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Jew-hating Trump-lovers surprisingly OK with Trump’s AIPAC speech

Trump, not at AIPAC
Trump, not at AIPAC

So yesterday the Great Orange Hope of the Internet’s Jew-hating white supremacist crowd gave a speech in the belly of the beast — the annual conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC, a fiercely pro-Israel lobbying group.

Trump, whose “speeches” are generally free-jazz improvisations filled with crude jokes and insults, read a prepared text off a teleprompter this time, which enabled him to get through the appearance without making endless jokes about how Jews are very, er, careful with money.

As the Daily Beast reported, Trump “managed not to get booed” during the speech, though the audience did laugh a bit when he declared himself the world’s greatest expert on the Iran deal. But he got a surprisingly positive response for his highly atypical speech, and even managed to get a standing ovation.

So you might expect a great deal of wailing and gnashing of teeth from the Anime Nazis and other Jew-hating white nationalists who are some of his most fervent supporters. There were, to be sure, some who felt just a teensy bit betrayed, and some of them took their frustrations to Twitter.

I have to censor this Tweet a little.

Randy G ‏@slooproom27 #AIPAC #TRUMP TAKES A JEW C**K UP HIS A**! I do NOT support Trump the K*ke-kisser anymore!

This Twitter egg was equally angry, if a bit more difficult to parse.

This Tweet needs a comma after Trump:

But a surprisingly large number of Trump’s anti-Semitic fans took the speech in stride. Some were grudging about it:

Others were pretty chuffed that, as they saw it, the wily Trump had beaten the Elders of Zion (as it were) at their own game.

Over on the Internet Nazi tabloid The Daily Stormer, Andrew Anglin offered a detailed realpolitik apologia for Trump’s speech.

Okay, guys. Here’s the deal: in order to get elected, Donald Trump has to say nice things about Israel.

As Anglin sees it, Trump wasn’t trying to pick up any Jewish votes. His “pandering is purely for the evangelical vote.”

I think he actually has a point here; many American evangelicals are fairly fanatical supporters of Israel — and of right-wingers in Israeli politics — not so much out of a love of Jewish people but because so many Rapture-ready fundamentalists think the existence of Israel is a sign of the coming apocalypse and they don’t want to mess that up.

Anglin continues:

Remember: these were just words.

Everything Trump has said he wants to implement as policy goes against the domestic agenda of the Jew race. And most of what he has said goes against the geopolitical agenda of the Jew race. … he attacks every aspect of their agenda (except Israel).

According to Anglin, his comrades on the far right need to take a page from the SJWs they’re always going on about.

Look at how the left did things. When the “gay rights” movement first began in earnest in the 1980s, they didn’t tell you they were going to be teaching anal sex with men to 5-year-olds in school. They didn’t tell you they were going to be injecting little boys with female hormones and ultimately cutting their penises off. They didn’t even tell you they were going to legalize gay marriage. It was a progression.

Granted, some of this is only taking place in the highly fertile imagination of right-wingers, but Anglin’s overall point is clear.

[M]oving things back rightward will be a progression. Trump is a yuuuuuuuuge first step in this process.

With Trump shifting the narrative right, identifying subversive alien forces such as the immigrants, he is bringing us closer to the place where we will be able to push the Jewish issue into the mainstream.

It’s kind of amazing just how many anti-Semites not-so-secretly yearn to be master manipulators and maneuverers like the imaginary Elders of Zion they make so much noise about.

But even as Trump is winning over the nation’s bigots and bringing about something of a revival of the Jew-hating, Nazi-symp far-right he is also galvanizing the left — and disgusting most decent people. To most Americans, Trump sounds more like a drunken neighbor than he does a political genius.

I suspect that the loyalty of Trump’s far-right followers will end him costing him votes. Hopefully, a yuuuuuuuuge number of them.

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6 years ago

Agenda? Is it something about bagels? Because that’s something I could get behind.

Yum, me too. And lox and gefilte fish. Omnomnomnomnom.

6 years ago

And Hamantaschen!

6 years ago

When I found out about a month ago that the (highly visible, very photogenic, extremely pregnant) Ivanka Trump, the right hand of Donald Trump, was a Jewish convert, I thought that the white supremacists would dump Trump.

But about a week ago, I realized that they had to know by now.

I guess that he’s such a hater in a way that mostly aligns with their own Agenda of Hatred that they’ll stick with their Daddy-o, the Orange Man from Queens.

And now WHTM says that they’re making excuses for him, saying that he has to pretend to tolerate Jews. No doubt they’ll have some BS rationalization for his not disowning Ivanka, and in fact relying on her as what seems to be his closest consultant. Haters gonna hate. And when they find a Daddy figure to lead them–ooh wee.

It’s like a teenage girl with a MAMMOTH CRUSH on a rock star. When he elopes to Las Vegas with his girlfriend, does she abandon him? No!!! Because she knows that once their eyes lock at a concert, he will leave his wife for her. Or something like that.

6 years ago

@Alan Robertshaw

They didn’t tell you they were going to be injecting little boys with female hormones and ultimately cutting their penises off.

The school nurse said it was a smallpox inoculation!!!!

I’m off into hiding before she comes round to finish the job!

My boyfriend and I had quite a laugh at this! (His laughter was more nervous than mine.)

6 years ago

@weirwood, @makroth: And the main question you have to ask yourself is “What’s an acceptable casualty rate if we do hit rock bottom?”

Sheila Crosby
6 years ago

They didn’t tell you they were going to be injecting little boys with female hormones and ultimately cutting their penises off.

I think this must be about young AMAB transsexuals. Never mind that they never do either to pre-pubescent kids. They just give puberty blockers until the kid is old enough to decide, because a MTF kid wants a beard exactly as much as I do.

Tragedy of the Commas
Tragedy of the Commas
6 years ago

So this is a thing: a proposal for a hotline, by the leader of the American Freedom Party, for “folks who feel they’ve been victimized by supporters of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.”

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