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Video: H. Bomberguy watches the Alt-Right Dogs trailer

If you haven’t seen this already, give it a watch. H. Bomberguy forces himself to sit through that inadvertently hilarious Alt-Right version of the Reservoir Dogs title sequence and takes apart a Davis Aurini blog post. It’s goooood.

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The one thought that I haven’t been able to get out of my head is “Why the ushanka?” Isn’t that particular style of cozy headwear a little too, *ahem*, red for these stalwart defenders of capitalism? Hell, it might even be too “ethnic” for their Béchamel-bland taste.

Then again, the thought of seeing Aurini wearing an ushanka and looking really dumb in it fills my heart with childlike glee, so I guess I shouldn’t question the matter too much.


I’ll go one further: Why is a die-hard neo-Nazi’s website wallpapered in more hammers and sickles than Lenin’s tomb? I can only assume HB skipped that question because he didn’t want to deal with the resulting headsplosion.

They put a patch(?) that says”Obama” in it. It’s *IRONIC*
I actually kind of like it. 🙂

I do wonder how long until we see the first “rationalist” takedown of hbomberguy who accuses him of seriously projecting communist ideology onto Sonic.

(Obviously sonic is an anarcho-syndicalist)

“The one thought that I haven’t been able to get out of my head is ‘Why the ushanka?’ Isn’t that particular style of cozy headwear a little too, *ahem*, red for these stalwart defenders of capitalism?”

Yeah. I have no idea why that would drive a liberal insane. It would drive me insane to wear one, because they are probably really hot and I like cold weather.

Well, C.S. Strowbridge, there’s a strong tendency, among tankie circles, to explictly hate what they deem liberals as people who aren’t willing to take violent action in class warfare.

So in that sense, they’re using a symbol of far-left liberal hate as a stand-in for their far-right liberal hate?

I dunno, that’s a stretch.

Hbomberguy is a far-left person, or at least plays one to troll people, but either way he’s not a tankie and tends to respect fairly mundane progressive liberal politics.

So, Vegas odds on how many of the ‘Dogs’ end up turning on each other by this time next year?

Poor Matt Forney…his quarter-life crisis has been so hard on him that he looks more cranky than most guys twenty years his senior! On the other hand, that walk of his is truly menacing. If I saw that coming at me on the street, I might just die laughing.

All the rest of them, too, for that matter. A more unimpressive set of gaits would be hard to throw together. Can’t any of them pick up their feet? Must be all the testosterone cream weighing their gonads down!

(Also, that double-trilby villain-voice of Hbomberguy’s is literally killing me laughing. Mainly because I’ve come down with the mother of all coughs.)

Oh dear LOL:

Ushanka’s original video – 9819 views.

hbomberguy’s commentary video – 19255 views!

Oh and you haven’t seen hbg’s first video on Aurini, “The Aurini Affect”, highly recommended.

Oops! I meant to say “The Sarkeesian Effect: A Measured Response”

Though there IS an Aurini Effect vid which is quite amusing as well.

Sonic would be in good company among the Anarcho-syndicalists. I knew I always liked that blue hedgehog.

Hbomberguy is a treasure. I like to take credit for first linking him here at WHTM. 😉

j/k but seriously, I’m so glad he makes videos to counter all the alt-right fuckery that infests Youtube.

At last, a way to doff your trilby (m’lady!) and continue wearing one, at the same time! Twice as cool!

I must admit that I always feel slightly guilty when I laugh about Aurini’s grandiose self-belief. There’s something pathetic about it. I wish he’d recalibrate: accept his mediocrity, and work upwards from there. But he’s also a garbage person, so fuck him.

I’m very happy that WHTM introduced me to HBomberguy (awhile back; the last time that David linked to one of his videos).
I also really enjoyed Libertarian Socialist Rant on ‘The Great Brolosophers of YouTube’:

The whole 20+ minutes is great, but I especially liked the end where he talks about how as a young, isolated, introverted man, some of the anti-feminist stuff (esp. Nice Guy) resonated with him. My favourite line: “Unrequited love is a shame, but it’s not an injustice.”

Fucking lovely. Maybe I should make a video about Davis Aurini but without actually watching any of his videos and then when it flops, I’ll just blame the failure on it not ending up on netflix.

Because clearly netflix only has the highest quality of cinema!

Jack, ermergerd, I typed almost the same thing as you, even the ellipsis. That is how handsome you are 😀

ETA: um, I meant that I typed my comment before I saw yours. In case that wasn’t clear :\

I was introduced to HBomberGuy on a Youtube recommendation…they don’t always get it right but when they do, they freaking nail it! I’m also quite an HBG fan

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