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Reddit Incels celebrate misogynist mass murderer Elliot Rodger on “Saint Elliot’s Day”

“Saint” Elliot Rodger

While the rest of the Western world grapples with the horror of the Manchester bombing, Reddit’s incels are looking back three years to another terrorist massacre — and lauding the angry young incel who carried it out.

It’s been three years since a disturbed loner named Elliot Rodger murdered six and injured fourteen others in an extended rampage in Isla Vista, California, leaving behind a series of videos and a book-length manifesto detailing his deep hatred of, and equally intense desire for, women. Had he been able  to get inside the sorority that was his primary intended target, the carnage would have likely been far worse.

Naturally, many of Reddit’s incels — self-described “involuntary celibates” — have embraced Rodger as an incel hero. In a series of posts in the Incels subreddit today, the regulars are celebrating what they call “Saint Elliot’s Day.”

In one thread with several dozen upvotes titled “Happy Saint Elliot’s day! The third anniversary of the day of retribution!” numerous Reddit incels sing the praises of the man they hail as the “supreme gentleman.”

Wind7788 4 points 5 hours ago May he Rest In Peace. Let us not be sad. Today is a day to celebrate. Today is a day to celebrate.. the retribution.

mcfill 14 points 8 hours ago Good night sweet prince.

EconomicsofSexthe a fucking slug 3 points 4 hours ago He was the only one who ever did something for incels, the only one who ever stood up for us

DOWNVOTESBAMAFLAIRS 13 points 6 hours ago RIP. If only he had been able to take more people with him.

A Redditor called thebillstone really, really wishes that Rodger had been able to get inside that sorority.

Naturally, some visitors to the subreddit are appalled by the celebration of a murderer:

DigDugDactylus 27 points 6 hours ago* Do people here seriously support a serial killer? Edit: I thought people exxagerated, so I decided to check. People here need help permalinkembedsavereportgive goldreply [–]justendmefamThe only thing left to do is to dog 1 2 7 points 4 hours ago He's wasn't a serial killer first of all and second of all plenty of females admire serial and other killer

But in fact not all incels think Rodger was a hero. Some are appalled to see fellow incels lionizing a mass killer — something that, at the very least, makes incels look bad.

Know_What_Fvck_ThisRacecel: Enemy to All 5 points 8 hours ago Tbh, fuck this faggot, he's the reason we're associated with school shootings. permalinkembedsavereportgive goldreply [–]xxxrivenmainxxx 0 points 2 hours ago school shooters are true heros

Others look down on Rodger because his body count wasn’t higher, and not enough of his victims were women.

Angry_runtCitizen of Incelistan 2 points 5 hours ago As an agent of retribution he was laughably incompetent. He killed three Chinese guys because... what, because they take American jobs?

Still others complain that Rodger was simply too good-looking to be a true incel.

gufestus120 YO Suicidal Virgin 45 points 9 hours ago Fuck off troll. That guy was rich spoiled piece of shit with severe mental problems. He isn't even ugly. He was just spoiled. So fuck him and fuck people who worship this idiotic faggots. His experience couldn't be further away from a genuine incels.

BlumolIt's facebook and not personality-book for a reason. 25 points 9 hours ago Fuck that guy who squandered his wealth and looks. If I had half his wealth or looks I wouldn't be an incel.

The Incels subreddit may be the scariest place on Reddit.

264 replies on “Reddit Incels celebrate misogynist mass murderer Elliot Rodger on “Saint Elliot’s Day””

I reckon I’m not sure about what there is about GOSJM’s anecdote that invited gaslighting.

yzek is a returning…um…adversary who has been doing this for quite a while now. Dishonest, disigenuous nuggets have always been yzek’s baliwick.


Okay, I’m a day late and three pages short here, but here goes:

They’re giving interpretations of our words which a mistaken but nonetheless thinking person might. But you can see they’re actually intellectual automatons applying a fixed set of rules: give them someone on /r/incels who’s respectful of women and they’ll still interpret his comments as misogynist, as pro-rape and so on.

They aren’t human.

Oh incels, dear incels, the exact same could be said (and with a great deal more accuracy) about you. I mean, who but an utter inhuman could type such nonsense as you just did there?

Or this:

Sorority girls epitomize every negative female trait – completely bereft of virtue.

I mean seriously. What’s so human about dehumanizing half the human race and calling it “completely bereft of virtue”?

And no, I don’t believe anyone who insists he was only talking about sorority girls there. There’s literally no difference between them and the rest of us except that they’ve joined some live-in college club with a name spelled out in Greek letters, whose purpose I can’t for the life of me fathom because I never was in one and specifically chose a university, among other things, because it had abolished all the frats. No, dudes, there’s nothing markedly different between them and us. We’re all female. We’re all individuals, too. DEAL WITH IT.

And either deal with us, or don’t. Your choice. You’re not involuntarily anything. If you refuse to deal with us because you think we’re not human, guess what? We don’t want anything to do with YOU, either. And it’s because you’re an asswipe who can’t actually connect two dots or interact humanly for shit, not because there’s something broken and wrong about US. Yeah, there’s something wrong with us, all right: We can’t stand prats who can’t take responsibility for their own self-made misery. And who think we owe them something because (a) they have a penis, and (b) they are a dick.

Because that’s not the goal in mind they have. They make those posts purely to demonize us in which they express their holier-than-thou attitudes to feel morally superior.

However, they just come off as passive aggressive.

Pot, meet kettle. Right over there in the mirror over your bathroom sink. Go on now.


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Leave it to feminazis to freak out over a reddit thread with only 37 upvotes. There is equally ridiculous things if not worse on there with 1000s.

My respect for Elliott Rodger just went up bigly since I noticed he wrote his manifesto in Old Church Slavonic.

If anything Elliot Rodger is an example of how being an insufferable asshole is the reason women (and probably everyone) didn’t want anything to do with him. It isn’t the long list of other excuses that incels and nice guys use to shift accountability. Even Elliot Rodger would get pissed off when he saw “ugly” men with women. It turns out, when you’re a likeable person, people like you.

Guys, it is a terrible, it is the worst to take a life, why so negative, what he did was so wrong, and so bad, I’m talking about Rodger. That is the worst, I cant get over how terrible it is.. guys, be true to yourselves, be good, be kind, be gracious, be honest, be morally good, respect yourself and others, and respect your elders. dont fall into drugs, or alcohol, and trust me a young lady will notice. There is nothing wrong with being celibate, it’s actually good, there is goodness in being celibate, saving yourself for the one you love is wonderful. I’m writing this because we need to do better to take care our citizens, and we have to start caring more.. so I’m starting with this message.

Billy, you can tell people to be better without telling them to “save themselves for the one they love” maybe not slut shame people for wanting sex and having sex. Thanks.

Lainy, I did not mean it that way, I think that when we have sex with someone who we really love, and who loves us back, its beautiful, wonderful, and on another level of intimacy. There is nothing that can compare to it. If you want to have sex, or having sex, go for it.. I apologize if it came out wrong, but that’s all I meant.

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