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Whaa!? Men Going Their Own Way actually consider going their own way

Clipperton Island: It has a tree
Clipperton Island: It has a tree

Earlier today, one apparently desperate MGTOW went to the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit to ask the regulars for advice on fleeing the country so he can skip out on paying alimony and child support.

Helpful commenters suggested various alternatives, from faking his own death to literally joining the French Foreign legion (turns out he’s too old for that). The OP is also considering the possibility of living “like Rambo, in the woods.”

But my favorite answer came from a dude living on a boat:

Mike637 3 points 9 hours ago Buy a small sailboat and go. There are tons of deserted island and countries that are not going to care about your visa status unless you are committing crimes. Sailing is easy. If you have a decent vehicle, I bet you could show up on the Gulf coast and trade it for a capable sailboat. I live on a sailboat right now and as soon as I am finished fixing it up, I am out of here. I am hoping to be done by the end of October.

I would strongly urge all MGTOWs to consider this alternative. Any kind of boat or boat-like device will do — sailboat, rowboat, giant inflatable duck, pool noodle, you name it.

Aim for one of these islands and you’ll be sitting pretty in no time!

NOTE: Just so you know, the caption for the pic above is kind of a joke. Clipperton Island, a tiny smudge of an atoll 670 miles southwest of Mexico, has more than one tree. It also had birds.


And an abandoned tanker!


MGTOWs! Clipperton island calls for you!

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Sinkable John : Pansy Ass Pinko, Regicidal Beast-of-Burden
Sinkable John : Pansy Ass Pinko, Regicidal Beast-of-Burden
5 years ago


if you’re able to edit the bot’s post to remove the link in the name that might be good.

Seconding. I didn’t need to see that so early in the morning T_T
I mean, the bot’s name is literally “porn”. What the fuck was I expecting when I clicked that.

On the other hand, thanks to you I just discovered that there is a site called and it is exactly what it sounds like.

5 years ago

@Sinkable John
Love that site. Also, I didn’t click the link, just looked at the url. :p

Joyeux Noel!

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