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Too much freedom makes women ugly, our MGTOW of the Day explains

Typical American woman, according to MGTOWs

On the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit today, the regulars are discussing the always important topic of why it is that women “hit the wall” and turn into ugly monsters so early in their lives.

A fellow called Onkel_Adolf offers this pithy answer:

Onkel_Adolf 6 points 7 hours ago Alcohol, late nights, and miles of cock will age a woman horribly, especially white women.

But it is this fellow who tracks the Ugly Lady Problem to its roots: too much lady freedom!

Slaide 11 points 9 hours ago It's usually the result of those women being "free" and deciding to drink heavily, do drugs, and get fucked by hundreds of guys within a short period of time. It's the price they pay for "MUH DESIRES". There is no point warning them; women would rather burn themselves and the entire world than not have their "fun".

Congratulations, Slaide! You have won the coveted We Hunted the Mammoth “MGTOW of the Day” award!

Also, I would like to remind any ladies reading this post that young men handle their freedom much more responsibly than woman, as this video footage clearly demonstrates.

112 replies on “Too much freedom makes women ugly, our MGTOW of the Day explains”

@Dalillama – Good grief! And you know? I COULD get speed really easily – it’s commonly sold on a few street corners here. It’s probably cheaper than Sudafed, come to think of it.

Bomb’s gone off in Manchester Arena, fatalities confirmed. No news yet as to number of injuries, or who is responsible. Ariana Grande concert, full of kids and teenagers, for crying out loud!

Fuck everything.

Bomb’s gone off in Manchester Arena, fatalities confirmed.

People are already blaming Muslims and spamming Twitter with hate speech (because of course and double of course) – but targeting a pop concert? Targeting teenage girls?

… Please tell me it wasn’t yet another MRA.


Donald Trump is younger than Helen Mirren.

Alex Jones is 43 years old. He looks mid 50s at least.

But it’s too much cock that causes aging. Ok.

Well, in the case of Alex Jones, it might be all that virility-enhancing snake oil he routinely plugs on his show. It also apparently causes him to strip down to his underoos and roar like a grizzly bear on crack.

I’m not sure what Donnie’s problem is, other than that he’s doused in Cheeto juice and it’s doing nothing but emphasize his wrinkles.

Redsilkphoenix: Jetpack Vixen, Agent of the FemiNest Collective; Keeper of a Hell Toupee, and all-around Intergalactic Meaniesays:


There’s two reasons I’ve heard about why some cold medicines require an ID. One is that there’s an ingredient in some of them that’s used to make meth with, so they’re trying to limit how much gets into the methmakers’ hands.

The other is that some teenagers like to down at least 4-5 bottles of the stuff at once to get a cheap high, so there’s that reason to restrict sales as well. That’s what I’ve heard, anyway. Don’t know how much truth there is in those reasons.

Do gay men age rapidly from having sex or is it just a straight women thing? and what about bi/pan/etcgender people who have sex with others who identify the same do they age. Will I age from having sex with a trans man or it just the penis that has a magical ability to age???

Right? And where does that leave lesbians?

Yes, women have too much freedom. That’s why we have all these cat ladies and single moms raising future incarcerated felons. The nuclear family is being destroyed all because of unchecked female hypergamy.

[W]omen would rather burn themselves and the entire world than not have their “fun.”

“The entire world” being this guy. And “burn” meaning he’s not getting laid. What a sad story.


Wow Jarrett. That’s real sad. Weep for your poor penis. How ever will you go on, knowing ever man in the world is getting sex except for you 😢. Poor wittle Jarrett. If only women didn’t have any power and then you could have your own sex slave.

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