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Open Thread for non-personal stuff, Sept. 2015 Amazing Cat Box Edition

Some boxes are pretty amazing.
Some boxes are pretty amazing.

I know, this pic is a little old. But I still think it’s funny!

Anyway, here’s a somewhat belated Open Thread for Non-Personal Stuff. As always, Open Threads are CLOSED to MRAs/trolls, etc.

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Oh my gosh what did I just play? I think it was a video game that I worked on but… oh gosh… what’s going on?

This played out… nothing like I expected… I don’t know what’s going on… and have a reaaallly bad feeling…

Could just be good storytelling? I mean, I think I’m -supposed- to be freaked out right now narratively speaking. But, um >.<

Y'all, I collaborated on a Kickstarter game and things got weird O.o

Here’s a weird one. What do people think?

The English Court of Appeal has just ruled that in paedophile rapes cases it is now an aggravating factor if the victim is an Asian girl.

The ruling states that because such victims will be shunned in their society and that it will be harder to find a suitable arranged marriage candidate sentence should be increased to reflect this.

I can see the logic but it feels a bit weird. Any thoughts?

Can I mention that I’m really fucking tired of Republicans criticizing Hillary Clinton’s personality?

So, after hearing about it basically everywhere, this site included, I’ve started watching Steven Universe. Initial impressions from worst to best:

– Onion is a blight upon the Earth.
– Steven himself, while not horrible, can be kind of annoying at times.
– The art style is a mixed bag. It can be pretty smooth and stylish, but sometimes characters end up looking really grotesque for a shot or two (Steven seems especially prone to this).
– Lion is rather adorable.
– The little bits and pieces of worldbuilding and backstory sprinkled throughout the episodes are quite intriguing, and I’m curious to see what details come up next.
– The contrast between crude loudmouth Amethyst and deadpan, super-serious Garnet is a comedy goldmine.
– Pearl is basically the best thing ever.

Overall, it didn’t immediately grab and hold my attention like, say, Gravity Falls, but it’s enjoyable enough to keep watching. I think how my opinion changes, if at all, will probably depend on how the worldbuilding develops further.

Okay, everyone can ignore this and it’s going to be a caps lock extravaganza, but I need to scream somewhere.


Really! Wow that makes Coelocanths positive John come latelys.

So where have they been hiding for the last half billion years?

Which is exactly what I’ll be doing as soon as I can. ^__^

(Who the fuck fangirls over a blob of goo more primitive than a jellyfish…)

Nice! Edicarians are really interesting. Not surprised they’re in Australia, land of unique lifeforms.

Bet you a million dollars they get reclassified at least twice.

Ha, you girls and your science! Why don’t you do something useful with your lives, like whinge about video games? 😉

Actually I’m going to do a bit of fanboying about this. I love this stuff. Some friends bought me an amazing trilobite fossil and it’s weird to think how old it is.

Mind you, I also like meteorites. Holding something that’s 4.56 billion years old is something. I’ve also got some pieces of the Moon and Mars. Never taken them out of their cases though.

(Who the fuck fangirls over a blob of goo more primitive than a jellyfish…)


You found cool thing, must go find out about cool thing, because oh my it’s so cool! I want to go do trench exploring, so bad right now…

Alan – I am really shocked by this ruling.

What is meant by Asian – this is an absurd blanker term for a huge geographical area, all religions, and widely varying cultures, etc etc.

It is REALLY insulting to these ‘Asian’ families implying that arranged marriages are extremely common and normalising them. Also, that a girl is less valuable if she is not a virgin – is this really something British law wants to reinforce?

In addition this also implies that marriage is an inevitable reality.

I would not like to think of a child rapist getting less prison time because his victim was of the ‘wrong’ ethnicity or gender.

@ Ellesar

I got confused then because I thought you were responding to the link above 🙂

As to the new sentencing guidelines they use Asian to refer to Pakistani or Indian girls, as they’re the most likely to be “devalued” by rape.

Yeah, I find it a bit disturbing that the courts recognise this as a factor. However it is apparently something that will be an issue for these girls.

Should the law ignore the additional suffering of a victim because that suffering arises from attitudes that are distasteful in themselves?

It’s a tricky subject.

Alan – it is certainly a tricky subject, but I would rather see higher sentences generally than a premium placed on girls virginity.
None of the sites where I have read about this have considered this to be anything but discriminatory against white girls, but as I said before this is insulting to any family of Indian or Pakistani – implying that that is the way they place value on girls – this is not a standard we should be respecting!
And boys – boys are left out of this even if they are from those communities.

Alan – sorry I confused you – I didn’t check dates and have only just realised this is an old thread that has been going for a while .

@ Ellesar

S’ok. I’m easily confused

It’s a stupidity thing; that’s why you should throw rocks 😉

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