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Creepy White Supremacist Tweet of the Day: Dylann Roof Edition

Ugh. Just ugh.
Ugh. Just ugh.

I‘m assuming most of you have heard about the whole ((())) thing? The short version is that white supremacists on Twitter and elsewhere have started using triple parentheses around the names of people they know (or at least think) are Jewish.

Now some people (including me) have started putting parentheses around their own names, even if they’re not Jewish, in solidarity with those who’ve been tagged.

Apparently racist mass murderer Dylann Roof — he’s the guy who shot and killed nine black churchgoers during a prayer meeting a year ago — had some similar ideas about how to mark the evil Jews so everyone would be able to spot them at a distance.

I learned that from this lovely Tweet:

Nordic Nation ‏@europhile2016 This whole ((( parenthesis ))) thing reminds me of what Dylan Roof wrote in his manifesto... #altright

Or, for a more retro look, you could always use the classic yellow star.

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Paradoxy & Anoia – I worship three goddesses; Caffeina* Asphalta** and you***, Anoia!

*goddess of coffee, of course!

**goddess of parking (and I refuse to call her “Squat” as Google insists!)

***as long as you are the goddess of things that get stuck in drawers! The music of my drawer rattling has kept them working perfectly, praise Anoia! Also, I’m working on my Anoia costume for Halloween, hee!

To the mods:

Alas, you don’t love Pavlov’s House anymore 🙁 and to think that not one resident is an MRA. Ah, well, your blog…..means you do as ye wish. Plenty of other venues for our RKKA nostalgia. But, truly, David and/or mod, if you post an anti-fascist theme post, is it so bad if the valiant Tsarina of the Fields be present? The Slavs love all enemies of fascim.

[should be obvious but Slavs, Tsarina of the Fields etc. all used here with the c.1941-45 colloquial meanings]

[As a journalist we expect ye to be knowledgeable to recognize historical references such as these]


***I self identify as Intersec, because from the background I came from it’s the only thing that makes sense, but I just learned radical may mean “I am not going to be stopped even by the government (did I understand this right, Dalli?)”, then I can be a radfem in a certain contexts.

Pretty much. More like “I’m not going to be satisfied when the law says people of all genders are equals, only when society actually treats people of all genders as equals.

“liberal feminist/libfem” means a wing of feminism that is veeery light, very “I am a feminist but still very cool, guys!”, very “yes!!!! We do accept men!!!

“feminist who, in a US context, would vote for the liberal party”,

The first one is going to be a more widespread one, as ‘liberal’ in the US is generally heard to mean ‘moderate leftist’, which is quite different to what it means elsewhere, which tends to be what the U.S. (and some other places) call ‘fiscal conservatives’, which is to say market evangelists.


as far as i’m concerned, you can be playing out the sickest, most twisted, murder/sex fantasies imaginable in your brain all day long, but if what you actually do with your physical actions is devote your time to feeding homeless children than you’re an awesome person.

I really needed to hear (well, read) this. I don’t think I realized how much until I saw your comment there, not directed at me, just out there for the world in general. Thank you. Really, thank you.


Translation: A felinism that pleases dogs; is not revolutionary

Too funny! My sentiments exactly. My boyfriend is going to send that photo to his Brazilian friend. Love the bowtie!

Just to add to the complexity of the history of feminism, back in the early 1970s well-known white radical feminist Gloria Steinem always traveled and lectured with a black radical feminist partner, whether child care pioneer Dorothy Pitman Hughes, wise-cracking lawyer Florynce Kennedy, or civil rights and lesbian activist Margaret Sloan-Hunter. Yes, the feminist movement was too white, but some feminists practiced intersectional feminism before it was called that.

About the whole “echoes” thing, all I can think is:


Now I’m shaking my boobs!

…I am allegedly an adult.

I wish I knew what Pavlov’s House was in about. The name doesn’t ring any bells.

@pitshade. Just that the mods didn’t let through what we believed was a comment relevant to this post, given this particular post’s anti-fascist focus….but then we were through again, and wished to celebrate that we were once again among Mammothteers….

I’ve been reading a lot of neuroscience literature recently. One of the recurring themes in human cultures is the delineation between Us and Them. Cooperate with the first group, compete with the second. One advantage of language and culture is that the first group can get bigger than the people who you know you’re related to. The bigger your Us is, the fewer people in Them.

I am persuaded that early childhood experiences can influence how you are about this. It is, of course, possible to unlearn maladaptive behaviors and beliefs, but you have to want to. I worked on unlearning racism in college for an entirely selfish reason – I realized that I was attracted to men of ethnic/racial groups other than mine, and did not want to be a flaking napstitch about it.

Our younger son is somewhat empathy deficient, due to early childhood abuse and neglect. He is learning to act as if he cares about other people, because he realizes intellectually that life is easier that way. It’s been a fascinating process to witness and participate in.

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