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MGTOWs reinvent the Handmaid’s Tale, with bonus creepy incest overtones

Happily, there’s a place for women in the coming MGTOW utopia

By David Futrelle

So over in the Men Going Their Way subreddit, the fellas are talking about what to do with “leftover” — i.e. unmarried — women after men finally step up and take the vote away from women, who are always voting for the wrong things anyway.

Apparently unable to understand that most women have jobs, the MGTOWs naturally conclude that in their version of utopia the single ladies — deprived not only of husbands and their resources but of Big Daddy government as well — won’t be able to support themselves. But the MGTOWs, kind ghouls souls all, don’t want to let them starve!

One brave MGTOW has a solution:

BCPrepper 2 points 5 hours ago* All the unmarried women are going to be a serious drain on the system. Rather than using socialism to take care of them like the globalists are hoping for, and since no man wants to be a tradcuck for some CC rider --- I think a better solution is for men to "adopt" one of these leftover women, not as a wife, but as an incubator for a wife. Essentially she'll be impregnated by someone else, and any daughters will be raised to become the man's wives. In return all the women receive shelter, security, and provisioning. Not this perverted materialist provisioning they receive today, which consists of handbags, shoes, McMansions etc. We're talking modest clothes, food. And they will have to pull their weight. This will essentially be a post-collapse society.

(Note: in the preceding quote “CC Rider” refers not to the famous song but to the infamous “cock carousel.”)

Naturally, other MGTOWs are enthusiastic about Mr. BCPrepper’s ingenious proposal.

ZCnegan 4 points 4 hours ago Oh my god. You are a fucking genius. That would actually work. But for that to work, all the pro women laws would have to be abolished, which will happen in case of colapse. Then women without daddy gov to protect them would have to sell themselves very cheap, and still men would not want them. But if I could have a woman raised to by a wife, with 100% loyalty and efficient, and without brainwashing bullshit, then i would maybe consider giving part of my resources, in case i wanted a family/kids and needed a womb. Sex is all they have to offer, and men are becoming tired of it, more and more we see sex for what it is, just sex. And whores are better for it

BCPrepper goes on to praise himself for his “humanitarian” solution to the Leftover Woman Problem.

BCPrepper 1 point 3 hours ago Yup it's the only solution as I see it. Socialism won't work, especially when men don't get good women in return for serving the state. The globalists overplayed their hand, thinking men would just accept their fate as a slave class. Now our biggest concern is Islam taking over. Really not interested in that happening. Artificial wombs might help catalyze the rebirth of western civilization, but it's not a long term solution. There's a humanitarian aspect to caring for the women that made bad choices and are no longer fit for pair bonding. The solution I outlined above gives them safety and purpose.

Such thoughtful fellows these MGTOWs are!

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What AS actually said:

“If you Google my name on YouTube, you get shitheads like this dude, [gestures in the direction of the front row] who are making these dumbass videos that just say the same shit over and over again. It’s like, I hate to give you attention, because you’re a garbage human.”

“But the fact that these dudes are making endless videos that just go after every feminist, over and over and over again, I think is part of the issue of why we have to have these conversations.”

She never actually called him out by name, but because he’s as thin skinned as he makes fun of others being, well. Minds exploded.

Women: We constantly get rape and death threats and abusive harassment

Man babies: Meh.

Women: Fuck off assholes


(Ty, B, 😚)

It’s even more annoying because chances are they didn’t even bother to curate the ads. Every time you visit those sites you risk getting into contact with a malware riddled ad that will do its damnedest to be as obnoxious as possible.

I’m trying to imagine how this works logistically.

I’m a 34 yo single “beta” man, so I can sort of imagine theoretically benefiting from the Manocalypse, if it happened now.

In the current society, I’d presumably be soon marrying Katie, a woman roughly my own age who’s been nearly ruined by old age, previous sex partners and feminist indoctrination. Maybe she already has a young daughter (named, say, Stacey) whose father is Katie’s ex-boyfriend Chad.

In this brave new society, I’d hire Katie as my housekeeper, with a provision for raising Stacey as my foster daughter. Then, I’d expect to marry Stacey when I’m about 50 and she’s about 20.

Economically, Katie and Stacey would be like my wife and daughter. But if I can afford that, why not marry someone right now? In a patriarchal utopia, I could marry some 18 yo virgin, because her male peers wouldn’t be in position to support a family yet (I’m not really either, but let’s not dwell on that). I’d like to have sex now, and besides I might largely loose my sex drive and potency by age 50. Is there Viagra in post-apocalypse society?

And when Stacey grows up, why would she marry me specifically? Because I own her as an accessory to Katie? I thought Katie was just an underpaid servant, not a slave. Why would I want to arrange my future marriage with Stacey before seeing how she grows up? Presumably there are other young women I could choose from, and they’d be raised equally without feminist indoctrination. I just need to appear respectable to their fathers…oh wait.

I just need to appear respectable to their fathers…oh wait.

People forget that parents tend to protect and prefer their own children. Back in the bad old days that these clowns think would advantage them in a return post-apocalypse, it’s true that fathers (brothers, uncles, etc) who were poor had little other than violence/ vigilantism to protect their daughters, sisters, wives, mothers.

However, men who were rich, or at least well-off, found many creative ways to protect the interests of their daughters and other female relatives. (The concept of a male “guardian” can have good consequences as well as bad.) Instead of leaving their daughters a direct inheritance of money or property – which could, and often did, end up being wasted by feckless husbands, they set up trust funds where neither the woman concerned nor anyone she might marry had any access to the cash or other assets which produced the income.

It meant that daughters who didn’t want to marry anyone could live reasonably comfortably. Any daughter whose husband turned out to be a cad-tyrant-wastrel-abuser would not be reduced to penury by his abandonment or forced to stay with him because of the lack of other options.

Nowadays we often lament these trust-based strategies used by rich people to hang on to assets without death duties and to play silly buggers with income tax. However, these financial instruments can be a great boon to ensure families and their descendants aren’t destroyed financially by a crook marriage or other misfortune.

Any dimwit who thinks that not. one. single. man. in his imagined dystopia would act in all possible ways to protect his female relatives from the worst this or any other world would offer doesn’t know many men. (The ignorance of women and their likely range of behaviours we take as a given.)

EDIT: Sorry. Didn’t mean to take a turn into an extended discourse of interest usually only to tax and accounting people.

But if I can afford that, why not marry someone right now? In a patriarchal utopia, I could marry some 18 yo virgin, because her male peers wouldn’t be in position to support a family yet (I’m not really either, but let’s not dwell on that).

Ah, but that 18yo is probably already riding the cock carousel! The only way to guarantee that she’s unspoiled is to raise her from birth and marry her before she has a chance to…BRB, vomiting everywhere.

Actually, you touched on some of the issues I was thinking of. What has me scratching my head is the idea that any child raised in his household would be interested in sex with him. Wouldn’t the instinctive incest taboo that keeps us from inbreeding kick in? This whole thing is creepy, seriously creepy.

Even though I’m fat, near sighted, mentally ill and autistic I’d have a pretty good chance at post apocalyptic survival.

Because I can make myself useful.

I can make clothing, starting with the sheep.

I can weave baskets.

I know the knight sky of the northern hemisphere and can tell you, according to which constellations are visible, when spring is coming.

I can build a fire!

I know some edible wild plants and mushrooms!

So, I would be a net benefit for a group of survivors.

MGTOWS? Not so much.


Death before slavery to a MGTOW.

Death before marriage to a MGTOW.

Aren’t those the same thing, though?

Yes. Yes, they are.

And death is preferable to being a slave-wife to a MGTOW.

@Knitting Cat Lady
In addition to the skills you’ve already claimed, you seem to know a thing or two about cats.

Come the apocalypse (should there be one), we’ll need cats, both for companionship and to prevent the Bubonic plague.

How many of these dudebros:

(1) Know any armed or unarmed combat skills worth mentioning?

(2) Know how to grow any food crops?

(3) Know how to raise livestock?

(4) Know even basic first aid and low-tech hygienic skills?

(5) Know how to use basic hand tools (forget power tools in a P-A world)?

Probably not many – but they’re counting on the fact that their superamazing manbrains can immediately figure out all necessary applications for such things, and their superamazing manbodies can carry out their manbrain’s plan perfectly. All while women uselessly whimper and twitch with smartphone withdrawal, obviously.

@ Ethan: I know you realize it’s just a fantasy, but even so, what you’re missing is that without the structures of civilization to support you, living on your own and taking care of yourself is impossible. You can’t grow crops and raise animals when the bandit gangs may descend on you any minute, take what you’ve worked for, and either kill or enslave you. You’d have to throw in with some group or other to have any chance of survival at all.

If you want a good, clear-eyed look at what a real post-apocalyptic society might develop into, check out the Changed World series by S.M. Stirling. (Fair warning: it’s genuinely fantasy, because the triggering event he postulates is literally impossible. But all the rest is very well thought out.)

IIRC, last I checked you were near Cincinnati somewhere? The living wage
(simplistic measure ofc, but it’s a starting point) over there is about $10/hr alone or under $8 with a roommate. If you can manage it, a roomie would be a good plan. Finding a decent one is the rub tho…

As far as making ends meet as easily as possible, this is something I’ve also been concerned with. Currently living with mom, 25yo only just now started making enough to think about moving out (big raise, yay me). My advice, don’t wait as long as I did to get organizing and planning. Stay with your folks as long as you can (as long as they let you and as long as you feel personally comfortable being there), but asking around here is a good thing

No real advice in the specifics unfortunately. Goodwill is bomb ass if you can find one near you. You should have hella Krogers thereabouts. The plus card works wonders (disclaimer: I work at Kroger. I hate that damn company tho, so, if it weren’t legit a pretty nice deal, I definitely wouldn’t be telling you to give the fuckers money). Speaking of waitressing or anything in food service, discounted/comped/free food/meals on the job is worth a lot

Mostly spitballing here. Hope that helps in the abstract at least 🙂


She never actually called him out by name, but because he’s as thin skinned as he makes fun of others being, well. Minds exploded.

Carl Benjamin is such a massively hypocritical piece of shit. His name should be pointed out as much as possible…

I mean, for fuck’s sake, he has a series called “This Week in Stupid” where he often (inaccurately) reads articles and belittles others unapologetically – but he nonetheless has the gall to self-victimize for being called out by someone who had to suffer from his enabling harassment. What goddamn right does he have to condemn anyone for calling him a “garbage human,” especially when he’s intentionally going to a Q&A to “troll” (i.e. a euphemism for serial harassment) them?

As far as BoogieWhateverNumber goes, I remember him being a middle-of-the-road sort and, as much as I empathize with his issue with depression and anxiety (I deal with it a lot as well), I find that to be a cowardly position that doesn’t warrant much respect. False equivalency has poisoned a lot of discourse in recent years and a falsely moderate position only enables the worst behavior, under the absurd notion harassment is “as bad” as legitimate criticism of certain popular attitudes.


Thanks for the information…though as it turns out, it seems like around here I don’t have a horrible deal.

-Kroger’s been my family’s mainstay for over a decade now by this point
-Fine with living with a room/smallhousemate (and I have a few ideas already…though irony of ironies, one’s agoraphobic)
-Definitely plan to get my financial shit together around 20, latest
-Could in theory walk to a Goodwill from where I am–hills and traffic, though
-Work part-time at Chick-Fil-A; get $8.00 worth comped every day I work, and they seem to like me (minimum wage tho).

If I stick around here, I could get lucky.

On the flip side, I want to get into video game development (as mentioned before), and I don’t know what opportunities there are around here…

So if ZCnegan had a girl who was literally raised from birth to be his ideal wife, totally loyal and efficient (efficient at what isn’t said) he would maybe consider giving her a share of his resources. Sounds like a person with reasonable standards for life. Even his ridiculous fantasy utterly loyal sex slave isn’t good enough for him.

And the really, really crazy part is they seem to think they’re being magnanimous with their bizarre, warped… I don’t even know what to call it. It’s not Paternalism, because parents don’t want to marry their children.

…The ability to bear a child is not everything. Such fucking asshats.

The whole “I wanna raise a child to fuck me” thing establishes exactly what these jackholes really want. They want a woman who is completely disempowered who they can abuse without relenting and without her having any recourse whatsoever.

But then we already knew that.

Of course, these are also the fools who will sleep near women after they abuse us.

I find it interesting that MGTOW often fantasise about a future world where women have no power , and it nearly always involves women being raised/ forced to be their wives or girlfriends. It’s like even in their fantasies they know women would have to be forced to go anywhere near them.

OT: The Yazidi religion, which once banished survivors of rape, has changed its stance

Sexual violence
Women’s rights and gender equality
‘I was sold seven times’: the Yazidi women welcomed back into the faith

Captured and raped by Isis fighters, Yazidi women fear rejection on their release. Now they are learning to heal thanks to a revolution in their religion

Something which hasn’t been mentioned yet is what happens in polygamous societies, which is basically what is proposed here.

Take a look at the FLDS towns in Arizona and Utah. Young men are cast out and banished, because guess what? The sex split is still pretty much 50/50. Any guy who takes an extra woman deprives someone else, and who do you think is going to get the shaft among the MGTOWs?

Educated Redneck: “What’s with these radical traditionalist types and being RPG nerds? I swear everyone who espouses these views are fans of some variation of the role playing game genre (usually post-apocalyptic or fantasy).

I am guessing they think they’ll be like Conan or Dovakhiin or the Lone Wanderer. You can tell these people have some disconnect with reality.”

They don’t even get those stories. The vast majority of current RPGs boil down to “how do you stop the big bad? By making friends with everyone and making society work!” Conan was fine going out on his own in the big bad world, but the Dovahkiin had to mediate a civil war and ally with the jarls of various holdings, and the Lone Wanderer worked with people to rebuild civilisation – not quite so much as the Courier or the Sole Survivor, but Fallout does tend to have a bit of “you know what happens when you decide that you owe no one anything and you go out on your own? best case, you become a raider, and look what happens to raiders whenever you go into VATS; worst case, raiders happen to you”.

Thank you for calling him by his actual name. Generally I don’t really care either way; quite happy to refer to someone by their handle or whatever – but in this case, no. He’s Carl of Swindon for me, which perfectly reflects his pathetic character.

Does… does your nym mean what I think it means?
Yes, I am an adult human who can’t wait for the next Skulduggery book – why? 😀

@Mish of the Catlady Ascendancy : Indeed it does! I love finding other Skulduggery fans in the wild 😀 Need to reread them all before the next one!

What’s with these radical traditionalist types and being RPG nerds? I swear everyone who espouses these views are fans of some variation of the role playing game genre (usually post-apocalyptic or fantasy).

I am guessing they think they’ll be like Conan or Dovakhiin or the Lone Wanderer. You can tell these people have some disconnect with reality.

Thank you. I don’t play any video games (I recently completed my 54th solar orbit), and I’ve never owned a home video game system, so I didn’t think about this.

They probably are legitimate masters of video games with post-apocalyptic settings, so they think they would thrive in a PA situation in the real world. They fail to understand the difference between video games and real life.

SFHC: Yes, but/and as we all know, Poochie died on the way to his home planet. …That is a fantastic clip. Good old giant sprawling Bethesda games, you are infested with so many bugs. And also Frostbite Spiders, which are also bugs and made this arachnophobe a little troubled with playing that game.

@ EducatedRedneck

I’m a big fan of RPGs, so this trend scares me.

It’s mostly why I’m not part of that (RPG) community.

I know No clever nickname already commented on this but this does bear repeating.

“But if I could have a wife raised to by(sic) a wife, with 100% loyalty and efficient, and without brainwashing bullshit…”


So… the spare woman is impregnated by “someone else”. Who? Who is this man of mystery who gallantly donates his sperm so a sex slave for another man can be born? Might he not want his child to live with him instead of his partner’s owner? Might he not want Spare Woman to come and live with him?

Also, what if the baby is a boy?

Carl of Swindon and his ilk do somewhat rile me. It’s that combination of bullying, cowardice, and hypocrisy. And the overall unfairness.

They push all the boundaries knowing they’re safe and they face no consequences. Like all bullies, the moment they receive any push back they go running to teacher. And unfortunately, just like teachers, society says victims have to put up with it and not retaliate.

They get away with setting the rules so that they have all the advantages and the fight is conducted solely on their terms. But that’s like me challenging a black woman to a name calling contest. They ignore the wider context and rely on false equivalence to claim ‘both sides are the same’. I don’t think they are actually oblivious to the real hurt and harm they cause. They know exactly what they’re doing. Their sanctimony is therefore all the more galling.

The problem with these keyboard warrior types is that they never have to face real fear and threat. So long as they’re allowed to set the rules that will continue. Personally I’m a believer that the person initiating an attack doesn’t get to dictate the parameters of the response. But that’s probably all I can say within the bounds of the comments policy.

@Ethan I don’t know where you live or how old you are but there are land trusts that support young farmers by providing cheap or free land.


So… the spare woman is impregnated by “someone else”. Who? Who is this man of mystery who gallantly donates his sperm so a sex slave for another man can be born? Might he not want his child to live with him instead of his partner’s owner? Might he not want Spare Woman to come and live with him?

Also, what if the baby is a boy?

On the first point, I’m guessing that it would be a sort of reciprocal arrangement: two of these gentlemen would make an agreement where each impregnates the other’s slave, uh, I mean wife.

On the second point, I suspect this dystopia would have a lot of infanticide.

woefully unprepared, wheezing losers that can’t figure out how to get out of their own metropolitan area, let alone setting up a legitimate rural base camp that can be defended and expanded

This is totally how they come across, which makes it all the more incomprehensible that they believe that they can subjugate women in this way. Maybe brute force is all they plan on using, in which case they will be outwitted in minutes.

Then you have it well in hand, I reckon. No good following your dreams on an empty stomach. As far as getting into game development, I have nothing for you. They might tho:
Dunno 1)how much that helps you specifically, 2)how much you already know. But you’ve got years to figure it out, and I figure any information is good information. Especially the game school episode. Maybe look into EKU? 🙂


Also, what if the baby is a boy?

He read somewhere that the Y donating parent determines the baby’s sex, and assumed he had superpowers

But if I could have a woman raised to by a wife, with 100% loyalty and efficient, and without brainwashing bullhsit

Nthing the other people who pointed out this guy clearly doesn’t know what words mean.

Also, it reminded me of one of my favorite lines from The Mikado.

For background: Nanki-Poo has discovered that Ko-Ko is grooming Yum-Yum to be his wife, and since Nanki-Poo loves her very dearly, this obviously distressed him, so he attempted suicide. Upon hearing that Nanki-Poo is determined to die, Ko-Ko and Nanki-Poo strike a deal so that they can both get what they want. Nanki-Poo will marry Yum-Yum (and will live high on the hog for his last month on Earth on Ko-Ko’s dime for his sacrifice), and Ko-Ko will get to execute someone so he can keep his job (The Mikado was not happy to hear that the Lord High Executioner hadn’t actually executed anyone after giving him the office).

However, Ko-Ko has some reservations.

Ko-Ko: But – Dear me! – well – I agree – after all, it’s only putting off my wedding for a month. But you won’t prejudice her against me, will you? You see, I’ve educated her to be my wife; she’s been taught to regard me as a wise and good man. Now I shouldn’t like her views on that point disturbed.

Nanki-Poo: Trust me, she shall never learn the truth from me.

then I would maybe consider giving part of my resources, in case I wanted a family/kids and needed a womb.

How very generous of you. [/sarcasm]

It’s fucking gross to me how these assholes expect people with vaginas to go through the physical pain and stress of pregnancies to provide them with kids, but they expect that they shouldn’t have to contribute anything other than sperm (no care for pregnant person or child, no money for them to survive on, no “resources” at all) and still think they should be able to lay claim to the child as though it was (their) property.

Bina | July 1, 2017 at 9:07 pm
Funny how their idea of utopia always involves breaking everything beyond repair first. The world isn’t “whole” to them until they’ve wrecked it. I find that very, VERY telling.


I’m also going to Nth everyone yet again on the “they clearly didn’t think this through” bit because holy shit they don’t realize what “breaking the world” would actually entail.

I mean, they don’t want to work to raise their fucking children, what the fuck makes them think that breaking the world and surviving in post-apocolyptia is going to be any less fucking work???

IgnoreSandra | July 2, 2017 at 5:36 am
Of course, these are also the fools who will sleep near women after they abuse us.

inb4 dudes get upset that this hypothetical woman would murder her abuser:

Hey, doesn’t this post-apocalypse world of yours not have laws or police to enforce them? I’m pretty sure that’s what wastelanders would call “taking care of business”.

Another thing that our dear Miggytoes seem to forget: If you take away laws, you can’t just take them away for your particular group. Everybody plays by those rules.

@Hesster and Kat
Sure, death before slavery/marriage to MGTOW, but it’s not going to be my death. I’m the one who knows which plants are edible and which are poisonous.

Congrats on the raise!

Re: Boogie
Ok, this is starting to make more sense. Some of you may recall my lead, who takes the approach of being better than everyone else by pointing out how wrong both sides are in any given dispute and who was lecturing me because I’m a feminist about Anita.

Well, he mentioned this Boogie guy as a YTer he watches and was talking about how Boogie went into this panel worried that Anita would think he was going to antagonize her because his YT personality is just a character he plays and not who he is (I’m not even going to get into that, but we all know what’s wrong with that in the first place). Apparently she was on edge the whole time because of his YT personality and he apparently went over time and didn’t give her a chance to respond to a question during the panel, so she called him out for it. Apparently whatever she said was deemed in violation of the conduct policy by GGers but not by VidCon (who apologized to Anita), and Anita and Boogie worked things out in the green room after the panel.

Mind you, this is all what I heard from my lead so it’s through a “both sides are wrong” lens and should be taken with a grain of salt.


And the really, really crazy part

Please read the commenting policy.


The best advice I can give you is to not get so attached to your “dream job” that you sabotage your flexibility and happiness if you wind up somewhere else. Definitely pursue your dreams! Just don’t limit yourself. Be open to your dreams changing. I will tell you this: the difference between a good job and a crappy job is not the work you do, but the people with whom you work and how well you are paid for the work you do. Your boss, your co-workers, your hours, and the fairness of your paycheck make or break a job. A job in your dream field where your boss is constantly undercutting you is not going to be enjoyable, and neither is a job where your paycheck is good but you are expected to work 80-hour weeks.

Be flexible, and be open to being happy in a job that isn’t the one you’re dreaming about right now. Pursuing your dreams is important, but it’s not the only thing that is important.

Trying not to laugh at these idiots, and failing as usual.

How many of them would survive/thrive after the apocalypse they so desperately desire (because the end of the world means all the wimmins will want to actually come within three feet of them)?

Not many. They don’t spend their (clearly plentiful) spare time studying living off the land, hunting/fishing, meteorology, animal husbandry and suchlike. They spend it posting on Reddit about how the impending collapse of civilisation is going to make them all the centrepiece of a Boris Vallejo painting, with scantily clad slavegirls gripping onto their muscular thighs, while they gaze heroically into the middle distance.

Sorry lads, but if and when the apocalypse comes, you’re going to find that you can’t actually eat your anime avatars/memes.

Extinction beckons, MGTOW redditors…


m8, I’m already subbed to Extra Credits. We’re operating on the same frequency here–and I believe I’ve seen the gaming school episode.

And by EKU, do you mean Eastern Kentucky University? I’ve been there twice for Stephen Foster Music Camp. It’s a pretty sweet place, and it was my introduction to uni cafeterias–plus they had a jukebox there! Even had some Pendulum on it. If they have good game…stuff, then I’ll have to consider it. (That said, I’ve been sent letters from quite a few universities over these past few years due to high scores. I have a lot to choose from–and there’s a chance I need not even pay for my meal.)


I’m able to understand that much, at least. (For instance, my CFA job can be a little tiring, but at least they don’t try to undercut me [yeah, it’s minimum wage, but there’s no mind games going on] and my coworkers are genuinely quite pleasant.) And even if I wind up getting a (decently paying, not soul-sucking) job far outside the realm of gaming, well…nothing wrong with a little side project, huh? Not much stopping me from putting together a ramshackle indie dev team by night. Probably won’t make much money, but we can certainly try.

Sorry lads, but if and when the apocalypse comes, you’re going to find that you can’t actually eat your anime avatars/memes.

In the 80s, I was involved in two different survival camps, both 6 month, both over winter. We didn’t make it thru the first, (flu), but we learned a lot. Not enough, didn’t make it thru the second, either (fire, that was bad). Physical defense was not much an issue either time tho that’s extrapolated as there was no real danger. Biggest issues were health/injury, and the ubiquitous unforeseen events.

Oh, just FYI, sex wasn’t really an issue either, we were all too tired, too ill, or just too worried.

Policy of Madness

Be flexible, and be open to being happy in a job that isn’t the one you’re dreaming about right now. Pursuing your dreams is important, but it’s not the only thing that is important.

Troubelle, this is very important. I gave up a job I loved for a job that paid twice as much and I suffered. I didn’t like the people, I hated going in to the office every day. I hated it. And I flamed out in a spectacular way. By that time, I couldn’t go back to the job I loved because, eight years later, the same dynamic no longer existed. I kick myself about that every day. (Not saying it will be the same for you, but being happy in a job is really important, imo.)

My very best friends in the world are the people I met in my first (low-paid) jobs. We’ve all gone on to much better places because we’ve always supported each other.

@ Policy of Madness

The whole thing or a certain part?

I’m having trouble understanding which part was against policy.

I’m sorry I can’t understand things easily.

(I’m not Cleon, by the way, just a newbie wanting to learn and understand.)

My gf and I (two feeeeemales!) have a piece of land and two houses on it. We have neighbors who come to us every day for water because we have the only water spring in this area. We paid an astronomical amount of money for this spring, so it was not a serendipitous discovery. It was because we could pay to drill that far down.

I imagine if an apocalypse happened, everyone around here would want our water. But only the two of us, together, can put in the code to get the pump going.

My gf set it up this way precisely because of “bandits” (Russians love the word “bandit” which has always made me chuckle) so she has to put in her code and I have to put in mine. (We don’t know each others’.)

I just think our neighbors, who bring us many fresh vegetables in exchange for water, would probably fight for us both to keep our water exchange going.

tl;dr We have a community we all benefit from and our community would rally around each other in times of need.

It’s all moot anyway because without electricity, we’d have no fresh water, except for our creek.

@Krasnaya Koshka

I’ll be sure to keep that in mind. I may not have much life experience, but I do know that while a job is not necessarily supposed to be fun, it should, at the very least, not be soul-sucking for the one working it. And different people fit in different environments better than others.

I’m fine with not being rich. I don’t need a McMansion–maybe a small house for my formative years until I can do the thing I really want to do–make one of those underground houses. Or hobbit-hole houses, as some may call them. I’ve seen at least partially-underground houses before, and they’ve always been interesting to me–and the benefits in temperature regulation are a major bonus.

As long as I have enough money to pay the bills, eat food, get decent clothes, and move around on more than just my feet (as someone who’s never been able to handle a bike…though maybe an adult trike would be nice?), I should be alright with the job. Though it would be nice if there was something to indulge with now and again, of course.

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“crazy” was the offending word. From the comments policy:

Avoid “crazy” talk. That is, using words like “crazy,” “psycho” and the like to describe the terrible ideas and actions of people you don’t like. It’s stigmatizing to those dealing with mental illness, who really don’t need the extra indignity of being compared to MRAs. Try using words like “ridiculous” or “absurd” or “terrible” instead. Call someone an “asshole” instead of a “psycho.” Try to avoid internet diagnoses of mental illness, and don’t use autism or Aspergers as an excuse for someone’s shitty behavior.

@A God of Darkness
Scroll down to the NOTES ON “CRAZY” section.

Edit: Ninja’d!

I don’t comment much because this all sounds just like my dad.

“Females are more acceptable holes than cows.”

“Females past 14 are useless.”

“Get a little girl and raise her up to be your wife.”

My parents were divorced in 1980 and he still writes to me about what a b***h my mom is, even though he’s been married three more times. None successful. I imagine some of these nyms might be him.


We’re operating on the same frequency here

Fair enough, leaving it to you, shutting up 🙂


Congrats on the raise!

Appreciated, buddy 😀


You sound like you have a very good head on your shoulders. I think you’ll do fine.

Having roommates was a necessary part of my youth and I learned a lot from it.

A hobbit-hole! That is something to aspire to. So cool in summer, so warm in winter. I sort of have the same, an underground office. Highly recommended.

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