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Racist YouTuber JonTron is even more racist than people already thought he was

Well, he’s already got the uniform

So another YouTube videogamer dude with a ludicrously enormous number of subscribers has started talking like a Nazi.

Jon “JonTron” Jafari built up his fanbase — he’s got more than 3 million subscribers on YouTube — with videos big on jokes and light on politics. But in recent months he’s started talking politics, and of course, this being 2017, it turns out that his politics are pretty terrible Trumpian/alt-right garbage.

Dude, take another look at the picture you just posted. The Founding Fathers wore leggings and powdered wigs. I don’t think a man wearing a pink hat would really faze them. But I digress.

Even some of his most devoted fans began to worry a little when, late in January, JonTron appeared on a 5-hour livestream with reactionary YouTube blabber Carl of Swindon Sargon of Akkad and basically came out as an alt-right fellow traveller.

This Sunday he managed to top even this with a surreal two-hour online debate with fellow YouTube videogamer dude Destiny. It did not go well for him, debate-wise, and over the course of the debate he revealed just how much of a racist idiot he really is.

In the JonTron subreddit, because of course there is such a thing, most of his fans seem to be a bit alarmed by his terrible opinions; he’s also lost more than 10,000 YouTube subscribers.

One industrious Redditor transcribed a number of JonTron’s more, well, colorful statements. Here are a few of them. (I haven’t gone back and checked these against the video because, well, life is short, but I believe these are mostly accurate.)

  • “Wealthy blacks … commit more crime than poor whites, that’s a fact.”
  • “What is so offensive about white people saying they’d like to preserve their demographic majority?”
  • “It’s clear that whites are not allowed to speak up against their demographic um… oblivion.”
  • “[Whites] are not being killed, they’re being displaced. You are the same guy who says that Europeans displaced the native Americans but apparently, when other people do it to white Americans, it’s okay because fuck white people.”
  • “Why is it when the chinese were trying to colonise tibet, why was that a save tibet situation but when it’s white people… I’m using an analogy to try to give a parallel situation so you can see the hypocrisy.”
  • “There is an absolute disproportionate of crime committed to whites by nonwhites. There’s no arguing that, that’s just FBI statistics. But white people are not allowed to address this because it’s called racist by people like you.”
  • “I don’t recall Trump ever saying anything explicitly racist.”
  • “Nobody wants to become a minority in their own country. Why is it bad if they (whites) remain a majority?”
  • “Not all Mexicans are going to go on welfare but a lot of them are going to commit crimes. The El Salvadoreans are going to create the MS13 gangs.”
  • “These days the confederate flag has been banned, they’re burning american flags in the streets. … And I think immigration policies that haven’t been the smartest are partially to blame for that.”
  • “We’ve gotten rid of discrimination in our western countries. If you don’t think we’ve gotten rid of discrimination, you’re living in a fantasy land.”
  • “This oppression in America, it doesn’t exist.”

Though JonTron likes to present himself as a champion of Truth and Reason, most of these are alleged truths are not in fact true, and most of his opinions are decidedly unreasonable. Adding to the surreality: the earnest defender of all things white is himself half Iranian.

I think this calls for the infinite facepalm.

If god forbid you want to listen to the whole damn debate, you can find it here, all 2 hours of it.

I tried to find a watchable video with some excerpts in it, to no avail; the only ones that did contain actual clips tended to be by pasty white dudes more or less defending JonTron.

This video doesn’t have any clips in it, but it summarizes the whole JonTron mess in a relatively non-annoying way, which is really the best you can hope for on YouTube.

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Re: lpers
Does anyone have anything bad to say about Chuggaconroy? Hope not. I liked his Mario 64 playthrough. Then again, this was years ago, so maybe there was some bullshit in that playthrough that I missed…


My propaganda senses are tingling

More of a loud buzz than a tingle

‘Opposite’ is simply wrong. Different, certainly

Bad choice of words? CBD inhibits things that THC activates and vice versa. Not a perfect, 1 to 1 ‘antagonism’. Fair enough

No correlation has been found between cannabis usage and lung cancer


They say ‘dependency’, I say ‘lifesaving daily medicine’

Porque no los dos? More on this later…

See cancer above. Meta-analysis fails to find a correlation

From what I could see (damn paywall), the meta analysis failed to find a causation

none of the studies which claim this appear to have thought of the possibility that persons suffering from schizophrenia are likely to self-medicate

The source I linked mentions, and disputes the relevance of, self medication. I’m sure you could debunk the dispute if you were keen (didn’t sit right with me, but I’m sure how to word why). But the possibility is indeed discussed


Huh, are those actually MJ-related, or like… people who do things both dangerous and requiring your full attention after a smoke ?

‘Cardiovascular complications’. So, maybe they got high, watched a scary movie they weren’t ready for, and went into palpitations (I totally was being a smartass just then 😁)

Now for more later…
@John + dlouwe

I have what you might call a dependency

Does marijuana even have any significant withdrawal effects?

Depends on your definition of significant and withdrawal, I suppose. Dependence on cannabis is incredibly mild. It presents with irritability, depression, insomnia (*finger guns at John*), etc etc. This does not seem to be limited to people who were dealing with these things beforehand. This tends to last a few weeks, being worst in the few days after quitting. Sounds like withdrawal to me *shrugs*

I didn’t read any of the links so sorry if I’m reiterating an old point, but marijuana works on the neurotransmitter anandimide. There are no anandimide receptors in the parts of the brain that regulate breathing and heart rate. That’s why marijuana overdose isn’t really a thing.

If you buy marijuana from a disreputable source, it might be laced with something else though. That could perhaps account for some of those marijuana related fatalities?

From Wikipedia:

There are currently two known subtypes of cannabinoid receptors, termed CB1 and CB2. The CB1 receptor is expressed mainly in the brain (central nervous system or “CNS”), but also in the lungs, liver and kidneys. The CB2 receptor is expressed mainly in the immune system and in hematopoietic cells

The existence of additional cannabinoid receptors has long been suspected, due to the actions of compounds such as abnormal cannabidiol that produce cannabinoid-like effects on blood pressure and inflammation, yet do not activate either CB1 or CB2


the endogenous lipid metabolite of anandamide (also known as arachidonoylethanolamide or AEA), initiates directed microglial migration in the CNS through activation of GPR18

Anandamide is one thing that cannabis acts on, not the only thing, and the main receptors exist outside of the brain as well

That could perhaps account for some of those marijuana related fatalities?

This I don’t know…

Jim talked about his relationship with TotalBiscuit on the newest Podquisiton around the 30 minute mark. Something about something on Jim’s unofficial subreddit or whatever about Biscuit. Don’t know the details because I don’t use reddit.


Jim talked about his relationship with TotalBiscuit on the newest Podquisiton around the 30 minute mark

Just drop him, mate! TB is a fucker supreme in a gator infested sea of fuckers, and he feeds them their chum. I love ya, Jimmy, and you can be friends with whoever ya like. But this guy? Do better…
-me at the screen anytime Jim praises that shitweasel

Also, side note: what does LKB do exactly? Jim has the Quisition stuff, Gavin is Miracle of Sound. I’ve only ever come across Laura in collabs like the Podquisition. What’s her schtick if she has one?

She has her own YouTube channel where she does let’s plays and such. Her Zelda ones are pretty cool, and she is an independent journalist as well.

Comparing illicit drugs to tobacco or alcohol is problematic, since the later are much more widely used, and this also depends on how ‘harm’ is defined, as in immediate risks associated with being high or drunk vs long-term health and psychological impacts.

I’ve read that marijuana smoke contains about 4 times the amount of carcinogenic compounds than that of tobacco, although of course very few users will smoke 10+ joints a day.

There’s also evidence that habitual use in young people can lower cognitive function long-term, so there’s at least some case to be made for an age restriction if it were legalized:

On YouTube gamer/LP people: I am also reccomending the Retsupurae guys. But a LOT of their early videos are extremely uncomfortable, with a lot of ableist or homophobic as well as ‘kill yourself’ comments. They’ve gotten a lot better about it, and Slowbeef has apologized for a lot of their early shitty behavior. These days they focus more on making fun of weird games and kickstarter videos rather than other letsplayers.

More OT: I never got into Jontron aside from finding some of the reaction gifs made out of him funny. But now I can barely even enjoy those, since I know he’s a scummy piece of shit.


Yeah, she reviews games, LPs and she’s freelance writer. Game-related writng wise, she recently did an article on her website about transness in Breath of the Wild which is pretty interesting. Otherwise, I think she does some political stuff. She mentioned writing about Dump for a website.

In fact, she often plugs her website and stuff on the podcasts…you tune out near the end of them, buddy? XD

There’s also evidence that habitual use in young people can lower cognitive function long-term, so there’s at least some case to be made for an age restriction if it were legalized:

IMO the developmental effects on teenagers are on of the best arguments for legalization precisely because there would be that age restriction. When I was in high school, I very rarely drank alcohol. In order to get a hold of it, we had to find someone who was of age or someone who had a fake ID to go buy it. I smoked pot way more than I ever drank. Dealers don’t card. I started smoking it at 13 or 14 but couldn’t really manage to obtain booze until I was 17. In terms of cognitive development, that’s probably a big difference.


In fact, she often plugs her website and stuff on the podcasts…you tune out near the end of them, buddy? XD

Between the Podquisition and Fist Shark Marketing, I’ve heard maybe 20 minutes. Total. Unless I’m directed to the podcasts, I don’t bother with them. Point taken tho XD
And thanks. @Raphael too. I might take a gander 🙂


I get you, dude, although mostly because I forget about them between episodes if they aren’t set in front of me. Fist Shark Marketing any good though? Might be cool to listen to it although l should catch up Welcome to Night Vale first…and Alice Isn’t Dead…and that VTM table top podcast…


Fist Shark Marketing any good though?

Killer premise, well performed, but 20min/ep is too much of my time for the joke they’re telling. YMMV…

I’m late to the party, but just had to drop a plug for Shirley Curry as a LPer. I’ve not watched nearly all of her stuff… but she is of the correct age and demeanor to refer to her viewers as “grandkids”.

She’s a refreshing, gentle contrast to the young shouty types. She’s not especially fussed about being on trend or commenting on the industry, but if you want to watch a grandma have fun on some games she likes, check out her channel.

A lot of good points about cannabis here, especially wrt alcohol & tobacco and legalisation. Considering who the “warondrugs” actually benefits and actually harms, I would advocate legalising (or at least decriminalising) ALL drugs and pouring ALL the warondrugswe’resotough money into education and medical and social care, not ignoring the fact that many drugs are unbelievably harmful but precisely because of it: if people can get any substance under more or less the same conditions that we can now get alcohol, for example, it would not eliminate harm but would significantly reduce it – by allowing us to get something made to regulated standards rather than of varying concentration and cut with unknown substances, and by allowing us to choose less harmful options, and by allowing us to get help. Just look at Portugal and heroin – why the hell aren’t all countries following their example?

Come on, capitalism – you fuck us over every which way from sunday, you can at least help to do the occasional sensible thing too. I despise the tobacco companies, for example, but even they are still better than the current situation.

So I started Fallout 4 and I’m already stuck. At character creation. Can’t get a decent result for the life of me. And by “decent” I mean “not straight out of uncanny valley” and “bears at least some small resemblance to my actual face” – I can’t achieve both at once, for some reason. Maybe I got one of those faces.

Yeah, this will have to do. Just wish they hadn’t fudged the male haircuts again though. What will it take to have decent long hair options ? I mean, there’s like a dozen different variations on “business” cuts. Plus it’s not like a bunch of other RPGs made their entire haircuts selection available to both genders… oh wait, yeah, they have. DaS3 even extends it to beards.

Also I woke up and found this unsent comment :


For most people I know who’ve quit abruptly, it seems you might spend a shitty 3 days or so, after long-term heavy use. Like, irritable and that kind of thing. I guess this could happen during moments of craving – honestly it’s more like a craving than the kinda withdrawal you’ll get from heroin.

In my case I really can’t say ’cause when it happens I’m obviously not very amused at the idea of insomnia in the first place. And again, that’s pre-existing.

@Axecalibur: Re: Chugga:

He seems okay in general, with a few missteps here and there. Nothing blatant, just dumb little statements that make me wince. When he’s with NintendoCapriSun and ProtonJon, they will call him out about it. He can get really grating, which is my one complaint about him.


Comments policy, please.

oops, sorry

I’ll watch it next time

marijuana related fatalities


If people died after ingesting weed, there were other complications or other substances involved. You would have to smoke a joint made of at least 20,000 other joints to fatally overdose. As for the similarities between the effects of pot smoke and cigarette smoke on the lungs:

Light marijuana smokers actually showed improvement in lung function after 20 years. Heavy users showed some decrease, but not to the same degree as cigarette smokers.

Personally, it helps me sleep without having nightmares several times a week. There’s evidence that it disrupts the REM cycle, allowing PTSD sufferers to sleep without dreaming. Most sleep medications have side effects that include intense, vivid dreams, which is like fighting fire with gasoline.

TW: sexual abuse and racism.

OT: there are two Canadian senators currently in the news, and i am angry at both. The first one, Don Meredith, had an affair with a 16 year old. The report found that he had sex with her when she was 17 and again when she was 18, which he denies.

Is it possible he’s denying it because while the age of consent is 16 (for everything excepting anal sex, wonder why… though this is in the process of being changed.), the age of consent with someone in authority, like a senator, is 18?

From the government website:

However, the age of consent is 18 years where the sexual activity “exploits” the young person when it involves prostitution, pornography or occurs in a relationship of authority, trust or dependency (e.g., with a teacher, coach or babysitter). Sexual activity can also be considered exploitative based on the nature and circumstances of the relationship, e.g., the young person’s age, the age difference between the young person and their partner, how the relationship developed (quickly, secretly, or over the Internet) and how the partner may have controlled or influenced the young person.

So… even if he didn’t have sex with her, the secret nature of the relationship as well as explicit messages and chats that probably started before she is 18 would trigger this, i would imagine? (I know there are probably loads of ways to wriggle out of this, or we wouldn’t need people to intrepret the law for us.)

Now he’s saying that calls for his resignation are racially motivated.

I believe him that he has faced racism in the senate. I believe him that he has faced racism in his daily life. But this is about having an affair with a 16 year old, when you are 50 and a senator promising to help her family.


The other news is how the Senator Lynn Beyak, who has a seat on the Senate’s aboriginal peoples committee, has declared that we need to remember the good that residential schools did, and the good intentions of the people running them.

No, seriously.

I can’t even with this. Sure, people thought they were doing good. People don’t typically want to be the bad guy in the story. But intent isn’t magic, and ripping children away from their families in an attempt to obliterate their culture is nothing but bad.

I heard on the radio that she says she’s been getting messages of support from indigenous people. Again, i believe this. Colonialism and racism affect all of us. But she needs to realise this, and not let those messages she likes overpower the ones she doesn’t.

Ughhhh these people are appointed for life terms.

And that is the end of this Canadian OT.

@SJW Sister (if you’re still in this thread)

I was watching the Descent of Man-osphere video for Paul Elam, and that might also be a good one to show. Especially around 25 minutes (or so) when he talks about how Paul Elam says one thing to mainstream media, and a completely different thing to his own people.

I don’t like his insistence on Paul Elam’s eyes, because it is Elam’s views that make him frightening, not any physical characteristic. I was also pretty uncomfortable with his bit about going to prison.

With those caveats, it is an interesting video.

I feel that the best take down of the Red Pill is actually just to contrast what they say in it (things like that they care a lot about male suicide) and then show times when they demonstrably did not, like their tweets pushing for a male to commit suicide.

This site has a lot on Elam. It might be worth searching to see what you can use to help refute the points most effectively for your audience.

Having typed this all out, I’m not sure if it as any help. So… Maybe this helps? Haha.

Rafael, could you just comment on this site, not through your email notifications? Far as I know your comments will show up where they belong then, instead of messing up the timeline.

On cannabis, I love Bill Hicks. “Alcohol kills more people than crack, coke, and heroin combined each year. Marihuana kills noone. And let me put it in a time frame: ever.”


So… even if he didn’t have sex with her, the secret nature of the relationship as well as explicit messages and chats that probably started before she is 18 would trigger this, i would imagine?

I’m powerfully reminded of our city’s first openly gay mayor, Sam Adams, whose administration was hamstrung on day one when a similar situation came into the open shortly after the election. He cried homophobia, the whole gay community in town got into horrible bitter arguments (he still had a lot of supporters). Not a good time.

The other news is how the Senator Lynn Beyak, who has a seat on the Senate’s aboriginal peoples committee, has declared that we need to remember the good that residential schools did, and the good intentions of the people running them.
(Image: A dark-haired white woman is gesturing at her head. Subtitle reads “It..It.. Flames, on the side of my face)
(Image: Captain Picard, arm outstretched, declaiming ‘WTF is this shit?’)

@Dalillama: That dark-haired white woman is the timeless and wonderful Madeline Kahn! (Have you seen the Clue movie?)

Why do you people feel the need to defend my race for me? Jon is not racist im sure I could talk to the guy and have a good conversation about any random shit. So what he disagrees with me in some places? I know what’s in his head but I don’t know what’s in the mans heart. I a black liberal who dislikes Donald trump with a passion stand with a guy who gives me what we need: the ability to stop. And laugh. But no I’ll probably be called a brainwashed fanboy won’t I? Well it was worth a shot. I’m gonna go and…get a life now.

As an Iranian I have to say, I’m ashamed that this person is half-Iranian and for the billionth time, Iranians are Aryans and Aryans are ALL WHITE even if unlike this one they have a more bronze-ish complexion!
And, uhum, what does he actually mean by “incompatible countries”?
Clearly he doesn’t even have enough knowledge about his own father’s country (as an example) to realize that the distance or closeness of countries depend on what the regimes or governments see convenient for themselves like how things are with that Trump! Wasn’t the US and Iran ‘close’ in the 50s? And again, uhum, it was the US politicians who came up with the plot to stop Iran from making progress as quickly as it was due to fear of Iran taking over the region that resulted in them assisting the current regime to take office and stopping Iran from pretty much doing anything thusfar! So, what’s compatible with what again? This kid doesn’t even know where he’s coming from .. smh
And in case someone’s gonna say he’s just trying to fit in by offending part of himself, pretending to be against where you’re coming from is not gonna change the reality and we can see it well now that racism very easily wins under Trump administration, so he’s still gonna be viewed as part Iranian by pretty much everyone (but himself apparently)!

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