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Psychedelic Psean Pspycer: 5 pics of Trump’s press secretary on shrooms, allegedly

What’s so funny about peace, love and understanding?

Sean Spicer often seems as though he’s living in an alternate reality. I’ve been assuming that’s because, well, basically his job is to present bald-faced lies to the press and pretend that Donald Trump’s various pronouncements on any given subject aren’t a random mess of contradictions.

But what if the real explanation is that Spicer is just really, really high?

And so, in the tradition of previous posts like 10 pictures of Donald Trump with a tiny smoosh face and Six creepily filtered pics of Donald Trump, because why not?, I present to you Five Pics of Psychedelic Psean Pspycer.

In case you’re wondering, I made these with custom filters based on 60s era psychedelic posters on Click on the pics to see them full size. Warning: Your mind may be blown.

Far freakin out
Well that’s just like your opinion, man
Have you ever really looked at your index finger, I mean really looked
I hope no one can tell how high I am right now
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5 years ago

@ Alex Stallwitz

Well, Spicer has certainly been involved in embarrassing broadcasting incidents…

(Don’t research what I allude to if you don’t know what it is, its creepy as hell…)


OT, but does anyone know if your tweets are still visible if you delete your Twitter account- I want to start a new account so I can add friends, but don’t want my current account tweets to disappear, they’re troll takedowns.


He may have been high, but I don’t imagine he liked hippies very much…

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