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Internet Nazis call for “day of the rope,” blame Dallas shootings on Obama, cucks, Jews

A good day for Internet Nazis
A good day for Internet Nazis

While Americans attempt to process the horrific killings of five police officers in Dallas, some of the internet’s worst people — that familiar coalition of Anime Nazi trolls, white supremacist “race warriors,” and assorted fellow travelers — have taken to Twitter to spew their familiar brand of hatred and make occasional Kennedy assassination jokes.

Despite knowing virtually nothing about the attackers or their motives, members of this Coalition of the Terrible blame the attacks on everyone from FBI director James Comey to the Elders of Zion; their proposed solutions to our country’s racial divisions include violent race war and/or the election of Donald Trump.

Quite a few of these lovely people seem to think that best the solution to the sort of violence we saw in Dallas is … more violence.

Quite a few think that we’re headed for some sort of vast civil war, if not an outright race war. Most of them seem perfectly fine with this.

There are occasional references to “the day of the rope,” a violent day of “retribution” against white ‘race traitors” that featured in the neo-Nazi novel The Turner Diaries, a vile book that was also an inspiration to Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh.

Among those calling for — or at least predicting — some sort of violent race war was former Illinois congressman and talk radio host Joe Walsh:


Walsh later deleted the tweet, insisting that he wasn’t really saying what he pretty clearly was saying:

Cries of “White Genocide” filled the air.

Others dropped the alt-right’s favorite c-word: cuck.

Non Consumer was not the only one who used the shootings as an excuse to call people cucks:


As the members of the Coalition of the Terrible see it, there is plenty of blame to go aroud. More than a few pointed their fingers at Obama for the shootings:

At least one tweeter suggested that Obama was literally involved in planning the attack.

One ingenious tweeter figured out a way to blame FBI director James Comey:

Breitbart “journalist” Milo Yiannopoulos, meanwhile, claimed with no evidence that BlackLivesMatter members were the shooters:

And went on to blame so-called “Social Justice Warriors” as well.

The excitable Mike Cernovich — reactionary internet activist, fitness enthusiast, juice peddler — blamed everyone he could think of:

And then he retweeted this brief report — his own — from an alternate universe:

Some blamed “black culture.”

And others blamed Martin Luther King:

Unsurprisingly, quite a few alt-rightists and Anime Nazis alike managed to pin the blame on their favorite target — THE JEWS.

Others hailed what they saw as good news for their boy Donald Trump:

Teenage Hitler-lover and internet sensation Evalion even managed to work in a Kennedy assassination joke.

And she wasn’t the only one. Indeed, her joke seems rather mild compared to this one:

What a comedian.

56 replies on “Internet Nazis call for “day of the rope,” blame Dallas shootings on Obama, cucks, Jews”

Oh, yeah, certainly not doubting their physical abilities – I certainly couldn’t lift a bodybuilder above my head and then slam them to the ground without hurting them. I’m just flabbergasted that anyone would create an industry where they’re explicitly hiring people to lose matches, and then start punishing them for doing their job. I mean, that’s the plot of Wreck-It Ralph, and that wasn’t Disney’s best film of recent memory.

(I admit, I often wonder about wrestling. Why was wrestling, of all sports, chosen to be the one where the most popular variant is the variety show one with silly costumes and characters? How come we don’t see the same phenomenon in football, or shuffleboard, or chess? How performance-centric can wrestling become before it ceases to be a sport altogether, and becomes an unusually aggressive form of ballet? And while we’re talking weird sports – what’s with cheerleaders? In order to have one sport, you have to have a troupe of acrobats performing another, rather more dangerous sport on the sidelines? It’s like if all concerts were mandated to have a lion-tamer as the warm up act. Okay, thoroughly off-topic, shutting up now.)

My understanding is that Pro Wrestling came out of the circus, carnival sideshow tradition. Promoters wantes to put on agood show more than an actual sporting event, though I think the wrestlers would sometimes take on locals.

The reason for all this hate is ‘divide and conquer’.
It’s disgusting to see how this has been used by the Trump campaign in the US and Brexit in the UK. Seeing people getting worked into a frenzy and killing each other does nothing, no it does not make ‘the world a better place’, it just makes everyone live in fear.
Why they think the world would be better under a Right Wing Authoritarian rule is a mystery to me. If there really was a Nazi takeover of the USA, do these little internet fascists think they are going to be all made into generals? They would be more likely to be put to hard labour, or lined up against the wall and shot.

And MLK was a great, very brave man. Worth more than all you Nazi douche balls put together. And he was not a Communist, although I’d be proud to claim him as one of our own. Enough using Communist as an insult already you uneducated fascist twats. Paul Robeson was a Communist.

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