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Right-wingers claim Colorado shooter Robert Lewis Dear is a trans woman

Accused Colorado Planned Parenthood shooter Robert Lewis Dear
Accused Colorado Planned Parenthood shooter Robert Lewis Dear

So far we only know bits and pieces about the strange and isolated life of Robert Lewis Dear, the alleged shooter who murdered three people and injured many others after holing up in a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic yesterday afternoon.

We know that he had numerous run-ins with the law and with his neighbors, that he was accused in the past of domestic violence, that he lived in a small shack in the woods.

While Dear didn’t leave behind a manifesto, the fact that he targeted Planned Parenthood seems to be a rather large clue as to his motivations. Indeed, the mayor of Colorado Springs told reporters that they could make “inferences” about Dear’s motivations “from where [the shootings] took place.” Meanwhile, NBC is reporting that Dear talked about abortion after he was arrested, making reference to “baby parts,” according to NBC’s law enforcement sources.

Apparently embarrassed by the actions of yet another white male terrorist, some right-wingers are trumpeting a bizarre claim: that Dear is a trans woman. 

The claim seems to have originated with the blog Gateway Pundit, which posted voter registration information for Dear that labeled the alleged shooter as “female.”

To Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft, this isn’t just an innocent mistake on the part of some government clerk; it’s proof that Dear “Identifies as [a] Woman.”

Naturally, others picked up on the bizarre claim. Rich Hoffman, who blogs as Overmanwarrior, treated this “news” as a giant “gotcha.”

Guess what, Obama, MSNBC, CNN, Hillary Clinton and all the rest of the knuckle dragging losers of progressive politics? They thought they finally had a white middle-aged Republican man who committed a terrorist act—so that they could propose more gun control.

Never mind that most of America’s terrorists are in fact white men.

Sadly for them, the shooter—Robert Lewis Dear—the lunatic who shot up a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic on November 27th 2015 appears to be a cross-gender loving pervert who shared much more with Obama’s LBGT community than the NRA loving American traditionalists.

Never mind that the only political activism anyone says they’ve seen Dear ever engaging in was handing out anti-Obama leaflets. 

According to early reports from The Gateway Pundit shown below indicate Robert Lewis Dear identified as a woman, not as the man that he is. Bet you won’t hear that on the news networks.

Probably because it’s not true.

Dear sounds like a cast member of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. That would explain his appearance.

Apparently Hoffman has never actually seen Rocky Horror.

Hoffman continued on — and on:

This is just further proof that liberals make most of the problems in our society. They feed anger toward Planned Parenthood with immoral justifications then they create a loose society full of perverts, peeping Toms, and losers who are men who think they are women and women who want to be men. USA Today almost had an orgasm when they saw the pictures of the suspect, but quickly put on the brakes once the stories of this idiot became clear. They reported that the motive was unclear so the hard reporting will probably die now that Robert Lewis Dear has turned out to be a Bruce Jenner clone—a woman in a man’s body. Perhaps Dear was jealous that real woman were able to get abortions for casual sex while he was not able to commit such a vile crime—so he went on a shooting spree. That conclusion is just as valid as Obama’s early comments regarding the push to use gun control as a way to keep more idiots like this loser free to peek in our windows all in the name of a more “progressive” society of morally loose punks and general depraved nut cases. Gun control laws obviously didn’t work with this confused person. Robert Lewis Dear was a Obama kind of guy—a bewildered mess who didn’t know what he was.


Naturally, Hoffman isn’t the only one crying “gotcha.” On Twitter, right-wingers are spreading the “news” of Dear’s imaginary status as a trans woman; they sound positively giddy.

Naturally, some couldn’t keep themselves from indulging in transphobic jokes:

Do any of these people actually believe that Dear is a trans woman, or are they deliberately spreading disinformation to amuse themselves and muddy the real issues?

I suspect that it is largely the latter. Either way, it is not a shining moment for them.

H/T — Thanks to yutolia, who tipped me off to this development in the comments here.

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Dr. proctor
7 years ago

He is no doubt a stalk of celery. Look at the leafy foliage growing on his head. Partially evolved into a human. Deposited by a radioactive meteorite, super celery man, protector of fetuses.

7 years ago

Sooo, @Steve Gross, this whole inverted pyramid of probable piss that Dear identifies or has ever identified as a woman turns out not even to be based on a check-box on a single form? But, um, on a lie?

I had thought clerical error most likely, somehow.

James Joyce’s parents called him James Augustine Aloysius Joyce, but a clerical error saw him actually registered on the birth certificate as James Augusta.

Just think, had he ever committed a crime against women’s bodily autonomy, this would have enabled the right wing to claim he was really trans.

Pandapool -- The Species that Endangers YOU (aka Jackie; currently using they/their, he/his pronouns)
Pandapool -- The Species that Endangers YOU (aka Jackie; currently using they/their, he/his pronouns)
7 years ago

I don’t know if this has been said, but, like, even if Dear was a trans woman, that’s one trans woman who did this compared to the dozens of cis men. There’s also the fact that, you know, still white. There are more white terrorist than not so it’s not really helping their case at all lording over the fact that one shooter out of dozens may be trans. An exception rather than a rule is no evidence to the contrary.

7 years ago

thanks! good to hear the trans positive stories! Even the sad one, because it is so awesome to be respected after we pass when that usually doesnt happen, it shows he was respected in life which is good.

What is GRSM?

Also, has anyone seen “family” bathrooms? It is a solution to the problem of changing tables being inaccesible to dads by only putting them in womens rooms, dads who wanna take their kids to the bsthroom but feel wierd about girls being in the mens room, that sort of thing, but they can be helpful to trans people too although I imagine some people would still try to harass trans ppl esp women, so its not as good as if it were just for everyone…

7 years ago

If this person identified as a women I doubt if he would have a beard like that

Neil B
7 years ago

Here is an explanation of the clerical error, Robert Dear never claimed to be or IDed himself as a woman:

7 years ago

GRSM= Gender, Romantic, and Sexual Minorities. It’s a more inclusive/blanket term than LGBT+. (I admit that I forgot what the ‘R’ stood for and had to google this.)

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