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Friday Night No-Trump Dance Party: Open thread for not talking about Trump


An open thread for talking about anything BUT Trump. No trolls, no Trump fans even if you don’t talk about Trump.

There’s another open thread for talking about that man who will soon be in the White House.

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Not much to say really. I hope everyone has a happy holiday, and that 2017 will be better. Sweet dreams, all.

Happy Hogswatch season everyone. I’m working tomorrow, and spending the following day in bed with a book and a bottle of wine. I got a new job, and as of Tuesday have no days off. which is gonna be fun.

Oogly, depending on the type of math, purple math might explain it in a way that makes more sense to you. But last I checked (a few years ago) they didn’t have any calculus. Not sure what you’re learning now. Also don’t forget there are smart people here who might be able to help. 🙂

Is anyone else bothered by that viral video going around about an autistic girl who can sing well?* It pisses me off whenever I see it, and it’s hitting my Facebook feed every 5 minutes. :/

*I really hope I don’t have to explain what’s wrong with it, but if I do just let me know.

Hey. Haven’t been around much since the election.

Not much to talk about, been making cookies for Cookiemas (that’s what I say it is).

Hope everyone’s holidays are going well. If Sinkable John’s here, I haven’t checked that thread recently, so I’m sorry if you were trying to talk to me. I have a bad habit of losing threads.

I had a question for folks here. There seem to be a good number of history majors who actually found something to do with their degree. My partner has a BS in History, and he’s been trying to find work with it. We’re trying to get him out of his current workplace, as they’ve started shorting their employees’ paychecks and don’t compensate him properly for the responsibilities they give him anyway. I was wondering if anyone knew of any opportunities for someone with his education. He focused on American history, little-known human rights cases and such. We’re beyond willing to relocate, but we have next to no resources. Our city’s one of those decaying industrial hubs, so everyone we know is barely surviving. There isn’t really much around here for anyone with a degree in anything (in fact, several people I worked with over the years in service positions had more than one graduate degree). We are close to Chicago, but not close enough that a commute would be easy. He said he couldn’t find much there anyway. Most people want a graduate degree, but it’s hard to get one of those when you can’t even make basic bills.

Sorry if this is weird, feel free to ignore, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to see if anyone has ideas. Things are grim for my family right now.

If anyone here has ever struggled with that thought about how you’re fated to be foreveralone because of your bad feature X and conquered it, please share your wisdom. I just got dumped, and it’s something I have to work through every time this happens. Unfortunately, I’m remarkably good at finding holes in comforting thoughts, and I have a long history full of evidence that my chronic depression will indeed ruin every relationship I get into, so I haven’t found an antidote yet.

@ ryeash
I got nothing for you except good wishes. And maybe I can help you feel a bit less weird since there’s two of us now turning this into an advice forum. <:

That image reminded me to check when my copy of YOU SHALL DIE BY YOUR OWN EVIL CREATION! is showing up. They’ve had the order for over a month and it still isn’t filled or cancelled :T Boo.

@Ooglyboggles: Math can be wack! Do you have trouble with the concepts? Or the vocabulary? Or that numbers are symbols of an imperfect system of our brains struggling to understand the meaning of things? (I have trouble with the latter, and get confused about how numbers work or what order they go in)

Oh dear. My mum’s in hospital and won’t be out for Xmas Day.

She’s got something-or-other wrong with her blood.(Don’t forget she’s over 90.) They’ve been giving her blood thinners – not warfarin – and it seems to be working too well. She stopped it over a week ago when she had some little nosebleeds, but not good enough. More bleeding elsewhere.

So she had an infusion of platelets yesterday(?) and is having regular transfusions each night. The platelet business was only available after the DVA (Vets administration people) gave explicit approval for this apparently super expensive procedure.

She might even have to stay until after NYE. Basically 2 or 3 blood tests a day until everything is a) normal, and b) has stayed that way for a set period of time. Fortunately, she doesn’t actually feel ill, though I suspect she’ll be complaining of pincushion syndrome before long. Too many tests. But it means she’s happy with visitors and, joy of joys, my daughter and SIL took the baby great-granddaughter to see her this afternoon while I was on the phone with her. Pleased as punch.

That’s one less at the table tomorrow, but everyone will be taking pics of the bub for the whole day. So she won’t have missed much.

2016 has been the worst year of my life, by far….
My dad got much worse (cancer). My uncle suddenly died in November. Then my dad died on Monday this week… Thursday was my 25th birthday 🙁 My brothers and I are super busy planning the funeral and hoping that we’ll be able to afford it somehow. Now it’s Christmas and we’re all just miserable and sad….

2017 can not possibly be worse….

I hate Xmas. All it is to me is forced religion, forced gender roles, abuse, fighting, stress, being broke, a ton of cleaning and cooking and work, annoying songs on loop, angry customers, crowd anxiety, lines lines lines lines, and my shitty family fighting some more. bah fucking humbug.
eta all while being required to smile

I made a beautiful lemon cake with my son with candied orange slices as decoration. Never made candied orange slices before, they might be bitter, but they sure look pretty. Peeps coming over for Christmas eve dinner tonight – I better get cookin’.

Sadly, I ended up inviting the asshole ex for Christmas dinner to resolve a dispute. I know my kindness won’t be repaid by him thinking of me in a similar situation. I’m dreading the criticism and the little put downs. He’s a Trump supporter, so I hope he has the sense not to mention politics. It’s kinda putting a cloud over proceedings. I don’t know how to stop thinking about it and enjoy the moment enough.

All the best wishes I can possibly muster, to those gritting their teeth and keeping their heads down as best they can this weekend (and to those enjoying a good one too 🙂 ). Virtual {{{hugs}}} if anyone wants one!

And thank you all for being here.

Best of wishes to everyone. Looking forward to some ‘Dr Who’ tomorrow evening. Anybody have specific television or box set binge watch plans ?

Apparently the flu a few weeks ago wasn’t enough, now I gotta deal with a stupid cold. That’s already bad on its own, but my well-being and ability to sleep kinda depend on my lungs functionning properly. A blocked nose is one thing, but whatever the hell is going on in my throat fucked up my intake last night and I couldn’t sleep well at all. So of course I’ve been cranky all morning, and I can’t even smoke one to calm myself down : I tried, actually, and that was just more wasted stuff.

Can’t have a normal life without stuff that’s both illegal and expensive enough that I don’t get to buy anything else for myself. And now my own body is going “fuck that” and refusing to even let it work. Because of a damn cold. It’s just ridiculous.

Okay, done ranting.


Have a very merry. I’m sending you all of the love and hugs and best wishes, and I’d also send my chocolates if I could. Take care of yourselves as best you can and retreat here if the family gatherings get conflictual, or if you’re spending the holiday alone.


I’m sorry, I’ve done like zero work on that, for reasons in part stated above. I’ve been collecting some of the data that’s needed, but that’s about it. Turns out that my ability to write anything structured has actually gotten worse since high school, and that alone is quite the feat considering that it was already bad enough to be the whole reason I failed to graduate in the first place.

I’ll… try and get something done.

@dust bunny

I don’t have an answer, because I’m pretty much the same. I’m sorry you feel that way. For what little it’s worth, I hope it gets better eventually.

Now, I’ve been told by people on here that it doesn’t change anything to who I am, so I wanna relay that too. Depression doesn’t actually make us any worse as people, no matter how strongly we feel that way.

And maybe I can help you feel a bit less weird since there’s two of us now turning this into an advice forum. <:

And don’t worry about that. Look closely enough and you’ll have a hard time finding anyone here who hasn’t done that, heh. It’s certainly not a bad thing either.

Heya, all.

I hope all here have a happy – or at least tolerable – Thingmas, and if you don’t celebrate a holiday this time of the year, I hope that you have a pleasant spate of time doing something you personally enjoy, even if that’s just sleeping or playing couch burrito with silly movies on. (@Kevin: I stocked up on Godzilla movies from the library. Godzilla vs. Mothra is my favorite!)

Now on second week of work at new job – I am starting to think it will stick, and I don’t have to be afraid of being suddenly unemployed anymore. Co-workers seem to like me – we’re all nerdy geeks together – and the work isn’t too tough, though eight hours of being on my feet wipes me out pretty hard. I think that will get easier as my body adjusts to working full time again.

I’m up in the Frozen North (Wisconsin), so we actually got snow for Thingmas – just the right amount, actually, not so much that travel is impossible, but enough to make everything pretty. I love it when snow sits on all the branches and the trees are just abstract geometric designs of black bark and white snow. A friend of mine put together an Orphan’s Xmas party, for folks who don’t have family a/or don’t want to be with their blood relations, and I’m making a big dish of foods for that.

This is the darkest time of year for us northern-hemisphere folks, but the light will come back little by little. It has every year so far!

I hope that will be true in other spheres as well, you know? Peace and good will to all’a’yall.

It’s a hard time of year for many of us, and this has been a hard year for many of us. I feel it too. At its best, the holiday offers hope for better times. You don’t have to be into the Christian significance of Christmas to appreciate that, because remember, it’s originally a pagan holiday and although the theology is different the underlying message is pretty similar.

My condoleances, @ worried hobbit, may 2017 truly be better.

@ dustbunny. I’ve suffered from depression and as an autistic person also struggled with relationships. When your depression keeps telling you you’re unlovable anyway it certainly doesn’t help. The only thing I can suggest is that you remind yourself that this is that is happening – it’s hard to get over this, especially when you have depression, so it’s ok to mourn, just remember the voice telling you you’re not worthy has its own agenda so take what it says with a grain of salt 🙂

@kupo haven’t looked at the video but folks have been sharing. Since I’m an autistic singer -songwriter I don’t get the “novelty value” of people like me having musical talent.

@dust bunny
I am the same way. My best advice is to focus on you and what changes you want to make (if any) so that you can feel happier. It won’t make the nagging voice in the back of your mind go away, but it will make the focus on you instead of on pleasing other people. And if your brain tells you that you have to settle for someone who doesn’t love everything about you (or at least all the important things), your brain is a liar.

I hopeyour mum gets well soon.

@Worried Hobbit
I’m sorry. That sounds like a lot to deal with. I hope 2017 treats you better.

@Conan the Librarian
I haven’t watched it either because I don’t want to reward their click bait. It mainly pisses me off because of the headlines attached all acting like it’s some kind of miracle that the child has musical talent.

@Worried Hobbit – My condolences about your father. And it’s hard to feel good about birthdays when they’re surrounded by so much horrible stuff – I hope you have more to be happy about next time.

@mildlymagnificent – Hope your mother continues to do better.

I’m doing pretty well right now. For the first time in my life, I have my own phone! Plus, since I work in an education service, I have two weeks off for the holidays (except for some proofreading and beading, but I consider the beading more fun than work). My cousin is coming for Christmas tomorrow and she’s bringing her dog, which I haven’t seen for a couple months, so I’m excited.

With my parents, the holiday deal is to open presents after lunch with family, and then have a big dinner, possibly with other guests. My parents invited a neighbour who might monopolize conversations and make my cousin bored, but I don’t foresee any serious conflicts.

Worried Hobbit – All the condolences and internet hugs you wish to accept from me. Your situation hit me in all my feels; lost my dad to cancer a year ago last October and my favorite aunt in two months ago.

Best wishes to everyone else, too! David, his blog and all the Mammothers are the absolute best and I’m always thankful to be able to come here and lurk and even occasionally comment.

@dust bunny

Thanks for the solidarity, and all of the hugs if you want them. I’ve been there. Still am pretty often, even after close to four years of a really solid relationship. I’m sure you already know that it’s the depression talking, but I’ll go ahead and remind you that it’s the asshole depression talking. The person who will fit best in your life will be understanding about what you’re going through–or at least willing to try to be so. You need people around you who will support you more than you just need people around you. An illness isn’t a personal failing, and no one should be making you feel that way.

@Sinkable John

You are all good, I was making sure I didn’t just disappear in the middle of a conversation. I can definitely relate to losing the ability to structure my writing. I graduated high school, but I was homeless off and on soon after and didn’t make it very far through college. Can definitely also relate to everything you said about smoking. I tried to quit for awhile to save money and get clean for a job that hair tests, but I was violently reminded why that’s a bad idea by about a month and a half of nightmares and panic attacks several times a week. I don’t dream except for the occasional breakthrough one when I smoke, you see. I was finally so desperate for a full night of sleep that I just went back to smoking and gave up on the idea of what little factory work still exists around here. Fucking vicious cycles, man.


I don’t dream except for the occasional breakthrough one when I smoke, you see.

Hoo yeah I see. Same here, except it’s not the nightmares I want to avoid. They’re over when you wake up, and it’s the same reason why I hate the other dreams. I’m alright with not dreaming at all/not remembering any dreams (still unclear which one it actually is).

It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad, the hurdles on our ways and the sacrifices we have to make because governments are stupid enough to forbid that stuff, not to mention the social stigma. It’s gotta change eventually though. Stay strong !

@ ryeash, I hope that Santa brings you and yours some work for Christmas. I can’t give you any direct leads, but I’m good at rambling, so maybe I can at least help you get a different perspective on what he could do.

When I think “Historian”, I think “storyteller”. That’s really what being a historian is, it’s about understanding the story of the past and (sometimes) communicating it. It’s a tough job, because while it requires a lot of work and research and knowledge to be a historian, most people don’t really respect it because it doesn’t produce anything. At the same time? We all love stories. A deep understanding of history is worth its weight in gold, and can certainly be spun into profit with some creativity.

My suggestion is that he start writing news articles or a blog, connecting current events to historical moments. Build up a portfolio of writing and try to get some freelance journalism work. That’s the sort of thing that you can do from home and sell anywhere. My cousin did this and, after a long struggle, managed to land himself a good job with a pension and benefits and the whole thing.

It’s certainly a crap shoot, but it’s something that can be done while still job hunting and it actually involves the thing he’s interested in and passionate about (I assume!). Suggest that he spends an hour a day on it – just one hour, which shouldn’t be too bad if he isn’t working and doesn’t have responsibilities beyond getting work. Encourage him to make them polished and to publish them somewhere. Heck, encourage him to start writing comments here to warm up, if you want – he can provide historical insights into things David comments about. Anything to get some inertia going.

I really hope things work out for you guys. My suggestion’s certainly pie-in-the-sky, but if I didn’t believe in sky-pie I wouldn’t be a researcher of artificial intelligence today – I’d be a slowly dissolving phone jockey in a warehouse somewhere.

You can do the thing! Go get your sky-pie, it’s delicious.

Here’s Christmas Eve dinner!

Potato gratin, Quorn Christmas special cooked in a crockpot, green beans with mushrooms and toasted almonds, gravy from tawny port, butter, brown sugar, dried cranberries, cream, thyme, etc, and home made Manitoba cream bread. And tawny port in the glass. 🙂

Better pic of just the bread.

Fingie had a cat food sandwich.

So I got off work today and went to Walmart to do some grocery/stocking stuffer shopping for roommates, since they’re out of town for the day.

I found their big box of two dollar blind bags, which I thought they got rid of but they simply moved it to elsewhere in the toy section. I got some for the roommates’ stockings and a couple Deadpool ones for myself.

And I found the Borderlands Triple Pack for thirty bucks, but it rang up just shy of twenty, to my delight.

The Triple Pack has the three main games (Borderlands, Borderlands 2, and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel), and all their DLC.

For 20 bucks.

So now I’m sitting here on the couch installing ALL THE DLC for Borderlands 2.

And I have a week off from work starting today.

Today was an eeeh day that ended up great. I think I used up some of my stored karma.

@Petal: your cat likes bread?

A friend of mine had a cat who brought him a wrapped loaf once. He wasn’t interested in it but maybe he figured “the humans eat this silly stuff, maybe they’ll start hunting with me if I show I can get it.”

Bread can be very bad for kitties. I had one that loved crunchy things, especially pizza crust, and the vet warned me not to let her eat it, so after I learned that she’d just look sad at me while I ate, then steal it if I wasn’t looking.

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, and I’m pretty sure we’ll get it. It’s -30 out and there’s a foot or two of snow, so I think it’ll still be here another two hours.

Unlike at the North Pole, where it’s just barely freezing.

Skiing today was beautiful. I saw my first sun dogs. We see northern lights every clear night.

I screwed up one thing with my dress: my coat is too warm for skiing!

Things are grim for my family right now

If anyone here has ever struggled with that thought about how you’re fated to be foreveralone because of your bad feature X and conquered it, please share your wisdom

My mum’s in hospital and won’t be out for Xmas Day

Now it’s Christmas and we’re all just miserable and sad…

I don’t know how to stop thinking about it and enjoy the moment enough

Apparently the flu a few weeks ago wasn’t enough, now I gotta deal with a stupid cold

lost my dad to cancer a year ago last October and my favorite aunt in two months ago

Love and Hugs, everyone. It ain’t much, but it’s what I have. And I know that to somebody, it could mean everything. People are listening. People care <3

@Sinkable John

I’m alright with not dreaming at all/not remembering any dreams (still unclear which one it actually is).

Word. They were trying to add PTSD to the list of conditions for medical mj in my state because of the fact that there’s evidence it interferes with REM sleep and helps with flashback nightmares along with possibly aiding in the extinction of traumatic memories, but fucking Rauner blocked it. Things aren’t looking pretty with anti-mj Trump coming into office, either. But on the plus side, legalizing recreational has support among a majority of millennial Republicans and nearly half of Gen-X Republicans, and maybe Trump will be too busy trying to nuke us all to death to keep us from being high while he does it!

Stay strong !

You too, my friend! The tide is turning, it’s just taking its sweet time about it.


I really hope things work out for you guys. My suggestion’s certainly pie-in-the-sky, but if I didn’t believe in sky-pie I wouldn’t be a researcher of artificial intelligence today – I’d be a slowly dissolving phone jockey in a warehouse somewhere.

You can do the thing! Go get your sky-pie, it’s delicious.

Thank you so much! I’ve tried to talk him into doing freelance stuff, but he gets super anxious about his own work. I should keep on him about it, because he is an excellent writer and knows more about his subject than I’ve probably ever known about anything. I’m just never sure how to go about motivating him without coming off as “naggy” or controlling.

You’ve inspired me to go after my own sky-pie, though. I’ve been teaching myself game development for the last several months. It’s coming along well, but I’m just as anxious about my work as my partner is about his so I get discouraged sometimes. I’m going to take your words to heart and keep pushing forward 🙂


I hope things get better all around. Holidays only recently started being good for me, and I hope someday they can be happy times for everyone.


Happy Holidays from this silly kaiju fanboy and may your holidays be as stress free and happy as possible. You dudes are all aces in my book.

@Abars01 I almost want to message them “Awwww, is pooor widdle snookums unhappy? Poor ting!’ and pinch their cheeks. 😀

@kupo, those two blokes in the Shane advert do look lovely!

Being able to drop in here for a quick read is a good seasonal survival help. Heartfelt best wishes, and thank you all again for being here and thank you David for building this house!

Happy Saturnalia, one and all!

I’m currently with my father’s girlfriend’s family. We are devouring more canapes than have ever existed before in the world. The dogs are hovering underfoot, convinced that if they look innocent enough then they will be given people-food as well.

I know, there’s a better one with those two adorable men but I couldn’t find it in a format that would embed. I saw that in my news feed and was so happy.

Just came home from an enjoyable Christmas dinner with wonderhusband and both of our sons. Another local Chinese restaurant. The younger son is fifteen now and really becoming fun to be around (note: not sarcastic). Then home for some of husband’s excellent apple pie.

Seasonal decoration didn’t happen this year, *but* husband took two full days off in a row. That hasn’t happened for months, and it was all I really wanted.

@Dust Bunny;

I want to offer some support, because I’ve been going through something similar and it’s starting to look better.

My girlfriend of nearly two years (my longest relationship) broke up with me in June, and a big part of the reason was my depression/anxiety as it manifested through my incredibly introverted personality. Her best friend had similar problems but was extroverted and more likely to cry on her shoulder. My girlfriend could make sense of that. I tend to isolate myself and stop going outside. Since my girlfriend is an extrovert, that was difficult for her to deal with. She wanted to help me, but we ultimately had very different expectations. I would want to stay inside and watch movies while she wanted to go out and mingle with her high energy friends. We couldn’t make each other happy.

But I cared about her a lot, and even though it’s been six months I still feel skittish and sad. Being ace and pan on top of it all makes dating difficult to navigate. But I have met someone who is introverted, ace, struggles with depression as well and doesn’t like binary gender roles. Everything that I thought made me too broken to date are things he has struggled with too. Both of us have a lot of insecurities to deal with, but since they are struggles we share it’s been nice getting to know him. Every time I think I’m going to scare him off because I don’t have enough energy and have to remove myself from crowds periodically, I find out that it’s not weird to him.

I don’t know how it will all work out. I’ve been feeling so down lately that I just don’t feel like I’m being my best self. I jokingly call myself a freak and mean it, because I feel so isolated. But at least to one person who is interested in me romantically (and a handful who love me platonically) I’m not strange at all. I’m relatable, have a good heart and stalwart convictions in spite of it all. When we have depression we need to look more actively for what’s good and desirable in ourselves, but it’s there. I look to the people who believe in me to see it.*

*I know this can be a dangerous mentality, but I was raised by an abusive manipulator who was completely blind to her own flaws and bad behavior, so I always fear becoming that sort of unreliable narrator. The people who live outside my head seem important to listen to, to make sure I avoid those pitfalls, even as I must remember a lot of them are intolerant toward those who suffer mental illness. It’s not an easy tightrope to walk.


Whoa! We actually caught a 100% Nidoran (female) yesterday. 🙂 I’m out of candies but I reeeaaally hope it ends up with decent moves as a Nidoqueen.

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