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“The more Jo Coxes dead the better,” angry commenter informs me

A tribute to the slain Labour MP
A tribute to the slain Labour MP

The horrendous, deeply saddening Jo Cox murder has stirred up a lot of ugliness, some of which I wrote about yesterday.

Yesterday I found a good deal of ugliness on Twitter (no surprise) and the internet Nazi tabloid The Daily Stormer (even less of a surprise). Now the hateful failed humans who think the murder was a good thing are delivering the ugliness right to my door — specifically, to the comments section of this blog.

I didn’t let the following comments through moderation, but I thought they needed a little sunlight — sunlight being the best disinfectant, as people say.

Someone calling himself only “Steve” informed me:

I do not live in the UK (thank the Lord) but this woman was a traitor, we have shot traitors for millenia.

Apparently trying to rise above the bigotry that the British (or at least a portion of them) have too often displayed towards immigrants counts as “treason.”

I think its just dandy the tha “political class” can enjoy the sting of violence instead of the general public.

Contemplating the murder of those he disagrees with makes him smile.

Politicians are not listening to the people the guy that did this is a patriot even to you bleating lefties.

A racist murderer with connections to American Nazis and pro-apartheid South Africans is a “patriot” only to those who share not only his bigotries but also his thirst for blood.

I think the time has come where we need to split the countries we live in those left leaning need to piss off to one side and vice versa.

Might I suggest you and your friends relocate here?

We can no longer live together because the left is willing to give what myself and my family have fought for. you lefties you can live with the muslim scum should you wish but do not force your crap onto me. Where are your tears for Lee Rigby?

I was horrified by Rigby’s brutal murder. I didn’t go around declaring his killers to be “patriots.”

Shortly after “Steve” tried to post this comment, I got this stream-of-consciousness rant from another anonymous hero, which I have censored slightly:

Writer who can’t write for sh*t, for a piece of sh*t lefty blog, defending a cult of death promoter all while claiming the right are responsable when its really just left wing niave dumb f*cks who ask for death when they sell out our country to a group of people who worship a peado, treat women and anyone who doesnt follow their exact beliefs (even other muslims) like animals.

Presumably he is referring to Cox as a promoter of a “cult of death.”

Left wingers at this point are more dangerous than the jihadi f*cks in syria, seein as thier hell bent on getting them over here.

Well, no, we’ re interested in helping those who are fleeing the “jihadi f*cks.” That’s what refugees are.

More Jo coxes dead the better, perhaps a few ignorant lefty fucks in here as well.

That sounds an awful lot like a terrorist threat.

No im not rightwing im not even political but i do have half a brain to see that the left live in a dream candy land where everyone is nice (except righties, to the leftey r death worthy ofc)

None of us here are under the illusion that “everyone is nice (except righties … ).” For example, those who are celebrating the murder of Jo Cox aren’t very nice, even if they declare themselves “not rightwing … not even political.”

When I refused to let this comment through, the author returned with this followup:

Lol only letting lefty bum lickers post comments, you are pathetic, you can’t write for sh*t and you and your family will probably get raped and beheaded by the filth you so desperatly want here but yep keep believing that their whole religion isnt about control and exterminatio of everyone that isnt one of them (including you) as their “holy book” tells them this is not only ok to do but is their duty, also by any means nessecary.

That was all one sentence. At least if we define “sentence” rather loosely.

But I will offer a bet to the commenter, and anyone else who wants to take it, that I and my family will not in fact “get raped and beheaded by the filth [I] so desperatly want here.” If within, say, 20 years, I do not “get raped and beheaded” by Muslim immigrants, you will owe me $10,000. If I do get raped and beheaded, I will pay you a cool million.

When I didn’t post this second comment from our anonymous hero, he sent along a third one, directly mostly at me and the commenters here. He managed to work in three slang terms for “vagina.” I think I’ll let that one remain unpublished

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6 years ago

Kevin, I think that idea is unnecessarily complicated – there’s no need for a deliberate targeting of an individual like Mair, it’s just that all those congregating in the morass of viciousness, resentment and xenophobia that is the extreme right are sharing and absorbing the same poison all the time. It’s like pouring vitriol into a balloon or something – you don’t have to know or care which precise spot on the balloon is a weak point; keep pouring in the acid and eventually the balloon swells up and degenerates enough so that a weak point somewhere will rupture. Then people like the EDL and Britain First and Ukip can quite (dis)honestly say to camera that “we never meant for this to happen” and publicly wash their hands.

Alan Robertshaw
6 years ago

The shooter in the Jo Cox case will enter his pleas on 4 October. If he pleads not guilty (which is the current indication) then the trial will start on or shortly after 14 November.

6 years ago

@VM –

Yes you are right, except about Britain being America’s little brother. America is actually Britain’s delinquent bastard son that we can’t do anything about.

The US is your kind of asshole kid who inherited some of your worst traits (many of which you’ve since disavowed and are trying to move past) and had a protracted rebellious phase but still looooooves yoooouu!

(*texts* Mom, send more Great British Bake Off, please.)

Australia’s your kid who had a rough start – even had to go to a rather strict boardjng school for delinquints – but, though kind of a beach bum with too high a penchant for extreme sports, has become an overall sound egg (even if no one can understand its slang half the time).

Canada’s your good kid, the one you scold us with. (“Why can’t you be more like Canada? Canada didn’t as thoroughly wipe out its native population, even calls them the First Nation. Canada has socialized health care. Not that I noticed, but Canada seems to have remarkably fewer mass shootings…I wonder why that is…”)


Oh, and good luck and sound voting to all the Brits today!

Alan Robertshaw
6 years ago

@ mockingbird

Poor New Zealand; the neglected middle child of Empire. Even you forgot they exist. 🙂

6 years ago

@Alan – I remembered when there was still time to edit but couldn’t think of a good way to describe them with the clock ticking.

An attempt:

New Zealand – Your more quiet, pacifist kid with an affinity for extreme tattoo artistry. They’ve inherited your sense of humor and love of dramatically green landscapes and, despite the fact that they’re still “finding themselves” [see: the flag thing], they’ve stayed dear to your heart.

6 years ago

Re-reading, I’m sure flogging the hell out of “kind of” this morning, aren’t I?

Alan Robertshaw
6 years ago

@ mockingbird

Your more quiet, pacifist kid

Heh, some years back there was a trial of a ‘restorative justice’ programme to divert kids away from the court system. It was allegedly based on the way the Maori used to deal with young people who transgressed against the mores of the tribe. An actual Maori was then interviewed for his opinion.

“This is bollocks. You fucked around with my ancestors and they’d kill you, cook you, and eat you.”

We haven’t tried that yet but I imagine it would do wonders for the recidivism rate.

6 years ago

LOL – Yeah. I weighed that against (maybe?) having remembered hearing something about their drastically cutting their military budget…though a quick Google search can’t now turn anything about that.


To be honest, most of my knowledge of NZ comes from Flight of the Conchords.
comment image

My base is a bit Jemaine Clement heavy.

Hey – I went to sleep hearing that Brexit was voted down and woke up to hear that the Leavers won. Hope things go well for you guys.

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