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It came from the comments: Artificial wombs will turn straight men gay because women suck

Makin’ babies

Another day, another drive-by misogynist commenter who ends up being even more terrible than the terrible people I wrote about in the post he’s commenting on.

Yes, it’s time for another episode of The Comments I Don’t Let Through. This time, it’s a guy calling himself DownWithWomen, commenting on my post about the lonely incel who wants a nice woman to pay attention to him — while at the same time he openly advertises his belief that women “deserve the rope.” That is, a good hanging.

DownWithWomen, by contrast, thinks that men won’t have to kill women, because women will kill themselves once the men of the world discover how awful they really are. The catalyst? Artificial wombs.

When artificial wombs are invented men won’t even have to do it, women will rope themselves as their sexual market value plus power that comes alongside it is completely destroyed.

Yet another creepy dude obsessed with (cis) women’s fertility.

But then the argument takes a somewhat unexpected turn:

[W]hen [women] start to diminish men will most likely find it viable to cross the x-y line in order to flock to cute-boys to settle down with, and marry whom don’t have the hypergamous instinct of biological females.

Incels and MGTOWs often joke about turning themselves gay in order to avoid the dreaded girl germs, but this guy is serious — if a little confused as to how sexual orientation actually works.

As soon as [artificial wombs] are invented we don’t have to put up with the bullshit of women anymore, cute-boys are more feminine than western females and always eager to please/available for sex to a partner.

Hate to tell you this dude, but I’m pretty sure the twinks of the world aren’t going to want to have sex with you either.

They are more of a woman than any western whore and at the same time if you pursue them now there is no trouble, and also no ridiculous laws on what rape is(Which is everything nowadays) protecting them.

Wait, your argument is that straight guys will turn to twinks because, hey, you can just rape them with impunity? 

Rape laws protect men too, you piece of shit.

The commenter then trots out the sad old argument that women only want macho “bad boys.”

Even if one marries a nice-guy he will only get used for his money, while she will continue to sleep around with the alpha male bad boys. The beta male nice guy will be forced to pour his resources into raising his child, which should be the responsibility of the other man and not him.

Never mind that this is not actually how the world works, and that the guys making this argument have zero proof that women routinely cheat on “betas” with “alphas” and use their allegedly superior sperm to make babies that the betas think are their own.

Women are biologically hypergamous, will always date and marry up, and even if in a relationship, a woman will immediately leave the man for a higher guy if she thinks she can land him.

And men sometimes leave women when they think they could “do better.” There’s no evidence that women are less loyal partners than men.

Women also sexually desire men who have a violent criminal record(Especially murder/assault/robbery/drugs/gangs being the top most “hot”) and wear tattoos/piercings on them. The jerks and badboys half of which being criminals, sometimes fresh out of prison/jail or bullies in school are straightforward about their sexual intentions; and masculine enough to press for it.

Well, first off, this is a giant pile of bullshit. And second, DUDE YOU JUST BASICALLY ANNOUNCED THAT YOU THINK IT WOULD BE OK FOR YOU TO RAPE GAY MEN.

You’re one of the “bad boys” you’re lambasting women for dating. Except even creepier.

But hey, thanks for sharing, I guess.

UPDATE: DownWithWomen has sent along an update of sorts:

We are talking about fem-boys you idiot. To sum things up here is a post from the 8chan /cuteboys/ section:

As far as I can tell the board is devoted to young, femme gay men and crossdressers.

Fact is they are more of women than you, some claim to be straight but can be seduced still. They don’t complain often, and if they do try to cause an issue out of nowhere the gynocentric court won’t take them seriously.

So, doubling down on the rapey shit.

Women are not logical by biology, and 30% of babies born are not the husband’s baby but of alpha males.

This is not of course true. The 30% number gets bandied about because there was some study somewhere that found 30% of the time when the husband was concerned enough to demand a paternity test it turned out to not be his child.

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Oh puh-lease, who needs styling when you have these amazing vivid colors going on?!

Well, *cracks neck* here we go.
So, have you ever heard of something called “Capilar Chronogram”? It’s like a haircare calendar for damaged hair, and it consists of three steps: Moisturizing, nutrition and reconstruction. It works for every hair. Moisturizing is, well, basically using moisturizing masks. It’s supposed to replace the water your hair loses. No need to be fancy, buy a sulfate free drugstore brand and make your own magic formula using vitamin A, glycerin, aloe Vera… Look up recipes on the Internet. It’s easy, cheap, and not time consuming. You put the mascara is your hair, leave for as long as you like (the longer the better), then wash it off.
Nutrition is replacing oils and yes, you can and should do it even if your hair is oily. You can use most oils, even soy, olive, whatever. I like coconut. Coconut oil is a blessing to curly haired people! Leave it in your head preferably over night. Wash your hair later, of course, don’t forget to shampoo three or four times.
Reconstruction is replacing keratin. This is mostly only relevant if you bleach your hair. You do it by spreading liquid keratin on your hair then drying it with a blow drier and a hot iron to seal it in. If you have bleached hair like Dalli, do this like, three times a year. If you don’t, just once is probably enough.

So, everyone who wants to deeply repair their hair can follow my previous tips. It will look perfect, you will have movie star hair, forever. But if you, like me, are a direct descendant of swamp monsters and having a regular beauty care routine offends you on a personal level, you do the things of the chronogram when the planets align, during every solstice, when you feel like it, or whatever. But be aware that moisturizing is the most important thing for curly hair, nutrition coming in a close second! Try to remember to do the stuff and convince yourself it’s worth it.

Now, aside from that, there are the tricks especific for curly hair. Wash your hair three times a week at most. Try using shampoo just once a week. If you don’t like, do it twice. But avoid using shampoo and try using only moisturizer, it will surprise you. Rinse your hair with the water as cold as possible. Here is another tricky thing we are taught is wrong every since childhood: our hair MUST BE BRUSHED WHILE WET. I prefer in the shower, but it doesn’t have to be, it needs to be wet and with a big fluffy brush. No combs, no combing it dry! While your hair is still wet, turn your head upside down (understand what I mean?) put your fingers on the roots of your hair, making it looser from the scalp, this gives you volume and movement. You might think you don’t want that, but trust me, you do, you’ll look like a sad cooker spaniel if you don’t. Your hair is made to be volumous and fabulous, embrace this. Also, squeeze your hair in a tip – to – root direction (know what I mean?), to help the curls form.
Lastly, get a hairdresser who specializes in curly hair. You maybe just have the wrong haircut, cause most hairdressers don’t know how to deal with us.

So, this is basically all I know. Follow what you can and like! And if you are interested in a different kind of teaching, there is a lot of information on the Internet and many youtubers out there who are very didactic. I hope I helped! Feel free to ask if you didn’t understand something and keep me posted ^^

Anarchonist says:

I’m always curious as to what the heck I might be able to do to my hair. If anyone with experience with maintaining curly hair has any advice I’d love to hear it!

I’d suggest you look at some blogs and videos for “natural hair” (ie. black people’s hair). Even if your curls aren’t so tightly coiled as most black people’s, a lot of the principles of care are going to be the same.


Thank you so much! I’m a total newbie at hair products and maintenance. I swear it’s not because of toxic masculinity or anything, I’m just really confused about how curly hair works because pretty much no one I know has curly hair, and the one person who does has the means to afford fancy rich people products and services.

It seems I’ve accidentally done some things at least somewhat right without knowing it! I have heard that I should not wash my curly hair very often, but not how often. I translated that to mean two or three times a week, but reduced it to once a week because I’m lazy and I hate getting my hair very wet if I can avoid it (it’s super strong and thick and absorbent and takes approximately thirteen and a half years to dry). Also, because I’m lazy and hedonistic, I have often skipped shampooing and went straight to conditioner because it smells so nice and screw you shampoo who needs you anyway. Also also, I’ve done the thing where I brush my hair in the shower, because once I do decide to get my hair wet, I love the feeling of my hair just absorbing all the water with its every pore, getting wet and heavy and… I dunno… so nice somehow. It’s just so refreshing in a way. Glad to know I’ve stumbled on to something there!

I don’t think I’ve ever heard that you can use basic food oils on your hair (can’t afford those expensive, super specialized store brands). I should already try olive oil tonight, and I’ll be sure to try out coconut oil once I get my hands on it!

Thanks again! Your advice is awesome. I should probably get a ‘before’ selfie before I start this process, so I can document the change.

And yes, your hair looks absolutely amazing.

I’m jealous of all the people who can hair so much better than me.

Especially Dali. Your hair seems to be the same kind as mine, but it works much better on you :p

I look like I was designed by someone who couldn’t decide whether to go for Club McCaveman or Faux-Suave McAnimeVillain. Goes for my voice too.

@A. Noyd

Thanks for the advice, I should take a look. Yeah, my hair doesn’t coil anywhere near as tightly as the hair on people who can form actual dreadlocks naturally, but it’s pretty curly for a pasty-ass white guy like me.

Oh boy, hair!

Dalilama – That color is fantastic! And it really suits you, too. Also, you look like your avatar, which is cool.

Chio – Really beautiful! Your hair looks like a beauty product ad; I will have to try your regimen immediately!

I recently cut my butt-length hair to shoulder length, much to the sorrow of some of my friends. I do this on a pretty regular 4-5 year cycle since my hair grows so damn fast and therefore, a short style needs more maintenance than I want to devote. My hair is also very thick and coarse, even more so now that it’s 1/3 grey (mostly in front.)

I just did a strand test with some blue color to see if the grey hair would take it. It looks just like the color on the box, so, HAPPY!! I really like it and will do the whole mess in a day or two.

Picture didn’t post. Oh well! I tried.

My hair is pink on top, purple in the middle and then dark almost navy blue on the ends. But blended.


Everybody’s got such fancy hair and I’m just over here like “I really probably need a haircut soon because it’s resting on my shoulders now”.

Not that I don’t like having long hair, but after a certain point washing and brushing it and how much it blows about in the wind just annoys me.

But about the most I can say for the quality of my hair is that it’s very soft and extremely wavy, and dries very fast. Other than that I’ve always thought it’s pretty boring.


I mean, Chio and Dalli, y’all look great. Dlouwe’s just kinda hitting the HSQ here.

@Dalillama, those hair colors are stunning, and yeah, there are advantages to having straight, fine hair (like mine): it takes those colors SO much better! My daughter, who has very thick, plentiful hair, can’t do such vivid colors, because it would take too long and too much bleaching to achieve that beautiful all-over affect like you have…she has to settle for framing her face.

My hair refuses to grow long, so you have that advantage over me, as well! 😁

@dlouwe, OMG THAT IS COOL AS HELL!! The aformentioned daughter’s eyes bugged out, and she said one word: “want.”

@Alan: you’re adorable. You remind me of the guys I hung out with in the 80’s, bad clothing and all. *stares wistfully into the distance, lost in memory*

I so enjoy threads like this! Thanks!


Don’t discount the power of soft hair. Especially if you like people touching your head. A general rule is the fancier the hair, the less touchable it gets.


It helps to be friends with a talented hairdresser. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my hair next, and she was like “Hey I saw this cool thing on Instagram, can I try it on your head?” – 4 hours later, mermaid hair.


I haven’t liked this guy ever. He started out as a creep harassing the other women on cast, he constantly deadnames me, and he tries to modify what we do on stage to be more racist. He was already on my list of “People I expect to attack me eventually”

Is there not a process for removing him from the cast over that kind of thing?


your hair colours are gorgeous though, and probably work better on fine and straight hair.


I’m seriously considering emulating you, though I’m usually too lazy a woman to bother with hair dye.

So am I; my husband does it for me. 🙂


Oh puh-lease, who needs styling when you have these amazing vivid colors going on?!

I still want to be able to have a proper hairdo, though.
That’s an excellent ‘do.

dlouwe – that is most excellent! You can get more sparkles at as well as conditioner in colors to keep your hair bright.

I have used their “Go Deep” weekly treatment to give my grey hair a purple tone, but it turned out a bit blotchy on me. I’m gonna try again after I get tired of blue since it might have been my application technique. Which is to say, just plopping it on like conditioner rather than like applying like hair color.



I too have rather thick hair, so that effect did take a pretty lengthy bleaching session (plus some solid colour theory knowledge). I’m lucky though, in that colour also stays really well in my hair; I’ve heard it’s the opposite for a lot of other people with thick hair.

The sparkles on the back are easy to replicate, though; it’s just glitter and hair gel painted on with a tint brush. I’d recommend using glitter with large “flakes” to make it easier to wash out. And with a good stiff gel, the glitter holds surprisingly well. I thought I was gonna be shedding sparkles everywhere, but for the most part it all stayed on my head.

That 70s vibe tho Alan. Especially with the second picture, it looks like my own late teens but with slightly more tasteful clothing.

AND HOLY SHIT DLOUWE. Now I kinda wish I had short hair. But I’ve had this cut for more than half my life now, I dunno that I’d acclimate. Though I agree with this :

Don’t discount the power of soft hair. Especially if you like people touching your head. A general rule is the fancier the hair, the less touchable it gets.


My scalp is very sensitive, so I rather enjoy having it touched, though I don’t like my hair feeling messed up so I always need to fix it if someone was just playing with it.

I dunno if this will work, but here’s a current picture of me. My hair tends to wave all in the same direction, which makes things very mismatched on either side of my head.

OOOOH! Home-made hair glitter, YASSSSS!! Spaaaarkleeeess……

My week filled up suddenly this morning, so my blue dye job will probably have to wait till the weekend. I think I’ll have to find the time to get some hair gel and glitter, though. Hee!

The good news is, one of the things I now have to do is go see the probate lawyer, so maybe my dad’s estate will be out of probate soon. *crosses fingers, toes, and eyes*

@ peevee

Aww thanks. But yup the 80s were definitely “the decade that fashion forgot”. Some great music though.

@ dlouwe

Wow, that is one mighty boosh. You look amazing.

(Please tell me you’re an undertaker, that would be so cool. I’d book in with you.)

ETA: @sinkable john

That 70s vibe

Hey that was the *late* 80s! 😀


That’s OK, I felt the same, I thought I would either have to straighten it or be rich, but no, things you find in the kitchen provide everything you need! Or most, anyway. Try virgin olive oil if possible!
You know what I like? A cinnamon moisturizing mascara. You just do the mascara you want, ad a ton of cinnamon, and apply as you normally would. It makes your hair slightly more coppery brown, and it smells delicious, and I mean DELICIOUS for ages. People would ask me “were you baking? You smell… like cake?”, which was a bit weird for them but I love smelling like cake :p

Trust me, it’s usually a learned skill. Except with bolivians. Damn bolivians…

Aww, you looked like a sheep – a black sheep that ran from the group be free and never be trimmed again. And form
a rock band.
I like your clothes in the second pic! I have a thing for some of the fashion from the 80’s and I left my home with a Robert Smith style hair and makeup on more than one occasion. As a shy person, though, this takes quite a lot of courage, so it’s rare.

Grey hair is awesome for coloring! I have a German friend with hair naturally so blonde it’s white. It’s so awesome. Enjoy your naturally bleached hair!

Unfair, too high of a bar, I quit.

You probably just have a haircut that is unproven for what you expect of it. If this bothers you try saving up money to visit a good hairstylist!

@anachronist, regarding curly hair maintenance:
You already got some good advice, but since I have curly/wavy (depends how long it is; it has largish curls, so as it gets longer and heavier, the top parts get straighter. I usually try to keep it about shoulder length, or a little shorter) that is also pretty dry, thought I’d throw in my two scented candles.
Basically, I try to do as little with my hair as possible – so, I wash it about once a week (so it doesn’t dry out), only brush it when wet (to avoid frizz, like I used to have back before I realised I have curls), apply some sort of moisturiser or mild “sculpting” product (even though my hair is dry, I tend not to like using actual oils on it, I don’t enjoy how it feels; I prefer leave-in moisturisers and suchlike), give it a good headshake to let it get some volume, and then, well, just do my best to leave it alone. If it’s been a while and I feel it’s gotten a bit weighed down and frizzed but want to look a bit nicer, I apply a little water (plant mister works, wet hands too) and a bit more of whatever hair product I’m using at the time.

That you need to keep it in a ponytail isn’t great for it – if there’s any chance you can switch to a headband of some sort, that might help. I’m guessing you’ll need to get it wet after undoing the ponytail, so the curls come back – but don’t actually wash it, because again, could dry it out.

If you don’t mind going to sleep with wet hair, I find that when I do that – or even if my hair is mostly dry but the towel I lay down is moist – I get pretty impressive curl volume the next day.


I have a peep hole in my apartment.


My partner feels your pain, she’s too short to use ours. (And while there is a hole lower down, building maintenance couldn’t be arsed to install a second one for her to use)

Re: Hair

My hair is super fine and much thinner and more fragile than I would like! I can handle the fineness, the thiness and fragility are a different matter though. It’s also got a little bit of a curl to it, which I quite like.


I recently cut my butt-length hair to shoulder length, much to the sorrow of some of my friends. I do this on a pretty regular 4-5 year cycle since my hair grows so damn fast and therefore, a short style needs more maintenance than I want to devote.

I am envy.

And regarding awesome hair colours, I’m kinda jealous, but also kinda know there’s no way I could pull it off, just personality-wise. I don’t like getting attention, usually, so hairstyles that draw attention like that will not be fun for me.
Do enjoy looking at them, though. 🙂 Rock on, you awesome lot.

@Alan, oh, I agree about the 80’s music! I love love love new wave!

@dslucia, your hair is FINE! My daughter’s hair has your tendency to wave like that, and she has SO MUCH of it…it is *dense*, yanno? So dense, she refuses to blow dry it. It’s about your length, too, right now, which leads me to my next hair observation:

@dlouwe, once my kid was at the salon getting this beautiful shade of teal, and after she was under the dryer for a while, our hairdresser checked on her, and the teal had completely dissapeared. Gone. Stacy the hairdresser was so shocked, she actually looked behind the hairdryer to see if it magically slipped off her head to hide. Thank GOD Stacy had a tube of blue to replace it.

It was so strange. Just turned from teal to white.


I have a peep hole in my apartment.


You need a periscope! As the description says, “it permits observation of a position from which the direct view was impossible”.

Just my two cents, have you ever considered that maybe your hair looks dryer that it could be because of this lack of using oil? Because, you see, moisturizers don’t replace oils, oils are for nutrition while moisturizing is for, well, moisturizing. Though the lack of either can make the hair look dry, they are not interchangeable. Maybe try mixing the oil with a cream, so it doesn’t bother you so much? Just my two cents based on random shit I read on the Internet.

Also, you do as you like, but – and this is actual medical advice – sleeping with wet hair increases the risk of having… What’s the name of that descamation on the scalp thingy in English? A habit of sleeping with wet hair plus depression, stress, and lack of sun, gave me a descamation so severe that it took most of my face. Yes, I said FACE. It came down to my FACE. So try not to make a habit out of this.

And go ahead, have a crazy day and dye your hair! We shy people need to push ourselves out of the comfort zone often! Just do it, you’ll be shy for a few months, then you will get used to the attention and in the end, having a haircolor that you love will greatly improve your self esteem.

You definitely are severely lacking on either nutrition or keratin. Please do the chronogram thing I mentioned, it’s exactly for cases like this, and use castor oil. It’s amazing, you’ll see!

Jesalin – Just remember though, if it grows fast on your head, it grows fast everywhere else, too. If I want to wear shorts or skirts (and also rock smooth legs), I have to shave my legs every. Damn. Day. And waxing is a near complete waste of money; I start getting ingrown hairs after two weeks. Ow.

If I were a more testosterone-having person, I’d have 5 o’clock shadow by 3 PM! Either that, or a killer beard, I guess. ;p


Most common names for what you’re describing are dandruff or psoriasis, I think.

Thanks to everyone for the nice hair comments!


Web Developer, actually. But that’s sorta the same thing, right?


I don’t know what bar you’re talking about! Definitely don’t quit; that firey mane of yours is fabulous.


I know that high heat can just straight-up remove colour from hair, but I’ve only ever heard of that happening with flat/curling irons turned up all the way, not hairdryers.

@Chiomara – Thanks! But my hair doesn’t actually look dry, it just is dry. Rubbing oil into it just makes it… oily.
While I do appreciate the tips, I’m quite happy with the hair routine I have (otherwise I wouldn’t suggest it to others…) and with how it looks. It’s curly and springy and soft and fun. 🙂

I also don’t think I’m too shy. I just don’t always enjoy attention. Like some people enjoy certain activities, and others don’t. I don’t feel like this is something I need to fix.

(PS: reread this and realised the tone might not come through right. I don’t mean to sound pissy, and sorry if I do – it’s kinda late here, so getting less coherent, that’s all. You’re awesome and your hair is awesome.)

Thanks! I do like my hair, which makes me a bit sad because baldness definitely runs in my family. I used to hate the waves because I always have a “wing” coming out on my left side (which is usually more obvious when my hair is shorter), but over time I’ve come to accept it.

Also, I feel like if I were the type of person to try dying my hair, that would inevitably happen to me too.

I literally have to keep my cheeks trimmed every night if I don’t want to end up having a huge full-face beard.


It’s completely ok, I’m m glad that everything is working out the way you want it to, which is all that matters and what advice is for ^^


It’s more that I’m lazy as all hell. Also I’ve been living like a recluse for so long, it doesn’t help me give it the attention it needs.

Though the current state of my hair and beard is playing weird tricks on people. A few friends have told me that I’m not aging too well. It’s kinda worrying, given that I’m 24, but hey.

Thing is, it doesn’t hold any kind of mousse or gel at all, and there’s no way to get it to stay curled for more than a couple hours; it’s got no body at all. Also, the headband in the picture is there to cover the parts where it’s currently nonexistent :p.


If I want to wear shorts or skirts (and also rock smooth legs), I have to shave my legs every. Damn. Day. And waxing is a near complete waste of money; I start getting ingrown hairs after two weeks. Ow.

I’ve had good luck with Nair on that front.

Late as usual, but @dlouwe:

My hair is like yours. Incredibly thick, but holds color for about half a year.

Wow, there are some truly fabulous heads of hair around these parts! Lovely :-)))

Miggy, just ’cause you’re upset this thread turned into hair thread and no one gives a flying fuck about you, doesn’t mean you gotta make a sock and troll another one.

Owait, this doesn’t seem to be the thread that Miggy trolled on. That was the three-headed hydra, Tyler Adam Roberts of Rome.

Trolls move around too much.

Also I second that Alan’s painted head is fantastic. By the way, oops, the problem with those photos is they’re so fundamentally eternal that it’s easy to mis-decade-gorize them. (that’s absolutely a real word)

I suck at clothes, I think.

I cannot stop looking at dlouwe’s hair. Now *I* want it.

Also, in explanation to the disappearing color, she was under the bonnet drier after the color was applied, with the plastic cap on…she went under with teal, came out with…nothing. It just didn’t take at ALL…our stylist said this was the first time ever that’s ever happened. She took the tube back to her supply house and got her money back.

So many cool and pretty people in this thread, goddamn.

Clever: very cool color! Sets off your flawless skin.

Viscaria, right?!? I’m in awe.

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