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It came from the comments: Artificial wombs will turn straight men gay because women suck

Makin’ babies

Another day, another drive-by misogynist commenter who ends up being even more terrible than the terrible people I wrote about in the post he’s commenting on.

Yes, it’s time for another episode of The Comments I Don’t Let Through. This time, it’s a guy calling himself DownWithWomen, commenting on my post about the lonely incel who wants a nice woman to pay attention to him — while at the same time he openly advertises his belief that women “deserve the rope.” That is, a good hanging.

DownWithWomen, by contrast, thinks that men won’t have to kill women, because women will kill themselves once the men of the world discover how awful they really are. The catalyst? Artificial wombs.

When artificial wombs are invented men won’t even have to do it, women will rope themselves as their sexual market value plus power that comes alongside it is completely destroyed.

Yet another creepy dude obsessed with (cis) women’s fertility.

But then the argument takes a somewhat unexpected turn:

[W]hen [women] start to diminish men will most likely find it viable to cross the x-y line in order to flock to cute-boys to settle down with, and marry whom don’t have the hypergamous instinct of biological females.

Incels and MGTOWs often joke about turning themselves gay in order to avoid the dreaded girl germs, but this guy is serious — if a little confused as to how sexual orientation actually works.

As soon as [artificial wombs] are invented we don’t have to put up with the bullshit of women anymore, cute-boys are more feminine than western females and always eager to please/available for sex to a partner.

Hate to tell you this dude, but I’m pretty sure the twinks of the world aren’t going to want to have sex with you either.

They are more of a woman than any western whore and at the same time if you pursue them now there is no trouble, and also no ridiculous laws on what rape is(Which is everything nowadays) protecting them.

Wait, your argument is that straight guys will turn to twinks because, hey, you can just rape them with impunity? 

Rape laws protect men too, you piece of shit.

The commenter then trots out the sad old argument that women only want macho “bad boys.”

Even if one marries a nice-guy he will only get used for his money, while she will continue to sleep around with the alpha male bad boys. The beta male nice guy will be forced to pour his resources into raising his child, which should be the responsibility of the other man and not him.

Never mind that this is not actually how the world works, and that the guys making this argument have zero proof that women routinely cheat on “betas” with “alphas” and use their allegedly superior sperm to make babies that the betas think are their own.

Women are biologically hypergamous, will always date and marry up, and even if in a relationship, a woman will immediately leave the man for a higher guy if she thinks she can land him.

And men sometimes leave women when they think they could “do better.” There’s no evidence that women are less loyal partners than men.

Women also sexually desire men who have a violent criminal record(Especially murder/assault/robbery/drugs/gangs being the top most “hot”) and wear tattoos/piercings on them. The jerks and badboys half of which being criminals, sometimes fresh out of prison/jail or bullies in school are straightforward about their sexual intentions; and masculine enough to press for it.

Well, first off, this is a giant pile of bullshit. And second, DUDE YOU JUST BASICALLY ANNOUNCED THAT YOU THINK IT WOULD BE OK FOR YOU TO RAPE GAY MEN.

You’re one of the “bad boys” you’re lambasting women for dating. Except even creepier.

But hey, thanks for sharing, I guess.

UPDATE: DownWithWomen has sent along an update of sorts:

We are talking about fem-boys you idiot. To sum things up here is a post from the 8chan /cuteboys/ section:

As far as I can tell the board is devoted to young, femme gay men and crossdressers.

Fact is they are more of women than you, some claim to be straight but can be seduced still. They don’t complain often, and if they do try to cause an issue out of nowhere the gynocentric court won’t take them seriously.

So, doubling down on the rapey shit.

Women are not logical by biology, and 30% of babies born are not the husband’s baby but of alpha males.

This is not of course true. The 30% number gets bandied about because there was some study somewhere that found 30% of the time when the husband was concerned enough to demand a paternity test it turned out to not be his child.

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@Clever, I wish I could wear bold hair colors…as it was, I got in trouble at work because the temporary pink didn’t wash out immediately…

*envious sigh*

Lemme just complement the fleekery of your eyebrows. Most impressive 🙂

Jeez you guys!

Chiromara, when I saw you I was all

PeeVee, the only real benefit of being an independent contractor is I can dye, tattoo, or pierce whatever I want. (We’re we talking about the gig economy nickle and dime-ing us to death in another thread?)

@ cleverforagirl

I had to google ‘fleek’, but yes, very much so. I too love your hair. It’s so ‘reassuring’ if that makes sense. Put it this way, if I was on a plane that developed engine trouble I’d want someone who looks like you to tell me.

Oh and had a discussion about your name with some friends. Got interesting around how the tone changes if you add a comma after ‘clever’. Agreed that it’s a great name for a band though.

Alan – Tom Chapman’s a great guy and makes the menzers look foolish. No, they actually do a good enough job looking foolish on their own; he makes them look ridiculous and petty.

I had a hair stylist that made me get a cyst on my scalp looked at; nagged me for the better part of a year and then refused to do my cut/color until I saw a doctor because it was getting bigger. That’s what got me to go get it removed.

@ hambeast

The MRAs would probably call him a cuck, despite the fact he’s got the manliest surname you could have! 🙂

Redsilkphoenix: Jetpack Vixen, Agent of the FemiNest Collective; Keeper of a Hell Toupee, and all-around Intergalactic Meaniesays:

WHTM: come for the mocking, stay for the haircare tips. XD

(Though my favorite one of those so far is the one that ended “…stay to find out how many tigers 600lbs of marijuana can buy”. That one is hard to beat, tbh. XD )

I’m definitely going to have to bookmark this thread for the haircare tips to try out sometime. I’ve already bookedmarked this one as one to try out. The person who linked it to me says it made a difference after just one application. Not sure if I’d get instant results like that, but if it makes my naturally thick curly hair look better, then….

My main problem with my hair is that if I don’t wash it every day, then I comb bunches of it out every morning. Not sure if that’s a natural result of not washing every day or not. Anyone know?

Also, someone once linked to a page that explained how to get hair to grow longer before it fell out. Anyone still have a link to that page? Can’t find it anymore. 🙁

Though one of these days I’m going to use some spray-on hair coloring and see if I can’t do a subtle oilslick-type hair coloring, just to see if I like it. Then if I really do, ask my hair stylist to do a more permanent version for me.

Redsilkphoenix, without seeing your hair, have you considered, instead of washing it every day, getting it damp, getting some conditioner in it, something with slip and *gently* detangling with a wide toothed shower comb?

Redsilkphoenix: Jetpack Vixen, Agent of the FemiNest Collective; Keeper of a Hell Toupee, and all-around Intergalactic Meaniesays:


I’ve not been washing it every day, though I have been using dry shampoo whenever I need to get it to look a little less…oily than I like. Downside of that is the build-up, which can make my scalp itch a bit. Though I may have to try your idea, to see if it’ll work for me.

(Slip? What exactly is that? More than likely I may know what that is under a different name, but I’ve not heard of that that I know of.)

The comb thing reminds me, what kind of brush works best in the shower? Those wirepoint cushiony things I see in the stores, or some other kind of brush? The only one I have right now is an old one with the plastic bristles on it, and I don’t think that’s the right kind of brush for using on wet hair.

@RedSilkPhoenix, Dali

More importantly, how much marijuana can a tiger buy ?

As I’ve said before, I’m good with cats.

Dalilama, joico mermaid blue 🙂

@Redsilkphoenix, slip is the way conditioner makes your hair feel, slick, easy to detangle without breakage. As for a brush, unless your hair has a very specific texture, brushing in the shower can cause some crazy breakage. You’ll want a detangling comb for wet hair, it’ll be labeled something like “detangling comb” or “shower comb” it will be super wide tooth. If you don’t want to post a pic, do you have a celebrity hair clone? Just so we can get an idea of the texture. 🙂

Redsilkphoenix: Jetpack Vixen, Agent of the FemiNest Collective; Keeper of a Hell Toupee, and all-around Intergalactic Meaniesays:

@Dalillama: Irate Social Engineer,

How many tigers can 600 pounds of marijuana buy? Is there a standard weed-tiger exchange rate?

According to Katz on the second page of this thread, 50 tigers at 2013 weed prices, upkeep of said tigers not included.

Link, btw, goes to the open Ariel Castro sentencing thread from 2013, so be warned that it has a bunch of D: in it. The top post on that page (#2) begins the whole tigers and weed discussion.

That’s… about 5kg per tiger. Damn. I could raise tigers for a living (or more accurately, a sleeping). Or maybe ocelots. Ocelots are cool.

I may have just realized that I actually have a marketable skill.

I have a patch of alopecia just past my right temple, ahead of the ear. My haircutter trims the other side so it matches. I’ve promised myself that when my hairline merges with my bald spot that I’ll see how I look with my head shaved.

In the meantime, my beard and mustache are noticeably whiter than my head hair, which gives me an upgrade to ‘older white man in good shape’. One thing I like to do is compliment younger people with vividly colored hair; I fancy that I don’t look like the kind of person who would appreciate mermaid hair, although I do.

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