no trolls allowed open thread trump

Will Trump kill us all? Friday Night Open Thread

Our bright future under Trump?

With Trump talking about starting a new nuclear arms race, this may not be a rhetorical question. Discuss. No trolls or Trump supporters.

I’m also putting up a No-Trump-talk thread for those who’d rather talk about anything other than Trump.

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Sinkable John : Pansy Ass Pinko, Regicidal Beast-of-Burden
Sinkable John : Pansy Ass Pinko, Regicidal Beast-of-Burden
5 years ago

The ‘presidential android’ thing was a joke (though such things can develop an alarming life of their own)

That’s how I took it at first, and my birth certificate remark was also a joke.

But then it did develop an alarming life of its own.

Only problem is in deciding which allegation to go with. I really love Chuck Tingle’s pseudo-lovecraftian-tingler angle, for example.

True satire does still exist, and keeps proving that love is real.

5 years ago


French fries were called freedom fries. French toast became freedom toast. People boycotted French products. It was ridiculous.

Oh man, I had forgotten about that. I remember how French’s brand had to put out a notice that they’re actually an American company because people were refusing to buy their mustard (how anyone could think the most American-style mustard is French is beyond me).

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