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Aliens, Bitch Snacks and Baby-Aborting Whores: The Totally Not Hateful Graphic Art of the MGTOW Subreddit

How exactly are you guys "going your own way" again?
How exactly are you guys “going your own way” again?

I‘ve lost track of the number of times that some aspiring Man Going His Own Way has shown up in the comments here, indignantly objecting to some post I’ve made about the MGTOW lifestyle, such as it is. All we’re doing is trying to live our lives in peace, the MGTOWs declare. Why are you always picking on us?

Well, I think from now on I’ll just send them a link to this post. Today we’re celebrating Memeday one day early with three of the most ridiculously misogynistic memes I’ve yet seen in my five years of running this blog — all of which were posted to the MGTOW subreddit in the last week.

This, MGTOW dudes, is why we pick on you. Because instead of actually going your own way and living the free, independent lives you say you want to live, you stew in your own hatred and fritter away your life talking endlessly about the alleged evils of women online.

Seriously, dudes. When Thoreau went and lived by himself in a shack by a pond for a year, he emerged from the experience with a book people are still talking about today. Left to you own devices, you guys produce crap like this:


So not only is this woman “a baby aborting, lawsuit filing, backstabbing psychotic whore,” but she is also:

  • a feminist
  • a vampire
  • a Satanist
  • either the Beast of Revelations or just someone with glasses decorated with the number of the beast

Also, she really needs to see an ophthalmologist STAT, because there is definitely something a bit off about her eyes.

About the only good thing I can say here is that this meme got a mixed-but-mostly-negative reception in r/MGTOW, with responses ranging from “topkek” to “[t]his is why MGTOW has a bad name even amongst MRM,” though the critics were more annoyed by the anti-abortion stuff than by the raging misogyny. And in at least one case because the abortion talk meant that he could post a little manifesto on why men should be able to “financially abort” any of their children they didn’t feel like providing for

This next terrible meme has an otherworldly theme:


I hate to break it to you, fellas, but that alien there is a Small Grey. They’re not interested in chatting about science with you. They’re the ones who go around abducting people and using them in medical experiments. And mutilating cattle, but I think that’s more of a hobby of theirs.

This one also got a mixed reception in r/MGTOW, with reactions ranging from “sadly, women in Brazil are not that different from American women” to “this is probably one of the dumbest things I’ve seen. This post honestly looks like it was made by a mentally handicapped middle schooler.”


I don’t even know where to start with this one. I just hope whoever made this paid for the rights to all those stock-image angry ladies!

Also, dude, if the purpose of these Bitch Snacks is to provide women with the energy they need to make themselves miserable, why would they contain Prozac? The whole point of antidepressants like Prozac is make people less miserable, not more. That’s why they’re called antidepressants.

Seriously, dudes, antidepressants. They could do you a lot of good (and I say that as someone who’s been taking the things for more than twenty years). They’ll certainly do you more good than spending the rest of your life in the MGTOW subreddit laughing at hateful, shitty memes and trying to convince yourself you’re happy.

So how did this meme, possibly the most misogynistic of the three, fare in r/MGTOW?

The fellas loved it. “Bitch bones. Love it,” wrote one. “Words cannot express how awesome this is,” declared another.

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6 years ago


In the period I write about I’ve heard other historians talk about (but weirdly never write about) the ‘return to the parlour’–middle class Englishwomen in the eighteenth century were integrally involved in economic life, and this seems to have changed within a generation in the early nineteenth century.

Interesting! I never heard of this.

It reminds me of the Rosie the Riveter stories. This World War II icon is famous now, but I never heard of her until the early 1970s. My father served in WWII. My mother was a (nonmilitary) nurse during WWII. They talked about the war. Other adults talked about the war. I studied it in school. I saw TV shows and movies about the war. I was not aware of one mention of Rosie the Riveter.

It took the second wave of feminism to bring Rosie the Riveter back into popular culture.

We also have the second wave of feminism to thank for the fact that we now talk about and take action against domestic violence, sexual harassment, child abuse, and incest.

6 years ago

Hi Kat–that’s a really interesting point, that it’s not just the political and other changes that each ‘wave’ of activism achieves, but the different forgotten bits of history they bring to public attention.

I need to make a little more effort to dig through my (virtual) files to find a quote I once encountered that sums up the early-Victorian change in one sentence–a businessman saying something along the lines of ‘my mother used to go down to the pub to smoke her pipe and transact business with her colleagues…but my wife will never do that.’

Here’s a fantastic monument to the women who built ships during WWII–it’s called ‘Rosie the Riveter’ but actual real women are remembered here.

Incidentally I’ll mention that although we read wildly varying reactions to the end of the war, from ‘thank god I can go home and never get dirty and do this awful job again’ to ‘this was the most amazing and exciting experience of my life, and I still regret being forced to leave’, I know in at least one situation (that I did the research on) the women had to give up their jobs when the men returned because their employer agreed when the men left to join the armed forces that they would maintain their seniority in their jobs, and of course the most senior people were able to get their positions when they returned. Not that it wasn’t unfair that women couldn’t get into these jobs in the first place, but it was the system that booted them out, not naked misogyny (i.e. not because anyone said women didn’t perform well or couldn’t do the work).

Imaginary Petal
Imaginary Petal
6 years ago


What is that show? I’ve never heard of it.

6 years ago


Those are perfect examples of what I was trying to describe when giving my more cynical take on history – sometimes, far from things getting better with time, they can get worse instead.

6 years ago

Telemarketing was the worst job I ever had. But I’ve since learned from the manosphere that thanks to my two summers at a phone bank, I can claim to have worked in both “corporate sales” and “the tech industry.”

Aris Boch
Aris Boch
6 years ago

Pulling a fictional being out of their asses in an attempt to prove that feminism (resp their strawman of feminism) is evil? Damn, that’s low, even for them.

atrophied human men
atrophied human men
5 years ago

hate to break it to you also but those alien grays ARE YOU MEN in the future… you have atrophied and stayed alive as an abortion that has been kept alive and that’s why you feel the way you do.they ARE you… that’s how you look atrophied after 1000s of years in a diff environment and she still doesn’t want you.

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