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“Facebook is recruiting you to the gay cult” with rainbow-flag “like” button, Return of Kings warns

Facebook: Turning the dogs gay?

By David Futrelle

The fellas at internet garbage site Return of Kings are celebrating Pride Month, a little tardily, with a post attacking Facebook for adding a “degenerate” rainbow flag to its menu of “like” buttons, which users can access by liking the official LGBTQ@Facebook page. Or, as the author of the RoK piece, one Rufus Winnfield, puts it, the “button is only active if you show active approval for homosexuals on the site.”

Winnfield was so afraid of catching teh gey himself that he didn’t bother liking the LGBT page to check out what the button looks like, which results in him calling the flag-shaped flag icon “a little rainbow ball.” (Not to be confused with the Star Wars Cuck Ball.)

Apparently teh gey is quite contagious, as Winnfield goes on to explain how Facebook’s addition of this tiny optional button shows that the site “is recruiting you to the gay cult.” Winnfield evidently worries that the cute little button will lure unsuspecting readers of RoK into “liking” gay things on Facebook; next thing they know they’ll be dancing on a float at the Pride Parade wearing the collar of their leather daddy.

Winnfield isn’t a big fan of Pride Month in general.

“Establishing a pride month for the gays is legitimizing them as if they’re black,” he explains to RoK readers, many of whom actually hate black people.

It’s a savvy move by the gay community to adopt everything that isn’t heterosexual, monogamous sex as part of their movement under the ever-increasing umbrella of their rather clunky acronym.

This may backfire upon them if they over-extend their relevancy by endorsing the next big thing like pederasty or bestiality, but, for now, their strategy seems to suck up everyone who isn’t completely straight in the head.

Channeling the Westboro Baptist Church, Winnfield goes on to explain that the whole gay rainbow thing is an insult to gay-hating God.

Since America has been a primarily Christian country since it got started, many things, like Jewish pornography and Satanism, exist solely to bash on it. Supposedly the gay rainbow flag represents a lot of things, but the rainbow was originally God’s promise that He would not ever flood the earth again after the great flood. Seems like it’s part of the gay M.O. to pervert religious symbols.

While Winnfield assures his readers that really, he’s “got no issue with a dude liking another dude,” he asks plaintively why these dude-liking-dudes

have to spread their degeneracy to everyone, including children? … Do they hate Western culture so much that they would drop the birth rate so far below the replacement rate that Islam can just waltz right in in two generations, throw them off the nearest rooftop, and set up a caliphate?

Winnfield is really covering all the bases, hate-wise, huh?

In the interest of covering all my own bases, let’s end this post, which started with gay dogs, with a gay cat.

Enjoy the rest of Pride Month, everyone!

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Virgin Mary
Virgin Mary
4 years ago


I have fallen out with a University friend over this. He was always gay, and that’s fine by me, but recently he’s been very influenced by Milo and his horseshit. It’s a shame, because he’s a nice guy, but now he has this idea that younger men need to be taken in hand by an older guy, who can “teach them how to be a man”. It’s just a small step from there to full on woman hatred. 🙁

4 years ago

Wait, hold on. This dude’s whining about pederasty, on the blog of someone who compared women to bread and then said “live close to the bakery”?

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