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Did Vox Day, #GamerGate-r and Sci Fi douchebag, just confess to serial rape on the David Pakman Show?

Vox Day:
Vox Day: “I’m smarter than practically everyone else out there.”

Earlier today, several readers alerted me to a new video out with an alarming title: Vox Day Admits to Sex with Women Without Consent, Says Gay is a Birth Defect.

The video, a 46-minute interview of Science Fiction’s biggest asshole conducted by YouTuber David Pakman, doesn’t quite live up to its sensational title (which I now see Pakman has changed).

While Day — real name Theodore Beale — does indeed say that gayness is a birth defect, he’s evasive when Pakman asks him point-blank about some of the more amazingly wrong and creepy things he’s written about rape. Indeed, he’s so evasive in his answers it’s easy to lose track of what exactly Pakman is trying to get him to clarify.

So let’s look at the actual quotes that Pakman was asking him about. In a 2005 blog post (archived here), Day wrote:

If the definition of rape is stretched so far to include women who have not given consent, then I am absolutely a serial rapist. So, too, is every man I know.

Pakman is of course correct to see this as a rather startling admission. Because the very definition of rape is sex without consent; there is no stretching going on here.

In the interview, Vox doesn’t repudiate these comments, but he doesn’t exactly affirm them either; he tells Pakman that he has indeed had sex with women without first obtaining explicit written consent, introducing a qualifier that was not there in the original. He goes on to say that he’s had sex without getting explicit verbal consent for each and every sexual act, a la the famous Antioch College rules. Again, that wasn’t the question. Pakman makes a valiant effort to pin Day down on this, but he wriggles away every time.

If you look at some of the other things Day was writing about rape around the same time of that 2005 post, you can see that he’s been using the “written permission” nonsense to muddle the issue for a very long time.

Less than a week before his “serial rape” comment, Day posted a long, victim-blamey disquisition on rape (archived here), in which he drew a distinction between “genuine rape” and date rape, saying that

most so-called “date rape” is not rape nor a crime of any kind, because he said-she said is no basis for a system of justice. If sex without written permission is a crime, then all sex is rape and all men are unrepentant criminals.

Never mind that “written permission” is never the issue in rape cases.

In another post from around the same time (archived here), he seems to suggest that the difficulty in proving date rape in court means that it doesn’t really exist:

“Date rape” is distinguished from real rape as it involves inherently sexual situations where there is seldom any possibility of obtaining evidence of either criminal activity or criminal intent, both of which are necessary to demonstrate in the conviction of real crimes.

Back to the present. Pakman asks Day about another kind of rape that he thinks doesn’t exist: rape in marriage. In a blog post last year, as you may recall, Day wrote that

The concept of marital rape is not merely an oxymoron, it is an attack on the institution of marriage, on the concept of objective law, and indeed, on the core foundation of human civilization itself.

So why isn’t marital rape rape? As Day sees it, “marriage grants consent on an ongoing basis.” So once a woman says “I do” on her wedding day, he believes, she can no longer say no to sex with her husband, as sex is part of her marital duty.

In his interview with Pakman, Day reiterates this basic argument, though he is notably elusive about just which sexual acts a married woman has intrinsically said yes to when she agrees to be married. Pakman asks Day if he believes married men should go ahead and force their wives to have sex when they’ve explicitly said no; Day allows that this might not be such a good idea.

Pakman devotes a decent portion of the interview to the troubling things Day has said about rape; he could easily have devoted an entire hour or two to Day’s odious opinions on the subject. Pakman, for example, doesn’t ask Day about his bizarre assertion, in a blog post last December, that any woman who says a white man raped her is lying. No, really. This is what he wrote:

White American men simply don’t rape these days. At this point, unless a womann claims it was committed by a black or Hispanic man she didn’t previously know, all claims of rape, especially by a college woman, have to be considered intrinsically suspect.

Even though Pakman is unable to get straight answers from Day on most of the questions he asks, the interview is well worth watching. No, scratch that: It is largely because he is unable to get straight answers from Day that the interview is so compelling.

Day is weirdly and floridly evasive on virtually every topic Pakman brings up, from rape to the intentions of #Gamergate, and while he’s never willing to say outright that he was wrong about anything Pakman puts before him, he’s remarkably unwilling to take responsibility for the words he’s written, sounding very little like the “alpha male” he so often proclaims himself to be.

Here’s the video, if you have 45 minutes to spare:

H/T —  on Twitter, the first of several people who alerted me to this video

EDIT: I noted that Pakman has changed the title of his video.

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7 years ago

I resent the implication that all men are rapists. That is misandry. When a woman tells me to stop, I stop immediately. As do (not all the men I know unfortunately but) all my close male friends and certainly my past male sex partners.

Paradoxical Intention
7 years ago

KL | June 2, 2015 at 4:51 pm
even if you got “written permission”, if you do something to a person’s body they do not want you to do to them it is rape. Prior “permission” or no, the moment someone says or indicates stop, you stop.

So close…

KL | June 2, 2015 at 4:57 pm
I resent the implication that all men are rapists. That is misandry. When a woman tells me to stop, I stop immediately. As do (not all the men I know unfortunately but) all my close male friends and certainly my past male sex partners.

…and yet so far.

Look, here’s a protip from a rape victim for you: If your first reaction to “Hey, I don’t trust men because I’ve been raped” is “NOT ALL MEN! I WOULDN’T DO THAT!”, then you’re being an absolute shitweasel. Why? Because you’re putting your hurt fee-fees before the feelings and trauma of a victim. This isn’t about your hurt feelings, this is about someone being raped. This isn’t about your hurt feelings, this is about a culture where men are consistently told that they are entitled to women and our bodies.

This isn’t about your hurt feelings. This is about something far larger than yourself. This is about the culture you live in and have grown up in.

For instance, Can you tell which of these quotes are from British “Lad mags” and which are from rapists?

So, let’s stop assuming that the world revolves around you.

If you’re lounging pool-side, and the lifeguard suddenly yells “Hey! No running!”, is your immediate reaction to inform the lifeguard that hey, not everyone is running? It shouldn’t be, because that statement didn’t apply to you.

A hit dog hollers, KL.

The thing about the “implication that all men are rapists” is that it isn’t exactly what you think it is. What you’re assuming is that we all think “men are rapists”. Not true. Many of us have men in our lives we love and adore and trust. (Unfortunately, that doesn’t protect us from jack chicken shit. I was raped by someone I loved and trusted. Go figure.)

What it actually is is that enough men out there are rapists and have admitted to being rapists or wanting to rape someone, that it’s simply easier for women to assume that a man is dangerous until proven otherwise. “Schrödinger’s Rapist” as it were. Men are rapists/assaulters/murderers until proven otherwise, otherwise we might be raped/assaulted/murdered. Period. Dot. The End. Here’s some further reading on the topic.

I’d rather assume that a man I don’t know is a rapist than trust him implicitly and end up getting raped. Again.

Don’t like it? How about you start being a force for positive change in the male community and address your fellow men instead of coming in here and accusing people who have been hurt by men of “misandry”. We are not to blame for your hurt fee-fees. Your fellow men are.

Fuck off until you do, please and thanks.

Paradoxical Intention
7 years ago

In other words, KL, If you don’t want to be associated with rapists, maybe you should tell the rapists to fuck right off instead of trying to silence their victims?

Dana Pelligra
Dana Pelligra
7 years ago

“White American men simply don’t rape these days. At this point, unless a womann claims it was committed by a black or Hispanic man she didn’t previously know, all claims of rape, especially by a college woman, have to be considered intrinsically suspect.”

This is coming from a man who is of both Native American and Mexican descent. A hypocrite and a charlatan indeed, Mr. Beale.

7 years ago

I told you that the Gamer-gate idiocy is driven by white supremacists/Paultards: Vox Day:

Vox Day: white supremacist: start with the citations:

Stop arguing with them and start pointing this out: white supremacist Paultards:

Ron Paul’s neo-Confederate speech with confederate flag:

“Libertarians get medieval on women” (Ron Paul, Libertarians, Ludwig von Mises hate group):

What Libertarians have against women (according to Libertarian billionaires, female voting habits are the reason Libertarians can’t have their fascist utopia):

Back to Vox Populi and their praise for the neo-fascist/neo-Nazi Pegida protests in Europe:

German News identifies Pegida as Neo-Nazi:

Stop arguing with them. You’re allowing them to reach audiences to which they normally wouldn’t have access. Out them as white supremacists and we can put an end to the harassment.

7 years ago

Shit, he’s sitting in front of a lot of Advanced Squad Leader stuff in these pictures.

It saddens me to see my favourite game being liked by such a sorry excuse for a human being.


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