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Open Thread: Donald Trump brags, on tape, about sexually assaulting women

Big mouth strikes again
Big mouth strikes again

So Trump’s been caught on video bragging about grabbing unsuspecting women “by the p***y.”

Watch the video in this tweet and throw up in your mouth a little:

Yes, this is horrible Trump revelation number two billion and seven, but this one looks like this could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, and Republicans are scrambling to condemn his comments and distance themselves from their nominee.

I don’t have much to add here but I think some of you probably do.

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Is it bad to have popcorn for breakfast? Asking for a friend.

Anyway, I just saw a tweet where the current GOP plan (by some of the GOPpers) is to paint Trumpo-bumbo as an “outsider” vs. “insiders”, as in, now call him “outsider-ness” as a flaw rather than asset.

Fuck, I don’t have enough popcorn.

I mean my friend doesn’t.

Oh hey, let’s round up some links that I got tweeted at while sleeping:

NYDN cover is on the point, weirdly enough, once again:

Jessica Valenti makes an interesting observation about #notallmen:

Reince Priapus… Priebus throws Trump campaign under the bus (wheels go round and round…):

The Rule of Trump continues being true: if Trump accuses someone of doing X, he’s done it himself:

New version of Gadsden flag:

An awkward observation of a picture:

Pence apparently tells Trump to stew in the mess of his own making:


Guys Im from the UK, and we are shitting ourselves over here!

Im sure youre not, but please dont be complacent, please, please vote.

Yeah, I’m in the USA and I’m shitting myself over here.

Complacent? Nonononononononononono.

I’m gonna vote for president as many times as is legal.

Disappointingly, that’s only once. You should see the frowns when I try to vote more than once.

On the plus side, at least Mitt said “condoning assault”. The fuck outta here with that ‘lewd comments’ bullshit. Got muffugas talkin about how he should apologize for being disrespectful. Dudes saying they were offended. Like his fuckin tone was the prollem. Mike Pence released a statement saying that he’s praying for Trump’s family (his full remarks are even worse). Real talk, the saddest part is that Romney’s is one of the best responses not from a explicitly progressive source. Fuck


paint Trumpo-bumbo as an “outsider” vs. “insiders”, as in, now call him “outsider-ness” as a flaw rather than asset

Fuckin hope so. Knowing nothing and having no experience is not a qualification. Do y’all hafta deal with the same thing over by you, or is it just us?


Real talk, the saddest part is that Romney’s is one of the best responses not from a explicitly progressive source. Fuck

Welp, I hasn’t thought about it that way until you pointed it out. You’re totally right. That’s just sad.

Thanks for your comments on how to deal with family, not I feel less alone yay 😀

I feel like it’s so bad when it’s your parents in law, because then I have to be all careful and shit. i just wanna call them the hell out, like i would do to my mom but I can’t:

My husband’s family have this weird thing going on where they have no intimacy. Every conversation stays on the surface, nobody openly disagrees with anyone, comunication is very scarce. But his mom is REALLY into this presidency so she talks about it as if OF COURSE we agree, because who would ever support Clinton????
And every remark i’ve made about it has been out right ignored, which to me is kind of disrespectful.

The worse thing is that she slowly became a Trump supporter BECAUSE she hates Clinton with a trully irrational passion, and to me that’s an even worse reason to support this asshole (of course she’s also racist and sexist but that her main reason to support him is some petty grudge againt Clinton pisses me off to no end because it shows how little she cares)

@Sally, lots of love, and hope that the situation with your family improves. Some families are poor on communication. I imagine there’s a whole lot of undertone and, well, backstory between them which makes it hard for them to communicate openly. That’s really tough.

(I’m also very, very familiar with the “I support Trump just because Hillary is awful” crowd. It’s aggrieving)

@A. Noyd,

The video might be bad news for Trump, but it’s a godsend for the rest of the GOP who can pretend that they’re pro-woman by throwing Trump under the bus. For instance, Pence claims to be offended by Trump’s comment, but that’s only because he knows you never grab pussies, you get proxies to force ultrasound probes up them.

Ughhhh. I know. I mean, really, guys. Really? They’re all as horrible as he is, they’re just more subtle about it. It’s not at all about the fact that he’s treating women like his personal sex dispensers with these guys, it’s about the fact that he can’t keep his hands on the sex dispenser that he owns. It’s not about sexism or abuse or rape, it’s about property rights.

Was it Paul Ryan who was offended because he was talking about “our mothers and daughters”? Look at that fucking our there. Not our co-workers. Not our friends. No, the only roles for women are mothers and daughters. Maybe sisters are in there? Fffffff.

Ugh. Humans. Worst Tetrapod 2016.

Egh, sorry everyone. Local stress here is taking its toll. That’s one day out of five down before I can finally de-stress a little bit. I need to get myself some anti-nausea medication or something…

Remember, remember, the vote in November,
‘ere the fruit of our freedom will rot;
I see no reason for fascism’s treason
to ever be forgot.

Weirdwood – I am from the US and prejudice and ignorance exists everywhere. I have friends who have experienced prejudice even in what people would consider a progressive city. Intolerance is not unique to small towns, or even dominated by them. There are in fact statistics out there about the most racist cities. Look up hate crimes, for a start. Cities have the ability to be just as ignorant and intolerant of others even amongst diversity. Please stop insisting that being from a city makes people culturally superior and less ignorant more so then people from small towns. It truly doesn’t. Where you live does not determine your level of prejudice. How you see those around you speak to and speak about other people does.

Scildfreja says:

Was it Paul Ryan who was offended because he was talking about “our mothers and daughters”?

Nah, that was Mitt Romney: “Hitting on married women? Condoning assault? Such vile degradations demean our wives and daughters and corrupt America’s face to the world.” Aside from the high degree of sexism in there, you gotta love how he thinks because he’s only just now deigning to take notice of Trump’s vileness, the rest of the world hasn’t seen it before now.

Paul Ryan’s the one who thinks putting women on pedestals is the opposite of objectification: “Women are to be championed and revered, not objectified.” Yeah, sure. His voting record on reproductive rights shows me just show much he “champions and reveres” women.

PoM said:

The only reason the GOP has such a solid hold on the House is gerrymandering, which is why I say VOTE IN THE DOWN-TICKET RACES BECAUSE THEY ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOU MAY THINK. Control of statehouses is critical, but too many voters focus with laser-like precision on the Presidential ticket and care nothing for anything else. Democrats screw themselves and everyone else when they think that voting for a local Republican for the statehouse is okay because of reasons. It’s not okay.

YES!!!! Y’all go vote and vote all the way down the ticket. Your statehouse matters very much in terms of reproductive rights and gun laws and such like and many other far more mundane matters that do affect your daily life. It’s always possible that someone who would take your reproductive rights away might vote sensibly on development issues and state parks and consumer protection and education measures, but how likely is it really?

I’m technically not allowed to vote all the way down the ticket, but my board of elections never sends me a Federal only absentee ballot. I usually just pass, unless I’m kin to someone on the local ballot (one person and he’s a Dem). My mom did drag me down to the courthouse on a visit to vote for liquor-by-the-drink because she wanted ‘a glass of wine with her meal’. The only time I’ve voted in person in a span of 2 decades and it was for liquor by the drink, I suppose there are less worthy causes.

I used to be in a very oddly-shaped, gerrymandered congressional district and I had a Democrat rep that I always voted for. My state redistricted and now I’m in a geographically sensible district – spatially, landform-wise and culturally – and I have one of the most vile Repubs in the House – the only thing good I can say about her is she does have a stunning collection of highly coloured, sharply cut blazers, which I wouldn’t mind having myself. I’ll be voting against her – though she’s bound to get in again.

A college friend of mine’s extended family were from Iowa, and I spent a week or so on their farm when I was in my 20s. It was hugely eye-opening for a middle class coastal urbanite. Everyone I encountered was (contrary to my stereotypical expectation) well read, articulate, well educated (by land grant agricultural colleges), and certainly not ignorant of political, economic and social issues (and much better able to explain their positions, and how these positions related to their own experiences and situations, than I was). Of course, this was decades ago–before Fox News and the deliberate brainwashing of isolated people whose principal social outlet is television or AM talk radio.


I hope the housekeeping and the visit go as smoothly as possible.

Pretty soon everything will be back to normal.

Hang in there!

Thanks everyone for your advice and input. You have confirmed what I probably already knew deep down – this person is not someone I should keep as a friend. And thank you, David, for creating the space for this great community of people.

My husband’s family have this weird thing going on where they have no intimacy. Every conversation stays on the surface, nobody openly disagrees with anyone, comunication is very scarce.

That’s pretty much how my family works. We talk about what’s going on with me at work, and my dad and I share a love for sweet Kentucky fruit wines that would make any real wine connoisseur turn up their nose. We don’t discuss our feelings, or anything that evokes feelings other than the few “acceptable” ones. That’s the only way to get along with someone with whom you disagree on almost every topic.

Don’t judge; it works. There is no way to change their minds, and believe me I have tried everything except outing the lesbians in the family. I’ve taught them that the price of admission to my company is to not talk about politics or religion or race or any other kind of social justice topic with me, but I can’t change them and I’m just not willing to cut things off entirely. I’m aware of how problematic that is. Probably your husband has come to a similar kind of compromise.

Moggie – Rachel Maddow did a story on this last week. All of the tapes (including the more incriminating raw footage) reside with the production company which was simply not responding to inquiries from media outlets at the time of TRMS airing.

I think that production company (Mark Burnett Productions) must be under unthinkable pressure from Trump and his army of lawyers to keep that footage under wraps. I hope it leaks anyway, people with short memories need reminding.

I am expecting my ballot this week. As a permanent California voter-by-mail, I’ll spend a leisurely week Googling all the down-ticket Dems and Independents* because in a Democrat-dominated state, I’ve found that it’s not at all unusual for Repub and Libertarian types to dress themselves up with an (I) or even a (D) by their name to get elected.

*and the ballot initiatives, too! I’m excited because we have a much better cannabis legalization bill this time around.

I am from the US and prejudice and ignorance exists everywhere. I have friends who have experienced prejudice even in what people would consider a progressive city. Intolerance is not unique to small towns, or even dominated by them.

Okay, now you’re just arguing against claims that I never made.

I guess all the people I’ve talked to who’ve left small towns because they couldn’t safely be out there or who were treated like freaks for being the one of the only POC or non-Christians in town were just making it up or don’t know their own experiences.


I have friends who have experienced prejudice even in what people would consider a progressive city.

Happens =!= happens as much. I’ve experienced bigotry in what’s considered an extremely progressive city, but it’s not a hundredth of what my husband experienced in the small town he comes from.

Intolerance is not unique to small towns, or even dominated by them.

Technically true, but principally because relatively few Americans actually live in them any more; these days intolerance is dominated by the suburbs. *

There are in fact statistics out there about the most racist cities.

And? Just because some cities are more racist than others says nothing about the level of racism found in small towns. However, Columbus, Ohio (ranked highest for racist hate crimes AFAICT) never posted signs at the city limits saying “N*****, don’t let the sun go down on you in Columbus. Just for instance.

Look up hate crimes, for a start.

You tend to see more hate crimes in urban areas for much the same reason that most crime is intraracial: proximity. In the small town my husband is from, for instance, there were fewer than half a dozen black people, which limits the number of anti-black hate crimes that are possible.

*Note that in discussions of this nature, suburbs are usually counted as part of the city they’re attached to, but the cultural, economic, and physical landscapes of the two types of area differ wildly. Suburbs are designed from the ground up to be bastions of insular sameness; a great number of them formally excluded not just black people, but also Jews and even Catholics. It’s hard to find figures, because of the aforementioned tendency to look at metro areas as a whole, but personal experience and such evidence as I’ve been able to find would seem to indicate that suburban America is a hellscape of bigotry unmatched by urbanites or rural dwellers.

Slightly OT, but apparently Scott Adams is feeling the Johnson this week

Aaand my mom just victim blamed the Trump’s assaultees for not kneeing him in the nuts. Apparently those women let him get away with it by not adequately defending themselves. Also, something something 1%. I dunno, my mind went blank by that point. Oh, but she didn’t mean to blame. She would never! If I would only listen to what she literally said verbatim, cos context and implication don’t exist. It’s not their fault, she just wouldn’t have let that happen to her. And, of course, lil bruh chimes in that I’m ‘twisting words’ and ‘being political’. Ugh

Least I said something this time. Thanks, everybody else. Needed the boost. When’s November…

2)True, rural areas don’t have as many hate crimes as the cities. They just vote Republican. Same diff, really

You’re not wrong, but there’s no need to #notallsmalltownfolks. Nobody’s saying all, and saying ‘but cities are racist too’ ain’t a great defense. Nobody said being from a city makes you superior either. Trump’s from my city, QED. Everything’s cool, OK? 🙂

You know what’d be the best thing ever?

If the new tape’s first aired during the upcoming debate.

Now to take a closer look at the categories of excuses I see them displaying.


I wish you all the best with your facebook project! I’m one of ‘those people,’ as in one who doesn’t use facebook, twitter, etc.

I won’t judge when it comes to social media and tolerance. People are too diverse for that.

I see enough to know that most of my extended family are people I wish I didn’t know at all. But I already knew that. Yet it still surprises me sometimes. But there are class issues there as well, so I always feel so conflicted.

Family is disappointing. I don’t think they know just how much effort I put in to adapting to them so they don’t blow up. I often hear the “I have a right to my opinion!” when I never said they could not have one. I tell them flat out that they have as many opinions as I do when I respond.

Sorry you get the “funny names” bigot channel. I get “benghazi hour” so I understand.

@Michael Brew

I tend to try leaving my more “controversial” opinions on my own wall, myself. Still hasn’t stopped my grandma from commenting IRL that my posts concerning atheism were somehow offensive, nevermind that I never said anything disparaging about other religions other than – obviously – implying they’re wrong. Which is weird because that side of the family isn’t especially religious.

That one is frustrating. Your existence is threatening and not your words specifically. So they peck at you so you get back into order. That sort of personality does not just come from religion. Lots of family personalities get the authoritarian streak. Mine comes from the military and fundamentalist religion.

There may not be anything related to atheism that you could post that would not get that response. They learned to live with it eventually. I hope your family does too.

I’m actually eliciting that response because I want the message to stick. I’m still refining it because I don’t want to feel like an asshole, but these stark realities are true and won’t feel good.

Watching John Oliver right now and he summed up this election perfectly. “We’ve sunk so low we’ve hit the earth’s crust begging for the sweet relief of boiling magma”. Also fuck Billy Bush for giggling like a schoolgirl while Trump bragged about groping women.


> Ohlmann

(in France, women are not supposed to handshake, but kiss on the cheek to greet someone – of either sex. There is some social pressure to not handshake a female or as a female, which I actively fight against because I find kiss icky 90% of the time and arousing the remaining 10%, which add up to 100% of situations where I should not kiss someone if we suppose the other people isn’t my significant other)

Hmm, no, women kiss on the cheek if there is enough comfort between the two persons (except for abusive bosses or colleagues, but in this case, this is harassment). Yes, some times ago, there was no handshaking for women, but women were greeting just by speaking, even with other women, at least outside their circle of friends and relatives. But i agree with you that, inside the said circle, women are more expected to kiss than men, because women kiss both when men only kiss women (except maybe for relatives ? Well, we do that in family and to very close friends).
From my point of view (which may be biased), it is evolving : since i have been in the working world, i regularly see women handshaking other persons. In my current job, i always had women as boss, and handshaking is the norm. I do not say that greeting by kiss do not happen after some years, if the two parties feel comfortable with it, but, at least in my workplace, it is no more the standard.

Have a nice day.

@ ohlmann & occasional reader

In the UK we tend to associate kissing as a greeting with continental Europe. But in Elizabethan times the various foreign ambassadors commented about the weird, to them, British habit at court of men and women kissing indiscriminately in greeting.

I also found out, to my surprise, that M-M mouth kissing in greeting is common in some Arab cultures.

Alan Robertshaw,

Your note about the Elizabethans reminds me of a book I read recently, The Swerve by Stephen Greenblatt, which is about the 15th century rediscovery of Lucretius’s De Rerum Natura, a materialistic poem from the 1st century. The rediscoverer, Poggio Bracciolini, was a book collector who visited Germany from his native Italy, and contrasted sober, hard-working Italians with frivolous, fun-loving Germans! Quite a contrast at least to current British stereotypes of those nationalities.

@A.Noyd As much as I hate to defend Romney, he has been consistent in his despising of Trump.

On the small town/big city thing, I just moved back to a small town after living in Indianapolis for 8 years. It’s way, way more prejudiced in the little town than it was in Indy.

Hail and well met! I come from the future to give disheartening news: This hasn’t effected Trump that much, and he still has a chance to be president.

Take that as you will.

The polls say otherwise, as do the large number of prominent Republicans who dropped support immediately following this news.

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