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Watch out, gals, or feminism will give you a man-jaw, dude who hates feminists explains

They started with the unisex pants,. Then moved on to fingers. Next stop, UNISEX JAWLINES?

Ladies! Have you felt your jaw lately? Does it seem a bit … square to you? Maybe a little bit too square?

This could be the result of TOO MUCH FEMINISM, according to some dude who writes for the ongoing internet dumpster fire known as Return of Kings.

In a recent post looking at the allegedly dire results of fifty years of feminism, “Relampago Furioso” warns that one of the most dire “end results of feminism” is the proliferation of “man-jawed women” who look sorta like dudes.

Mr. Furioso quotes, without linking to it, a recent study that looked to see if feminist activist lady women are more “masculinized” than your standard issue lady women.

The study-conductors gave feminist activists a test to see how bossy they are, and measured the length of their ring and index fingers, because apparently fetuses exposed to a more masculine mix of sex hormones at a critical stage of their stay in the womb end up with ring fingers longer than their index fingers.

Turned out the feminist activist lady women were pretty bossy, and they also had “significantly more masculine 2D:4D” finger ratios!

And so, despite the fact that the only physically “masculine” trait discussed in the research is this finger thing — which is determined by sex hormones in the womb, not by anything one does as an adult — Mr. Furioso seems to think that feminist “indoctrination” will cause ladies to develop unsightly “man-jaws.”

If you think women are becoming manlier—they are. In fact, it’s becoming clearer sexual dimorphism (distinct male and female appearance and behavior) is an enemy of social engineers who want to see the sexes blend into one androgynous human pod in the coming generations.

An androgynous human pod? OH NO IT’S ALREADY HAPPENING!

Mr. Furioso quotes from the bossy lady finger study, and then offers this “translation.”

Feminists have a ton of testosterone coursing through their veins, and as more women are taught to act like men instead of being nurturing mothers even more man-jaws will emerge in the years ahead.

Lady from esurance ad, your rebuttal?

Mr. Furioso, your final statement?

It seems social engineers are catering to already existing instincts in women by encouraging them to be copies of men rather than copies of their grandmothers, bringing out the worst in women rather than the best.

Wait, this dude writing for a website run by a pickup artist who fetishizes very young women wants women to be copies of their grandmothers?

Honestly, dudes, do you actually think any of this through before posting it?

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I still don’t get it ._.

Wait, unless “proceedings” is not supposed to be part of the acronym ? But then I don’t even get what the sentence means.

… yeah I must be a five year old too, because I thought of that after posting (and stumbling on another mention of PNAS elsewhere, which has to be the weirdest coincidence ever, especially now that I know). I kinda doubted it though, so thanks :p

Yeah, as a person who works in a lab, PNAS is definitely the butt of a lot of jokes around here for that acronym. Because scientists are all secretly twelve and love us some penis jokes.

Also, “Frontiers in Psychology” is a subsidiary of what’s considered to be a predatory journal, aka a journal that takes large amounts of money to publish essentially anything, without peer review. And this article is from 2014 and has been cited once, which in psychology (a pretty fast moving field compared to many) is pathetic. That citation was in German, so no idea if it was agreeing or disagreeing, but at least this probable bullshit is being rightfully ignored by the field at large.

In-depth and thought-provoking criticism from Anonymous there. Could we be witnessing the birth of the next Ebert just in time to save the mainstream media?

This website sucks

Well, thanks for stopping by again to tell us. See you next month!

For grandmothers, I got a flapper and a Rosie the Riveter. Oh, and long ring fingers. What do I win?

My grandma would have eaten these assholes for breakfast. She was an archer, a horseback rider, a milliner, and a sex worker. This was a financially-independent woman and single mother- in the 1960’s- who used her enormous rack to get ahead, with no shame. She was only five feet tall, but she was so mean she could tear down a man twice her size with a look. She was a boss bitch, a queen, and a maneater, and she literally filed her fingernails into sharp points so she should use them as close-range weapons.

People should definitely be more like her.

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