that if everyone just comes out and votes, everything will be okay so he hasn’t understood my anger and fear. But maybe he gets it now.


For a minute I couldn’t quite understand how, even as much of a racist asshole Drumpf is, how he couldn’t bring himself to even lament the death of Heather Heyer as an innocent victim.

And then it struck me like a bolt of lightning: she was a woman, and thus not human to him. Her death means nothing more to him than if someone’s dog were run over.

It doesn’t really have to do with her being a woman. It has to do with her being a human that is not him or related to him. That’s why her death means nothing to him. He’s certainly a misogynist, but more than that, he’s a narcissistic sociopath before anything else.

that is not him or related temporarily useful to him.

(At the risk of appearing cynical)

@Scildfreja: ….Wearing socks with sneakers is bad? I thought most shoes should be worn with socks…

Pres. Buchanan gets a bit of a bad rap. He was a failure, but in a job at which nobody could have succeeded. Pierce — who was elected because he was a rabidly pro-slavery northerner — was much worse. Robert Frost wrote about him:

[New Hampshire] had one President. (Pronounce him Purse,
And make the most of it for better or worse.
He’s your one chance to score against the state.)

The irony here is that Frost’s father was a copperhead (pro-Southern northerner) and named him Robert Lee Frost.

Pierce’s home and tomb are about two miles from where I live, on the other side of the Merrimack. NH has produced one Vice-President, who was Grant’s VP. He somewhat cancels out Pierce. When he was about 20, a wealthy man who had taken an interest in him gave him money to make a trip to Washington. There he saw a slave auction, and it made an indelible impression on him — for the rest of his life he was a devoted abolitionist. Many of the regular Massachusetts abolitionists regarded him as uneducated and uncouth, but he never wavered, and represented Massachusetts in the US Senate during the Civil War.

I myself am named for my great-grandmother’s brother, Eugene Sanger, who was studying to become a minister at Brown University, but dropped out to enlist in the Union Army. He was mortally wounded in Louisiana in a rather pointless battle on the day my grandfather was born. Tens of thousands of young people like my namesake died to end slavery, and tens of thousands more died to defeat Nazism. And now we have some delusional young men who think it’s cool and edgy to be Nazis and general of white supremacists.

delusional young men who think it’s cool and edgy to be Nazis and general of white supremacists.

That’s pretty much exactly how the lead up to WW2 started. Scared for where their country was headed, as well. Hopefully they don’t have the numbers or the will to actually turn America fascist, but they’re giving it a try.

They’re (mostly) too young, or inexperienced, to understand that the policies they are told they want, won’t help them in the long run.



They’re (mostly) too young, or inexperienced, to understand that the policies they are told they want, won’t help them in the long run.

They understand plenty well enough. They just mean something different by ‘help them’. The ‘help’ they want is a chance to commit lynchings and queer bashings without repercussions, just like in the ‘good old days’. That’s what they’re after, and they’re going to the right shop for it. That’s why they need to be crushed, not reasoned with.

I love what Stephen Colbert referred to David Duke as….
“Former KKK Grant Wizard and current taxidermy-lizard, David Duke…”

Scildfreja Unnýðnes
August 16, 2017 at 3:24 pm

[Cartoon of Rapunzel bonking bigot with a frying pan]

Love it!

I’m also saving that cartoon and those above anti-Nazi memes to use later in other threads.

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