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I’ll be on The Majority Report podcast today; the show is live at noon ET

Listen to this

Just a note: I’ll be on The Majority Report with Sam Seder today, talking to Matt Binder about Men’s Rightsers and whatnot. The show is live at noon ET; my segment will start roughly half an hour in.

You can listen to the live show here; an archived version will be available there as well. The Majority Report folks also put full shows and handy snippets of shows up on YouTube as well.

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Nice. Is this Binder’s last show with the Majority Report? At least his last Monday, I think. I’ll be listening to the free part of he podcast tomorrow.


I’m listening now. I wish there was some advice you could offer for (feminist) mothers of young men who had adopted the MRA philosophy.

As a lawyer, I actually agree with my son there are due process issues about how colleges are dealing with rape accusations. But he doesn’t drink or use drugs and his only friends are girls-even if they are not romantic partners. He’s hardly a candidate for false-rape accusations.

Every time there is another mass shooting I worry about my son who is so unhappy about not having a GF and is convinced it is a cultural shift–not anything personal to him.

I appreciate your website. Keep it up.

Vicki Broach Riverside, CA

Awesome, I made it on time to listen to David!! Good job!!

The manosphere won’t be happy about it, though. I sincerely hope they express it in horrifitastic memes

Thanks, everyone!

Depressurizing now.

And yeah, this is Matt’s last monday show. I’m still not clear on where he’s going but it seems pretty clearhe’s going to continue talking about MRAs and their ilk.

Aww, I missed it. Hopefully the most interesting and important parts will be on YouTube.

Awesome! I couldn’t make the live podcast, but will definitely check out the archive version when I get home. Glad to hear Matt is going to continue reporting on MRAs.

Vicki – I too have teen sons with no GFs (!) but I do not think that it is such an issue for them. The thing that stands out for me from what you said is that your son (?) has absorbed some toxic masculinity, and it might be an idea to have a talk with him about it. He seems to need to blame someone for not having a GF, and it really is not a thing to find and apportion blame for. I am guessing that that is because he does not want to blame himself and lose self worth.

That is where the toxic bit creeps in – he is not less of a ‘man’ or in some way inadequate without a GF, but it looks like the culture he is steeped in has made him feel that. I am shocked and saddened that young men are feeling this way, and that that women blaming may provide some of them with a focus.

Very good point brought up:

SJW is being used as a fascist scapegoat tactic to recruit/incite/rally. Yes, it been observed before, but putting it in the solid history of reactionary right-wing tactics highlights i’s deliberateness.

Sorry I missed it. I need be more more on the spot with reading Mammoth articles. I will listen to the archived version when I get home from work. Congrats on the interview, David. ????


I don’t know if you were specifically asking for ways to talk about campus rape allegations — I assume you were looking for general advice on keeping a good relationship and teaching emotional regulation more than factual or policy debates, but I could talk to your son about false accusations on campus, I’d say something like this:

“I’ve read the stories about schools handing down serious punishments to accused men without properly investigating, and I’m sure t least some of them are true. Many are self-serving lies, but I can believe it does happen.

I can believe it because it’s consistent with what survivors and feminists have said all long: schools care more about protecting their reputations than about doing right by their students. I could show you countless stories from women who were ignored or silenced by their school when they tried to report. Administrators don’t hate men; if they act on an accusation without investigating, it’s for the same reason they dismiss accusations without investigating: to make a problem go away quickly without spending resources on it.

There are 3 things I’d like you try to remember going forward.

1. It’s easy to get scared of false accusations if you keep reading stories about them. I can’t promise it won’t happen to you, but I can tell you it’s not worth worrying about. These cases are unbelievably rare. It’s very unlikely that you’ll be falsely accused and also unlikely that you’ll be punished if you are. You should be more worried about sharks and lightning bolts than about rape charges.

2. Don’t get the idea that men and women have it equally bad. You can point to a handful of cases where men were unfairly punished, but women are being ignored and even abused by their schools every day. Survivors on average get less justice than the accused, plus have to deal with having been raped.

3. Feminists are your friends. Young people often have extreme views, and it’s possible that you may hear some feminist students calling for genuinely unfair policies. But if you get to know some feminists, you’ll find that most of them have nothing against men; they want justice and fairness for everyone. If the false accusation problem gets fixed, it will be because of feminist activists. They are the ones pushing for schools to train staff to deal with these issues, hire experts, investigate cases fully, and discuss problems publicly instead of sweeping them under the rug. They aren’t your enemies.”


I don’t know how much help it would be, but you could consider sending him to Doctor Nerdlove (not an actual doctor), after checking it out yourself, or even just use it yourself as a guide for conversations. The Doc has tackled things like toxic masculinity before, and is a guy, so maybe it would be helpful. One of the semi recent posts is even about How To Approach Women (Without Being Creepy), though I haven’t had time to read all of it yet myself. He also helps identify issues that men might be having, but not realize, to (hopefully) help them to get away from the “blame women” mindset; like 5 Things Men Do That Make Them Less Attractive.

Good luck! 🙂

Aaaand it occurred to me when I woke up this morning that the part about him being a guy could read in a way I did not intend (in fact, that entire sentence suffers from poor editing). I meant it in the sense that men (especially ones with toxic mindsets) are more likely to listen to a man and take him seriously, which you could use to your advantage, not that being a man makes him better at explaining things!

Sorry for any harm that I may have caused.

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