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I made some propaganda posters! You should too!

Fight the giant floating head of Trump!
Fight the giant floating head of Trump!

So I made some propaganda posters. Well, technically speaking, I took some old propaganda posters and turned them into anti-Trump, anti-alt right posters. Yes, they’re a bit silly, but (to very loosely paraphrase the terrible Barry Goldwater) silliness in defense of liberty is no vice; humorlessness in pursuit of justice is no virtue.

Join in! There are a gazillion old propaganda posters that could easily be turned into anti-Trump/anti-alt right posters, even if you’re no graphics whiz. Allied propaganda posters from WWII work well; so do anti-Communist posters from the height of the cold war.

You can find a yuuuge 9-part series of posts featuring WWII propaganda here. And several hundred propaganda posters I’ve collected together on Pinterest. And if like me you’re too lazy to cut out Trump heads for photoshopping, there are a bunch already pre-cut-out for you.

Some of my other posters:




EDIT: I made an alternate version of the first one that I think is better:


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That giant floating head of Cinnamon Hitler reminds me of Zardoz.

THE GUN IS GOOD. THE PENIS IS BAD. Or something like that.


Come home to WHTM for a while before you brave youtube comment sections again! *hugs*

My very bad phone didn’t let me see this at the end of your post! Just saw it now via laptop.
Thank you, and damn good advice <3

(posted this in another thread, but in case that one’s dropped off the bottom of screens)

for USAnian mammotheers

I believe this link is to a hub of info and tips re anti-Trump-policies activism (like strategy and tactics and helpful SCRIPTS for regularly phoning your local and regional representatives in an organised way to do the most good):

I don’t know anything about it, it just came across my dash and looked like it might be of interest????

On the talk about Trump taking Taiwan’s call and destabilizing our relationship with China: it can get worse than just our relationship with China. My sister was talking to me about how Taiwan being recognized by the U.S. can be something China could potentially go to nuclear war over. The reason being that if Taiwan existing separate from China goes against China’s “One China” narrative and could prompt other provinces to leave and losing China’s status as a major world power. And if China is going to lose such power, they might as well attack other countries.

I don’t know how likely this scenario is, but it’s definitely something to consider.

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