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These Kellogg’s Breakfast Cereal Commercials Kill Fascists

Kellogg's Corn Flakes: Sweetened with Breitbart's tears
Kellogg’s Corn Flakes: Sweetened with Breitbart’s tears

On Tuesday, cereal and snack giant Kellogg’s announced it was pulling ads from Breitbart on the grounds that Breitbart is a giant racist shithole of a site and who would want to be associated with that? Granted, the Kellogg’s people were a little more diplomatic in making this point, saying simply that Breitbart isn’t really “aligned with our values as a company.”

Breitbart responded, naturally, by calling for a boycott of Kellogg’s, declaring that the company’s unwillingness to have their ads run next to stories about how birth control makes women “unattractive and crazy” somehow

represent[s] an escalation in the war by leftist companies … against conservative customers whose values propelled Donald Trump into the White House. …

Indeed, the move appears to be one more example of an out-of-touch corporation embracing false left-wing narratives used to cynically smear the hard working Americans that populate this nation’s heartland.

Breitbart’s Editor-in-Chief Alexander Marlow went on to declare, apparently with a straight face, that

Boycotting Breitbart News for presenting mainstream American ideas is an act of discrimination and intense prejudice. If you serve Kellogg’s products to your family, you are serving up bigotry at your breakfast table.

Naturally we here at We Hunted the Mammoth stand with Kellogg’s even though we’re lactose intolerant and don’t eat cereal any more but hey, we do sometimes eat other Kellogg’s products like Pringles and Cheez-its.

You can do your part in this very important cultural war by watching the following commercials for several different Kellogg’s cereals, including one that no longer exists, and also Pop Tarts.

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How about the third type (who are the majority)?

The ones who disliked Trump but detested Clinton enough to let that over-ride Trumps disgusting behavior.

Huh. You know what, fair enough. There are three types of Trump supporters: the ones who were rabidly in favour of his bigotry; the ones who were lying to themselves about his bigotry; and the ones who believed him, but care so little about marginalized people that they considered it to be of lesser import than what happened to Clinton’s emails and that she seems “shrill” and “unlikeable.” I’m sure Weird Eddie regrets that he missed this last group of complete and utter assholes in his analysis. (Just kidding Eddie, you rock.

Edit: oh for goodness sake, somehow my eyes just slid right past Scildfreja making the same point last page, only she did so much more clearly.

“This is discrimination!” Said the neo-nazis in yet another attempt to play the “I’m being oppressed” card with still failing to understand the basic premise. Dear hypothetical Breitbart reader, you were not born a bigot, that was your life choice. Ergo, not discrimination.


fwiw, I think that male circumcision on infants/children is just wrong on any level you care to consider. But apparently that can’t be right: yesterday I saw this on Twitter (via TakeDownMRAs) – a video on circumcision that places all blame on mothers and feminists

And of course, no mention of the father. I’m sure he’ll conveniently get mentioned again when it’s time to praise the parents for something.

A woman is always to blame. Hey, speaking of ‘a woman is always to blame’, let’s take a look at a political scenario!


How about the third type (who are the majority)?

The ones who disliked Trump but detested Clinton enough to let that over-ride Trumps disgusting behavior.

So basically people who imagined a fantasy version of Trump who was somehow less corrupt than Clinton (in other words, category #2) or people who detested Clinton for irrational reasons like the fact that she was a woman, and thus preferred a raging bigot as president (in other words, category #1).

Really says a lot about Trump supporters when their best defense for Trump is “well I think Hillary is worse”.

This reminds me of the advertising boycott of Rush Limbaugh (which was reasonably successful) and the bright-fart response is very much like the star wars vii boycott which did nothing.

Sometimes the CBC annoys me. This is their description of Brietbart from their article about the whole Kelloggs thing: “Breitbart News, the conservative U.S. news and opinion website known for its vociferous support of president-elect Donald Trump..”

Gosh, going by that they almost sound respectable…*gag*

@Fishy Goat: It’s a really interesting, well-done film. I think it was the last thing Natasha Richardson did before her death; she reads Ruth Mallory’s letters. The voice cast is great (Alan Rickman, Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes), and of course it’s a fascinating story.

@Alan Robertshaw: Yes, that was the film. The puttees on their legs were my favorite part. If I recall correctly, the clothing was warm enough while they were moving, but they got cold quickly when they held still. I’ll have to obtain the film and watch it again; I saw it at the IMAX originally.

I have made bone broth and, while I don’t quite believe it has the magical health-giving properties some attribute to it, it felt good to drink it. Funny, I did just hear a feature on soup on the radio this afternoon and am now looking forward to cooking down the bones of our Thanksgiving turkey that are reposing in the freezer.

@AsAboveSoBelow I saw her name on the marquee and had a sad. :/ But, yeah, great cast. 🙂 Still hoping they find some trace of Irvine.

Penzy’s Spices came out for Clinton during the campaign, diplomatically citing Trump’s generally disgusting conduct.

They lost 3% of their mailing list, most of them, according to a company press release, resigning in all-caps0.

Their business, however, has not only survived, but actually flourished; they’ve done an open letter to other CEOs stressing that it can actually make business sense to oppose vile, nasty brutes.

If that’s what it takes to undermine Trump’s standing among the 1%, I’m all for it.


A couple years ago, I had to disconnect from an old friend because of his entitled whining that his time working as a tutor at Sylvan was “classroom experience” that should allow him to bypass every state regulation and become a high school math teacher (never mind that the whole state had a math teacher glut that had displaced two of my highly-qualified friends), even without an education degree and not even a math minor, let alone a math degree.

I now see that things could have been so much worse.

Alan Robertshaw:

Spot on with the pemmican.

I ran your take on RAF survival chocolate past my dad, who was a very junior air force Cold War warrior in the 1950s. He tells me that was the story back then as well.

I hate mere arguments from authority so I dug up an exchange using circumcision as a defense against criticism of things involving men and male people. Were you there for the business involving Mick Dash?

TW: troll being very insulting and insensitive as they try to undermine criticisms of rape culture and patriarchy.
They were supposedly taking a class involving gender (which was involved in the comments in several posts) and mentioned writing a paper that was to be about circumcision. A paper they said was about “men’s issues and ‘gynocracy'” and showing that “men are now the disadvantaged sex at the institutional level”.
This morphed into a casual insult using “the anti -male feminist gynocratic rape culture” in response to our criticism of them.

So real class/paper or not they clearly had problems with the concepts of rape culture and patriarchy. To do some damage on on a personal level they used an unlinked out of context quote from Sinkable John. That is where the use of circumcision as a defense from criticism begins.

Sorry for the text wall. I hope you don’t mind but it lets me vent some things.
It’s simultaneously fascinating and frustrating. I’m really good at knowing what is scrambling things up in my social sensitivities. It’s like I have this internal “heads up display” that provides information about the emotional connections between me and other things. I know that the similarities and differences in multiple domains of my life contain regions that overlap in ways that I need to think about. I could make a bulleted list and dissect out features. I can create an exhaustive and hierarchical list of the biases most likely to affect my reasoning.
But using that information takes an intensive introspective process and lots of sampling of other perspectives. Right now these are really big things I’m trying to parse apart.

*My job involves being an authority figure for children at a mental health facility. I have to manipulate their social environment and be a role-model. This includes putting children in physical holds and/or seclusion if they become a threat to others or themselves (the experience of standing next to a seclusion room window as a 7-year old male child pounds on the glass and rants about killing and getting back at you is complicated). Many of the same moral and ethical concerns about being a prison guard exist here except there is much greater public scrutiny and regulation (a very good thing).

*My invitation to FTB is a raised social profile that has elements related to community authority. I did not anticipate the intensity of that, but there are places where I function fine. I keep rewriting the same drafts over and over though when I have the stamina to try.

*My hobby is actively participating in social conflict on the internet and that is directly related to my blogging subjects. This hobby runs counter to what I must do in my profession. I have to be extremely careful in the emotional connections between the two contexts as I understand them better. As a result I have become very tentative in commenting and conflicting.

*I am very concerned about how to present information about how social conflict occurs in my blog writing because I don’t want to give the wrong people useful lessons. As a result I am literally trying to figure out how to use reasoning biases to impede people that act like social predators. The fact that the system that produces biases is the same that produces good reasoning makes this morally permissible, but we don’t really have good language for deliberate and rational bias insertion.. For example always focusing on the damage these things do to people and carefully choosing my examples in terms of aggressor and victim will force any predatory people to confront things if they wish to understand the lesson.

*The previous makes me worry about the ethics of social manipulation and autonomy. I have to socially manipulate in a way that is completely obvious, honest, yet effective. People must have knowledge and choice about what is going on.

*On top of all of that is the reality of how my psychology is shaped via Tourette’s Syndrome, ADHD and tOCD, and what that means in a general human context. Whatever else I can be I’m a professional shamer. Other people see analysis, I experience an aggressive and predatory dismantling of another person on screen. That requires care and deliberation. That is shit this community deals with, I have to tread carefully.

And still there is more. If I sat down I could probably come up with a dozen other contexts in my life (the election, my strategies for arguing with my family…) and the multiple areas they unpack into. I’m chipping away at it. Communication helps but I have always felt this repulsion from making social contact outside of areas I know well (like social conflict which is a big part of the conservative military/religious culture that bred and programmed me). I can receive communication and start an exchange without a problem. And fighting is easy. Other things are hard. I wish they were not.

Katie has blessed me with more or less perfect health so I can enjoy all Kellogg’s products, including the cereal (no lactose intolerance here). If it pisses off Brainfart, I mean Breitbart, just one more reason to enjoy Kellogg’s cereal and snacks (I liked them before, but even more so now)

Re: Broth: Broth is the best. It’s easier on queasy stomachs than water and actually contains some nutrients. It’s the only thing I could manage reliably this past couple of weeks.

Re: Hammond: I used to live there. Lake County and Porter County are two of the bluest counties in the state, likely because we’re considered part of “Chicagoland”, so of course fucking Pence wants to change that. I mean, we pretty much get ignored until the rest of the state wants our taxes, given that we’re one of the most highly populated areas in the state and generate a lot of revenue through the businesses that are here, but we get no infrastructure support because fuck you that’s why. We get Chicago media (radio and TV), and we’re in Central time instead of Eastern like the rest of the state. I for one am totally in favor of seceding to Illinois. (Also, being this close to Illinois, we laugh at blue laws like no alcohol sales on Sunday. I’m in Porter County, and if I really feel the need to drink on a Sunday, I’m less than 40 minutes from both the Illinois and Michigan state lines. Fuck your blue laws.)

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