Posting will resume shortly. In the meantime, a cat

Beware! Take care!
Beware! Take care!

Sorry for the lack of posts the last couple days. I’ve been bogged down dealing with some non-blog business, and will resume posting as soon as I can. In the meantime, enjoy this cat!

61 replies on “Posting will resume shortly. In the meantime, a cat”

Lol, “what the fuck did you expect, wearing a swimsuit at a beach!” What an asshat.

Here’s some fun with pets’ fear of hair dryers.

OM F’ing G! That is one adorable cat! I really want to rub its belly, but I am afraid that it will try to eat me. ^^;


That’s ok. I have been a bit busy myself and have been unable to comment on posts.

Moocow-LOL! You should check out funny animals playing musical instruments one. XD

Khane’s Mom-She is AAAAWWWWEEEESSSSOOOMMMEEE! It served those morons right, too.

Pandapool -- The Species that Endangers YOU (aka Banana Jackie Cake, for those who still want to call me "Banana", "Jackie" or whatever)says:


Pfft, what? What? Skulls make us bad? I mean, come on.

*hides several skull beanies*

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