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“The more Jo Coxes dead the better,” angry commenter informs me

A tribute to the slain Labour MP
A tribute to the slain Labour MP

The horrendous, deeply saddening Jo Cox murder has stirred up a lot of ugliness, some of which I wrote about yesterday.

Yesterday I found a good deal of ugliness on Twitter (no surprise) and the internet Nazi tabloid The Daily Stormer (even less of a surprise). Now the hateful failed humans who think the murder was a good thing are delivering the ugliness right to my door — specifically, to the comments section of this blog.

I didn’t let the following comments through moderation, but I thought they needed a little sunlight — sunlight being the best disinfectant, as people say.

Someone calling himself only “Steve” informed me:

I do not live in the UK (thank the Lord) but this woman was a traitor, we have shot traitors for millenia.

Apparently trying to rise above the bigotry that the British (or at least a portion of them) have too often displayed towards immigrants counts as “treason.”

I think its just dandy the tha “political class” can enjoy the sting of violence instead of the general public.

Contemplating the murder of those he disagrees with makes him smile.

Politicians are not listening to the people the guy that did this is a patriot even to you bleating lefties.

A racist murderer with connections to American Nazis and pro-apartheid South Africans is a “patriot” only to those who share not only his bigotries but also his thirst for blood.

I think the time has come where we need to split the countries we live in those left leaning need to piss off to one side and vice versa.

Might I suggest you and your friends relocate here?

We can no longer live together because the left is willing to give what myself and my family have fought for. you lefties you can live with the muslim scum should you wish but do not force your crap onto me. Where are your tears for Lee Rigby?

I was horrified by Rigby’s brutal murder. I didn’t go around declaring his killers to be “patriots.”

Shortly after “Steve” tried to post this comment, I got this stream-of-consciousness rant from another anonymous hero, which I have censored slightly:

Writer who can’t write for sh*t, for a piece of sh*t lefty blog, defending a cult of death promoter all while claiming the right are responsable when its really just left wing niave dumb f*cks who ask for death when they sell out our country to a group of people who worship a peado, treat women and anyone who doesnt follow their exact beliefs (even other muslims) like animals.

Presumably he is referring to Cox as a promoter of a “cult of death.”

Left wingers at this point are more dangerous than the jihadi f*cks in syria, seein as thier hell bent on getting them over here.

Well, no, we’ re interested in helping those who are fleeing the “jihadi f*cks.” That’s what refugees are.

More Jo coxes dead the better, perhaps a few ignorant lefty fucks in here as well.

That sounds an awful lot like a terrorist threat.

No im not rightwing im not even political but i do have half a brain to see that the left live in a dream candy land where everyone is nice (except righties, to the leftey r death worthy ofc)

None of us here are under the illusion that “everyone is nice (except righties … ).” For example, those who are celebrating the murder of Jo Cox aren’t very nice, even if they declare themselves “not rightwing … not even political.”

When I refused to let this comment through, the author returned with this followup:

Lol only letting lefty bum lickers post comments, you are pathetic, you can’t write for sh*t and you and your family will probably get raped and beheaded by the filth you so desperatly want here but yep keep believing that their whole religion isnt about control and exterminatio of everyone that isnt one of them (including you) as their “holy book” tells them this is not only ok to do but is their duty, also by any means nessecary.

That was all one sentence. At least if we define “sentence” rather loosely.

But I will offer a bet to the commenter, and anyone else who wants to take it, that I and my family will not in fact “get raped and beheaded by the filth [I] so desperatly want here.” If within, say, 20 years, I do not “get raped and beheaded” by Muslim immigrants, you will owe me $10,000. If I do get raped and beheaded, I will pay you a cool million.

When I didn’t post this second comment from our anonymous hero, he sent along a third one, directly mostly at me and the commenters here. He managed to work in three slang terms for “vagina.” I think I’ll let that one remain unpublished

83 replies on ““The more Jo Coxes dead the better,” angry commenter informs me”

No im not rightwing im not even political but i do have half a brain

Well, this part at least seems accurate.

David, you should get your own episode of ‘Dirty Jobs’. That was one of the most repulsive things I have ever read.Kudos for sticking with your appointed task.


Yes you are right, except about Britain being America’s little brother. America is actually Britain’s delinquent bastard son that we can’t do anything about. I hate it when people consider us the 53rd state. Yes, we are a corporate right wing country which puts the mega rich 0.5% first, our royals were Nazi sympathisers, and the Daily Heil supported Hitler back in 1936, but I like to think there are enough of us sensible lefties to one day put things right. Someday. Soon.

@Virgin Mary

51st state is Puerto Rico, and 52nd is DC, I assume. But shouldn’t Guam and a few other territories be considered “the XX state” before Britain?


America is so romanticised in the media in this country, you’ll be surprised how many young people are rabid for anything American and eagerly adopt dangerous ideologies. There are a great many young Trump fans in England. Why people would think America to be ‘superior’ to Britain is anyone’s guess, it’s a completely different kettle of fish. But shows like the Kardashians, Duck Dynasty, Breaking Bad, Family Guy have huge viewing figures over here. Our high streets are becoming incresingly Americanised with the recent buyout of our Poundland stores, Starbucks and MacDonalds on every street. I think maybe most kids make the mistake of thinking that just because we speak the same language our cultures are the same but this couldn’t be further from the truth. British culture came from feudalism, whereas America was built on conquest of an already inhabited country. Britain was invaded by everything from Vikings to Normans and then Romans, who left behind bits of their culture and their DNA. The conquest of the Americas pretty much saw the original inhabitants obliterated. Maybe that’s why Americans are now paranoid that another race will do the same thing to them that they did to the Native Americans?

This has probably been said before… but remember, folks, that these guys are the same ones who think leftists are going to assassinate their precious Trump. Because leftists do the political assassinations. Y’know.

@sinkable John

Leftists are too easy prey. They might as well blame satanists, zombies or little green men.

May I suggest they relocate here. On second thought, no not even venomous snakes deserve to listen to this bullshit.

I knew that this alt-right hysteria/gang mentality online would soon transfer to the deaths of real-life women and gay people and really any minority. And now with these two shootings, it’s happened. I just knew it. It’s horrible, but women have to stand strong and keep fighting to make the world a better place. We can’t let these creeps win.

@Virgin Mary

How do you explain Canada then? We have many similarities to America, but we are also very different when it comes to addressing multiculturalism. We have the same history of conquest. We were part of the British Empire for longer than America and we’re still part of the Commonwealth, so maybe we still have much more British (and French) attitudes. I don’t know. I don’t think the alt-right is very popular here. I think it seems more popular in Europe and America. I worry that its influence could spread though, like some kind of toxic cloud.


It just means we don’t want to engage with you because there’s no fucking point in engaging with someone who isn’t interested in engaging, but rather wants to just shout xenophobic, racist, sexist bullshit over you, while pretending they’re somehow the rational ones in the conversation.

It’s another sign that most people who portray themselves as these noble defenders of free speech don’t understand the concept whatsoever.

Not only is criticism erroneously labelled as “censorship” but they also demand an audience, usually of those who they know don’t want to listen to them, and again claim “censorship” when not humored. So, apparently, one cannot – despite the whole notion of free speech – disagree with someone’s opinion openly nor given the right to not listen to another person express views they find distasteful.

Of course, as many here would probably be aware, the same people who do that are often criticizing the views of others (which is okay ’cause reasons) and refusing to listen to those they disagree with as well (also ’cause reasons). Yet, somehow, only they understand free speech in a way no one else does.

Along with “rational” – “free speech” is a term I react to with suspicion, due to how misused it is these days. It’s as if the people who use those terms think simply stating them makes their argument true, regardless of any other factors.

@Virgin Mary

Weeeell… incidentally, they do accuse the left of being either satanists or mindless zombies, and some of the more extreme conspiracy theories involve aliens.

You can’t even exaggerate their thinking for the sake of ridicule, they do it themselves already.

Dear shitstain,

Even I as a leftist don’t like the idea of refugees. But that is where our agreement ends.

I dont like the idea of refugees not because they might be brown people of a different religion but for more compassionate reasons. Refugees are people who have been driven from their homelands thanks to dangerous conditions caused by either nature or their fellow human. Lately a large threat to life and limb comes from the terrible war in the Middle East.

These are people who have fled everything they know and hold dear just to be safe. They find themselves on strange counties where they likely don’t know the culture, might not even know the language and are completely dependent on the generosity of others until they can get settled. They are scared, without much of a support system and rather not be in such a traumatic situation.

Are you really that stupid to believe that they are coming over here in droves just to terrorize us? These are families who most likely would rather be living peacefully back in their own countries than navigating beaurcratic red tape so that they can raise their children in relative safety. They are fleeing the “bad guys,” not in league with them.

How is showing compassion to displaced people traitorous? I don’t at all understand your thought processes other than you believe all brown people are out to get white people. I don’t think I want to.

I wish there weren’t refugees. I wish there weren’t confused and scared people forced out of their homelands by the atrocities of others. But they are here and I’m going to work to help them. Because that’s what decent human beings do.

Nobody deserves to be killed for showing others that they care. Not Jo Cox. Not those supporting immigrants. You show yourself to be a disgusting example of humanity no better than those who made refuges out of their fellow countrypersons when you celebrate the murder of others who don’t hold your political views.

I hope someday you develop some empathy to replace that hate, but I’m not holding my breath. It’s rare monsters like you have epiphanies.

Oh it really brings out an ironic laugh from me whenever I see the far right using the sexism in Islam towards women as a reason to hate Islam.

I can’t say I am a fan of Islam (see above, plus its tendency to demonise just about every fun activity, when taken literally and to the extreme), but I live in an area of London where there are many Muslims (I live AND work within spitting distance of mosques), and it is clear that they are NOT violent (I keep an eye on such things), certainly less than the black or white populations.

I will confidently add a million quid to your $1,000,000 David!

1. Wasn’t talking eugenics at all. That is heinous. What I was getting at rather tersely was the tendency of paranoia, phobia, and intolerance to pass from one generation to the next. Descent with modification we’ll call it. It frustrates me that that’s racists, sexists, etc. typically give rise to more by teaching that skip to their kids. That is what I meant by they’re done their damage by breeding. Obviously you can’t stoop to forcing people not to breed, but it is enormously frustrating to see someone who has just about as much freedom as you please throw it in the mud by jack-knife diving right down the Alex Jones conspiracy rabbit hole. Ug.

2. I’m not so much looking for satori-like breakthroughs with these guys. I recognize I’m very unlikely to be the one who tips their scales: that kind of chance typically only comes from one on one talks in person. That frustrates me too because it seems like a good portion odd these folks get radicalized on the web but are then reticent to trust the Web when many voices on the Web have dissenting views. It’s like the Web gets used as a polarizing factor and almost never as a means of injecting moderation and decency. Perhaps this is a human phenomenon and we’re simply all controversy addicts without hope.

I am looking for a strategy that works in de-culting cult members, but I’ve begun to realize that brainwashing takes intensive, custom attention to each member and there simply isn’t time or resources for that, so the alt-everything kind of wins most of the time by default. Sad. I probably will never save my brother from that echo chamber. I miss him.

Despite my user name, sorry to confuse people, but I am fiercely Anti Nazi. My parents lived through the aftermath of the Second World War, and most people lived by the maxim ‘never again’.
This is until now. These people no longer go behind the bush about their Nazi beliefs and affiliations. I remember not long ago seeing a documentary about the KKK where they stopped a fan posing for a photo doing the Nazi salute, because it looked bad for them, not being Nazis and all. Now the Nazis are out and proud, and I’m sorry to say, I don’t even know how this happened, but Trump has facilitated it. I don’t know how they really expect Trump to usher in the Forth Reich, but because of the paranoia about ‘political correctness’ somehow being an Orwellian device for quashing freedom of speech, it has given the most offensive and obnoxious of these hate mongers the confidence to speak out. So the Anti PC brigade has become not a force standing up against Newspeak, but a load of delinquent four year olds trying out new rude words on 4chan, Twitter and Facebook to see how much offence they can cause and how many people they can upset. It’s come a long way from them purposely ‘triggering’ by rape and murder threats from the safety of their mum’s basement to now, actual murder. And tragic as this is, this won’t be the last. Jo Cox’s murder is being flaunted as a victory for the Nazis, as is the horrific Pulse nightclub massacre. They have upped their game from words to action. I cannot truly express how upset and deeply disgusted I am with all this. My mum is in her seventies, and it upsets her to see the return of the Nazis her father fought against.

Wasn’t talking eugenics at all. That is heinous. What I was getting at rather tersely was the tendency of paranoia, phobia, and intolerance to pass from one generation to the next.

Then why did you bring up breeding at all? If indoctrination is your issue, don’t condemn breeding. And don’t talk about people with lower IQs as if they’re undeserving of breeding.

For the record, intelligence has nothing to do with political beliefs, and IQ only measures your skill at taking an IQ test.

The next article shows that the alt right are definitely obsessed with breeding. They are blaming the existance of thugs on women breeding with thugs, it’s that old women love bad boys bullshit again. Maybe thugs are more likely to be rapists? The Christian right are obsessed with breeding as well, they have basically the same beliefs as the “caliphate”, and wish to outbreeding their enemies – look at the Duggar family for a recent example. That’s why they are obsessed with abortion, gender reassignment, contraception and homosexuality. They think there is a population reduction agenda which is targeting White christians.

I do not live in the UK (thank the Lord) but this woman was a traitor, we have shot traitors for millenia.

Hang on, you hate the brits but you think they deserve to be murdered for “betraying” the country that you hate?


What is horrifying about this man is he was a volunteer who helped people with learning disabilities. I used to work for the L’Arche community, and helped many lovely, trusting, innocent disabled people. I really hope he did not poison the minds of these young people with his hateful rhetoric and evil ideologies.

The man who shot Jo Cox appeared in court again today. He’ll appear again on Thursday. That’s when he’ll probably enter his pleas.

He’s been charged with murder, grievous bodily harm, possession of a firearm with intent to commit an indictable offence, and possession of an offensive weapon.

The case is being managed under the ‘terrorism protocols’ as the Crown regard the offences as connected to terrorism.

Hang on, you hate the brits but you think they deserve to be murdered for “betraying” the country that you hate?

It’s barely even out of the mainstream as a view – who was that US Senator who thought that (Australian citizen) Julian Assange should be executed for treason against the USA?

It’s all a part of the who is our us, and who speaks for “us” – loyalty oaths, othering, racism, ultra-nationalism… and away we go.

I find Thomas Mair’s psychiatric history worrying and can’t help wondering if another neo – Nazi put him up to it, knowing about his mental instability.

Kevin, I think that idea is unnecessarily complicated – there’s no need for a deliberate targeting of an individual like Mair, it’s just that all those congregating in the morass of viciousness, resentment and xenophobia that is the extreme right are sharing and absorbing the same poison all the time. It’s like pouring vitriol into a balloon or something – you don’t have to know or care which precise spot on the balloon is a weak point; keep pouring in the acid and eventually the balloon swells up and degenerates enough so that a weak point somewhere will rupture. Then people like the EDL and Britain First and Ukip can quite (dis)honestly say to camera that “we never meant for this to happen” and publicly wash their hands.

The shooter in the Jo Cox case will enter his pleas on 4 October. If he pleads not guilty (which is the current indication) then the trial will start on or shortly after 14 November.

@VM –

Yes you are right, except about Britain being America’s little brother. America is actually Britain’s delinquent bastard son that we can’t do anything about.

The US is your kind of asshole kid who inherited some of your worst traits (many of which you’ve since disavowed and are trying to move past) and had a protracted rebellious phase but still looooooves yoooouu!

(*texts* Mom, send more Great British Bake Off, please.)

Australia’s your kid who had a rough start – even had to go to a rather strict boardjng school for delinquints – but, though kind of a beach bum with too high a penchant for extreme sports, has become an overall sound egg (even if no one can understand its slang half the time).

Canada’s your good kid, the one you scold us with. (“Why can’t you be more like Canada? Canada didn’t as thoroughly wipe out its native population, even calls them the First Nation. Canada has socialized health care. Not that I noticed, but Canada seems to have remarkably fewer mass shootings…I wonder why that is…”)


Oh, and good luck and sound voting to all the Brits today!

@ mockingbird

Poor New Zealand; the neglected middle child of Empire. Even you forgot they exist. 🙂

@Alan – I remembered when there was still time to edit but couldn’t think of a good way to describe them with the clock ticking.

An attempt:

New Zealand – Your more quiet, pacifist kid with an affinity for extreme tattoo artistry. They’ve inherited your sense of humor and love of dramatically green landscapes and, despite the fact that they’re still “finding themselves” [see: the flag thing], they’ve stayed dear to your heart.

Re-reading, I’m sure flogging the hell out of “kind of” this morning, aren’t I?

@ mockingbird

Your more quiet, pacifist kid

Heh, some years back there was a trial of a ‘restorative justice’ programme to divert kids away from the court system. It was allegedly based on the way the Maori used to deal with young people who transgressed against the mores of the tribe. An actual Maori was then interviewed for his opinion.

“This is bollocks. You fucked around with my ancestors and they’d kill you, cook you, and eat you.”

We haven’t tried that yet but I imagine it would do wonders for the recidivism rate.

LOL – Yeah. I weighed that against (maybe?) having remembered hearing something about their drastically cutting their military budget…though a quick Google search can’t now turn anything about that.


To be honest, most of my knowledge of NZ comes from Flight of the Conchords.

My base is a bit Jemaine Clement heavy.

Hey – I went to sleep hearing that Brexit was voted down and woke up to hear that the Leavers won. Hope things go well for you guys.

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