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Is Roosh V’s empire crumbling? Not so fast.

Don't look down.
Don’t look down.

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So there are posts up on the GamerGhazi and BluePill subreddits asking if we’re seeing “the end of RooshV,” and declaring that  traffic on his sites

and the [sales of his] how-to-rape guides … are collapsing in a freefall. More than half of his followers are not even real. Noone wants to associate with this serial rapist douchebag.

I’ve seen similar claims — at least about Roosh’s allegedly plummeting book sales — on Twitter as well. 

As happy as I would be to see the utter, ignominious implosion of Roosh V’s little world, the evidence provided as proof of Roosh’s collapse isn’t terribly convincing. Some of it is unreliable, some of it is misleading, and my attempts to dig more deeply into some of the data have raised more questions than they’ve answered.

Let’s look at the claims one by one.

Roosh’s “fake” followers

The evidence of the poor quality of Roosh’s Twitter followers comes from the Fakers app on


The results are similar for Roosh’s other Twitter accounts (publicizing his blog and his site Return of Kings).

This looks a lot worse than it really is. Yes, Roosh has a lot of inactive followers, but there are a lot of inactive accounts on Twitter, and he doesn’t have an enormous number of fake followers. Indeed, TwitterAudit, which doesn’t seem to pay much attention to inactive users, gives Roosh’s account a thumb’s up.


If you want to see someone with a lot of fake followers, take a gander at this guy:


Roosh’s “collapsing” book sales

Here’s where things get really confusing. The only “proof” I’ve seen for this has been incomplete and misleading. The Reddit posts link to a screencap showing the sales on Amazon of the paperback edition of  Roosh’s Bang Poland guide; the link I found on Twitter showed the Amazon sales of the paperback edition of Bang, his best-known book.

Looking only at these two examples, it does indeed seem to suggest that Roosh’s book sales have slowed to a trickle — the paperback of Bang Poland has sold only 5 copies this month, despite all the media attention paid to Roosh, and Bang has sold 31.

But that’s only part of the story. Roosh sells a lot more ebooks than he does paperbacks, and a lot more of Bang than any of his country guides. Looking at the data for the Kindle edition of Bang we see that he’s sold 70, more than twice as many as the paperback edition.

It’s true that this is less than what he was selling on Amazon earlier this year but looking through the sales data is, well, let’s just say it’s confusing, suggesting that Roosh went from more than 130 ebooks per month to literally zero from February through May. (Did he get banned on Amazon for a while?)


And this is only the data for Amazon; we’re not taking into consideration how many books he sells directly off of his own site, including bundles of all his books.

So all we can really say about his book sales is that we don’t know if they’re going down, or up, or staying stable.


This seems like the most clear-cut evidence for a decline in Roosh’s fortunes. Emphasis on the “seems.”

The traffic-ranking site Alexa seems to show a sharp drop in traffic for both Return of Kings and Roosh’s own blog.

rooshalexa returnofkingsalexa

But there are problems with this data too. First off, Roosh hasn’t actually posted on his own blog since June, so you’d expect a big dropoff. And if you look at the scale on both you’ll see that the drops aren’t as steep as they appear at first glance.

More to the point, though: Alexa’s numbers are estimated, for Roosh’s sites and most other sites, and I know from watching my own Alexa stats that their estimates can be pretty far off.

You would never guess looking at my Alexa chart, for example, that my best month ever was in May of this year, and that I did a lot better in October of last year than I did this January, a relatively slow month for me, but which Alexa paints as my best month ever.  (Or that July and August have both been better months than June.)


So, in other words, we don’t know if the seemingly huge drop in traffic at Return of Kings is as huge as it looks.

That said, I do suspect that Roosh has passed his sell-by date. He’s out of ideas, clearly sick of “game” but not even remotely smart or original enough to be the reactionary philosopher he fancies himself becoming. The deliberately offensive Return of Kings posts that got him so much attention last year have lost their novelty. He’s probably not going to be invited back on Dr. Oz.

Oh, he still has his devoted followers, and unless Alexa is completely and utterly wrong, Return of Kings still gets more traffic than me.

I don’t expect a sudden crash. Roosh will just become less and less relevant by the day. The controversy of his World Tout may have energized him and his little cult, but that’s not going to last.

Roosh, dude, I hate to tell you, but I think you may have hit the wall.

34 replies on “Is Roosh V’s empire crumbling? Not so fast.”

Re the higher number of Kindle sales: I surmise that’s because guys don’t want to get caught with a hardcopy book of that. It’s easier to read “controversial” (or trashy) stuff on a Kindle, because there’s no cover to give the game (pun intended) away.

Great post. Ahhh I love this blog.

And this week I also got a bonus at work, so it’s a good time to show my appreciation and enthusiasm to see it go on! Sent a few tenners your way!

I’ve been watching an online petition to get Roosh’s books off of Amazon. It’s got a little over 150,000 signatures so far (they are now aiming for 200,000). It looks like things are not looking up for Roosh.

Is he still popular among PUA people even? He’s 36, so he’s not exactly in the same age group as the people who go around trying to pick people up in bars. It looks like he knows that, and he’s been trying to reposition himself by appealing to different far right subcultures. Here’s the problem: GamerGaters don’t care about him, socially conservative neoreactionaries don’t exactly like people who are into one-night stands, the Neo-Nazis and other extremist racist or nationalist groups already have their own pundits, etc.

@History Nerd
Yes he has tried to rebrand himself as a “Neomasculinity” author.
He tries to stoke hatred and anger in his bitter followers and then sell them solutions (exhibit A: his ridiculous World Tour).

Another PUA (Aaron Sleazy) has a blog where he debunks Roosh as a PUA…explaining how Roosh hardly even gets laid (apart from rape).

So now he’s a neomasculine rapist.
And neomasculinity by the way, is a concept he ripped off from gay author Jack Donovan (The Way of Men).

So yeah, Roosh hit the wall. His massive victory is a speech at a HoJo’s in Canada to 30 dudes.

Physically he never hit the wall though because he was always an ugly dude to being with. And age isn’t helping.

Women would probably think he looks acceptable if he trimmed his beard in a nice style or got a clean shave (it’s ironic that he isn’t following actual sound dating advice). Still, there’s something a little weird about a 36 year old picking up 21-25 year olds in bars. Being a serial rapist doesn’t help.

I think Father Ted would be a better source of dating advice for men than Roosh.


I’ve been following the petition, signed it ages ago, I even got into a skirmish with some Rooshlings on the Telegraph web site under an article about it. As I’ve said before, I have my doubts it’ll work because Amazon sells far worse books, like the Pearl’s parenting guides which have led to children being killed by their parents.

I am cheered to see that his book sales are pretty meager, even 100 books a month won’t pay the bills, and you can download many of them for free anyway. How on Earth did he pay for his tour? Ticket sales could not have covered it.

“but not even remotely smart or original enough to be the reactionary philosopher he fancies himself becoming”

True. Incidentally, you aren’t smart enough to handle the altright’s preeminent social conservatives / reactionaries (or maybe more charitably, you’re smart enough to avoid picking fights with them). So this whole Roosh’s-Yin-to-your-Yang thing all kind of works out in the end eh?

Be thankful you’ve still got some easy targets on your level to snipe your braindead snark at, lest you be forced to shut the blog down and get a real job.

He’s a troll. He’s been here before. I’m not sure what he’s trying to say though. Maybe because David doesn’t cover every brand of reactionary out there, troll is taunting him for being scared.

I’ve tried clicking ‘alt-right’ and all that happens is a menu pops up. What am I missing?

Father Ted, dismantling the patriarchy one “Lovely Girls Competition” at a time:

The world is not just. It’s not just going to naturally turn out that tremendous assholes get what they deserve.

That’s the whole point of having a justice system in the first place.

The world is not just. It’s not just going to naturally turn out that tremendous assholes get what they deserve.

That’s the whole point of having a justice system in the first place.

Also protests, petitions, elections, etc.

Down with the Caveman Clubtocracy!

Funny how Dean Esmay has almost no real twitter followers. But then, he’s constantly ranting to fake feminists, so I suppose that makes sense.

Maybe this is just because I’ve always thought “pick-up artistry” was nothing more than a laugh, but why would anyone think that a book entitled “Bang” would ever actually provide useful information? I could see it being the name of some kind of procedural cop drama or noir show or comic book, but a how-to guide ostensibly about sexual relationships (or rather “sexual encounters” since what they truly are is disgusting)? I guess it fits with Roosh’s level of subtlety and nuance…

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