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Guess who’s getting more traffic than the #1 Men’s Rights website again?

A Voice for Men’s not-so-bright future?

Here’s an interesting little chart from Alexa. We Hunted the Mammoth is the green line; A Voice for Men is the yellow line:


For more details on Alexa’s estimates, see its pages for WHTM and for AVFM.

Now, Alexa bases its rankings for most sites — including mine and AVFM — on estimated, not actual, traffic, and I have reason to believe that Alexa is underestimating when it comes to my site. I’m pretty sure that WHTM has actually been doing better than AVFM for some time. (I can get into that in the comments if you want to know why; I also have some suspicions about AVFM’s traffic.)

In any case, here are my actual traffic stats for the period in question; I’m averaging more than a million pageviews a month. The current month (in orange) is obviously not over yet, but if my traffic continues on in a fairly typical way for the rest of the month I should easily clear a million again. (The red bit is my estimate for this month’s traffic.)

We Hunted the Mammoth traffic, last six months
We Hunted the Mammoth traffic, last six months

Paul, if you want to post your own traffic logs, we can compare the two sites more accurately. (Somehow I don’t think he will.)

Oh, and one more thing:

AVFM has 18 people on its masthead, including a Publisher, a “Managing Editor,” an “Assistant Managing Editor,” a “Senior Editor,” an “Editor for the Falsely Accused,” a just plain “Editor,” an ‘”Australian News Director,” an “Indian News Director,” a “European News Director,” a “Chief Public Relations Officer,” and even a “Chief Marketing Officer.”

Here at the We Hunted the Mammoth Editorial Offices, which also double as my apartment, it’s just me and the cats.

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6 years ago

…and you do a wonderful job. Thanks David 🙂

6 years ago


I hope it’s not too late, but you can try Lundy Bancroft’s “why does he do that”.

I’m pretty sure he does mention the fact, and there are .pdf versions on the book where you can search by keyword…

6 years ago

@WickedWitchOfWhatever, that’s a kind, compassionate sentiment and a nice wish, but mental health help wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

I thought “pedoface” was the cleverest part of the troll — by process of elimination, but still. He’s commenting on David F using a child’s face (presumably little David F) as his picture… or maybe commenting on the fact that he’s attracted to that child’s face, and assumes everyone else is? Come to think of it, I guess it doesn’t make much sense.

6 years ago

Well cats are great editors, what do you expect.

AnAndrejaPejicBlog (@A_Pejic_Blog)

The call of the majestic potoo:

History Nerd
History Nerd
6 years ago

@SFHC The MRA’s seem to care more about “false rape accusations” than helping men who were raped or sexually abused by women. On the other hand, much of the abuse awareness literature I’ve seen says that anyone can be a perpetrator or a victim even though perpetrators are usually men.

Her post sounds like “Women do it too and my victims liked it, so it must not be so bad when men do it.” It’s filled with typical rationalizations to excuse the behavior.

Paradoxical Intention
6 years ago

Sally | October 20, 2015 at 3:55 am
Guys, can you please try to credit the artist when you post art in the comments? It kills a little bit of my soul every time x.x
Somebody put a lot of work into those pictures, they aren memes, art is already super undervalued and taken for granted.
I think you of all people would understand.

To be fair: I did link the artist’s store in my post, and you can see the name “Iguana Mouth” in contrapangloss’ post, which, via a quick Google search, the original can be found here.

Virtually Out of Touch
Virtually Out of Touch
6 years ago

“I’m guessing their other “non-white” guy is Amartya Talukdar, the holocaust denier.”

An Indian guy?! What “rights” don’t guys in India have? Hell, they even get a dowry when they get married.

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