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Watch mad clown Milo melt down during his Out Magazine photoshoot

Mad Milo mansplains feminism to Amanda Marcotte, in drag
Mad Milo mansplains feminism to Amanda Marcotte, in drag.

One of the many strange things about Breitbart’s alleged “tech editor” Milo Yiannopoulos is how much he cares about convincing people he doesn’t care.

The self-described “provocateur” even dressed up as a literal clown for his recent profile in Out Magazine.

You’ve no doubt heard about the Out piece already; it’s been a teensy bit controversial. But what you probably didn’t know is that Salon sent a camera crew to his photoshoot with photographer Jill Greenberg. And that along with the camera crew they sent writer (and friend of We Hunted the Mammoth) Amanda Marcotte.

“Perhaps I got a bit caught up in his self-mythologizing,” she writes in her account of what followed, “which is why I thought he would have some fun answering provocative questions while he was getting his picture taken.”

Turns out Milo did not have much fun with her questions:

I never did get good answers to my questions, though I did learn that Yiannopoulos likes to reduce feminism to “angry lesbians” supposedly tricking naive young women into getting too fat to get boyfriends.

But I did learn one important fact: Milo Yiannopoulos is not playing around. He is utterly sincere about his far right views.

He is sincere enough that he lectured me for about 15 minutes, and got so caught up in the moment that he seemingly forgot that he was half-naked while wearing a wig and make-up. He was sincere enough to get genuinely wound up during this time.

Ultimately, he was having so little fun with her questions that he — perhaps channeling his idol Donald Trump — threw a fit and demanded she leave the premises.

He was so sincere that, when the Salon team shut off the cameras in order to move into another vantage point, he demanded that I leave the room, refused to answer any more questions, and called me a “bitch.”

The best part of all this? You can watch some of these testy exchanges on video over on Salon. There are two different versions of the video posted there; the one at the top has more Milo in it.

Turns out Milo is not so much a sad clown as a mad clown.

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5 years ago

@Virgin Mary
I still occasionally find those Chick tracts on public transit seats.

I didn’t know his stuff was distributed in the UK!

Alan Robertshaw
5 years ago

@ Anne

If I could, I’d probably vote for Cthulhu; so long as he wore a U.S. flag pin of course.

(Amazed that Cthulhu is in the autocorrect! What’s going on at Apple?)

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