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Roosh V: Fight the media’s “globohomo” agenda by mocking journalists’ looks

I would never mock anything about Roosh

Ironic rape-legalization proponent Roosh Valizadeh would like his terrible followers to declare war on the evil media that has said so many not-very-nice things about him, often by simply quoting things he has said.

Reflecting on his own experience as a media darling last year, Roosh informs his readers in a blog post that

Being part of a dissident movement that wants to affect societal change will put you on the media’s radar, leading to the assignment of a team of journalists to marginalize your movement’s views. They’ll produce dozens of content pieces that make your movement appear more threatening than Hitler, all while advancing their globohomo agenda.

Yes, he did actually accuse the media of having a “globohomo agenda.”

He also misused the word “affect,” but I think we can let that slide.

While you may appreciate the work I’ve done, its malicious distortion strengthened myths such as “rape culture” and “toxic misogyny” for no concrete benefit except to make me infamous. I can accept that every time I am in the news, I help the enemy, because their false constructions and accusations help their side more than ours.

Darn those globohomos and their globohomoing ways!

Aside from not being an infamous reactionary “pickup artist,” how can you fight the evil globohomo media? By revealing “how the media has colluded with the establishment machine to present fake news to the public.”

And if you don’t have any proof that the evil globohomo media has actually done anything wrong? Talk about how ugly they are.

If you don’t have evidence that journalists are colluding with establishment forces, make fun of them. Make them appear as “uncool” salarymen in the eyes of the public. Mock their appearance, their mannerisms, and their weaknesses. Insult their intelligence as teleprompter-reading puppets. Bring to light their privileged, decadent, and amoral lifestyles that puts them out of touch to anyone who lives in but a handful of coastal cities.

I’ve done a little research and found this photo of some evil journalists living “privileged, decadent, and amoral lifestyles.”

Decadent journalists at work?

Oh, wait, I am being told that those are not journalists. Never mind.

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@JS: You may be right. Maybe some subjects were so surrounded by yes-people, they couldn’t see the mockery. OFC, I was only a teenager in those days. I took it to be mockery, for the most part.

There was some pretty un-PC humor in that program, too. For example, about a wealthy gay male couple with a vacation home in Switzerland: “Their Swish-Chalet”. (If this is offensive, please delete, David.)

Shaking things up- kinda like ” Shake-and-Bake Meth”.

I remember watching Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous when I was probably around 10. I didn’t see it as mocking but more of a bragging session.



That’s… not Melania. 🙁

Did I fuck up? Sometimes I can’t tell if I fucked up.

I’ve always looked at that picture and presumed it was The Don, Melania and Barron.

… Is it Ivanka? Ewwwwwww.

@Kupo: I can see your POV, too. I guess part of it is what a viewer brings to an experience. My attitude was, “Awwww, you can’t be serious…”

@Falconer & IP: I think she’s his current wife…or an android, ha ha! It looks very photoshopped, to me.

The only things in that Trump “family photo” that look like they could actually be in the room are, strangely enough, the toy cars. But I think that’s just because they’re small, and whoever comped the photo lucked out that they matched the perspective of the shot really well.

If you look at the small, crisp shadows in front of the cars and the lion’s feet, it looks like they were probably both taken in a photo together. But when you see the lack of those “front” shadows on Donald’s and Melania’s feet – and compare that to the muddy burn-tool-looking shadows behind everything – it’s pretty clear that it’s a composite. (Like, aside from the fact that everything looks like cut-out cardboard)

That photo is part of a photoshoot from 2010: Melania, Donald, and Barron Trump at Home Shoot.

Snope’s did a Fact Check on it on August 23, 2016.

The Globohomo Conspiracy operates from the shadows of a brightly lit room.

Make them appear as “uncool” salarymen in the eyes of the public.

Because when I think cool, I think Trump fanboys who spend entire days complaining about women on the internet and unironically use the term “globohomo agenda.”

Mock their appearance, their mannerisms, and their weaknesses. Insult their intelligence as teleprompter-reading puppets.

Because when I think intelligent, physically attractive people without any weaknesses or mockable mannerisms, I think people who try being assholes to women and are then surprised when it doesn’t get them sex.

Bring to light their privileged, decadent, and amoral lifestyles that puts them out of touch to anyone who lives in but a handful of coastal cities.

One: shouldn’t that be anyone who doesn’t live in said costal cities? Two: not like New York, LA and the Bay Area alone account for 15% of Americans or anything. I mean, New York? 23 million people? Pfffffffff, that would only make it the third largest state in the country, who cares about that one-horse town?

@RosieLa, It’s SOP for fashion and even portrait photographers to attach wires or clips or tape in the pursuit of hyper-reality. I imagine the cape is indeed being held wide with fishing line.

Enough starch to feed a family in that cloak, at any rate. If you gave it a shake, I bet potato salad would fall out.

Does anyone else think that “globohomos” sound like a beastie made up by L. Frank Baum or perhaps Jonathan Swift? Herds of gentle, majestic globohomos, rolling gently across the plain, silent save for the hootings of their young, coming together in a single moonlit caucus once every sixteen years to argue whether they should be for or against rayon?

Sadly, these sorts of thoughts are the consequence of a life lived free of marijuana and other U.S.-illegal drugs. They could probably use my maunderings as an argument for legalization…

I think Trump beat Roosh to the punch on the whole “mocking reporters for their appearance/mannerisms/disabilities” thing.

Sorry, Mammotheers, but here’s an early start on the Wednesday Trump Disaster:

Army Corps Ordered to Proceed With Dakota Access Pipeline Construction

Politico reports that the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is vowing legal action against this decision, arguing that it’s illegal and dangerous for the Army Corps to approve the easement without conducting the review. In a statement, the Tribe notes that technically, the Army Corps doesn’t have the legal right to issue the easement and complete the project, saying that “The Corps must review the Presidential Memorandum, notify Congress, and actually grant the easement.”

They continue:

“To abandon the [review] would amount to a wholly unexplained and arbitrary change based on the President’s personal views and, potentially, personal investments. We stand ready to fight this battle against corporate interest superseding government procedure and the health and well-being of millions of Americans.”

And here’s the first comment on Jezebel:

Sumayyah Hariri
1/31/17 11:17pm

These assholes are trying to spread the opposition thin. We’re ready to fight them on every front.

@Jarnsaxa: well said! Indeed, I’d be hard pushed to think of anyone who’d be scared of Roosh.

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